Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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Good job this time round. Have to say, the intro and post-intro transition were pretty funny/well done imo!

The Utada Hikaru songs for Kingdom Hearts are liscened but they're liscened through Square Enix so no they don't count...

I think the next top five should be creepiest game songs...there are enough games with horrifying the orchestral theme from ObScure...choir boys singing while you're getting mauled by giant mutant creatures...uber creepy.

Someone's been reading the comments...

Anywho, yeah I agree that "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" should be in that list. It was a great way to introduce the game. I had already heard the song before it started to be shown in Borderlands, but I still felt that it worked great for the game. Of course once I got the whole album, me and my friend would have it playing while we fought our way through Pandora. And it also exposed me to "No Heaven" during the credits, which is also a great song.

I do like "Your Brains" in L4D2, but that a subjective taste within a subjective taste. I like the song and like it's use in the game. Can't expect everyone to have the same opinion.

And at her 7th video, Lisa made it good.

Felt shorter though. Oh well.

Also, I don't know if this was licensed, likely not, but here's another throwback.
Ridge Racer Type 4.

I would punch that man for making her cry XD.

My favourite that I can think of off the top of my head is either Angel Witch by Angel Witch or Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue, both from Brutal Legend.

Yes, yes, it didn't have the greatest gameplay but Jesus did it deliver on the soundtrack and humour. If I'm honest it's the only game I've ever played that I desperately wanted to live in.

It's my perfect world and driving around shooting stuff and launching myself off of ramps made of the ladscape is seriously enhanced when either of these songs come on.

It might not be licensed, but Fly Me To The Moon in Bayonetta fit the game PERFECTLY, even with the remix. Seriously, listening to that, you don't care how badly you're getting killed, the music makes it fun.

Oh wow, I had totally forgotten about the GT intro. I would agree and say it is still the best racing intro, especially compared to GT 5.
Though I am surprised Wipeout Fusion was not mentioned as that had some brilliant tracks for the game,eg.

This track was perfect for the game so of course I use it when playing Wipeout HD.

The Cardigans makes me want to get fucked up and crash a Maserati.

So so so good.

As much as I hate Cage the Elephant, I have to agree with the number 1 pick, and pretty much everything else on this list.

I saw Cage the Elephant live just before they got famous for that song, and they were beyond horrible.

I was hoping for paradise city in there. I agree with the borderlands intro though, if going to watch it now :D

Enjoyed the additional intro and outro; well-planned additions to what would probably have otherwise been a pretty short show.

As others have said before me, "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" was a solid choice for #1. Stubbs was also a fun choice, sadly enough in a game I've never gotten to work. 4-2, well, matters of taste I suppose. Good show, nothing really special aside from the brainstorming sketch.

NB: The proper follow-up question to "Do we get paid?" is clearly "Do we get oral?" To be fair, the answer may remain exactly the same.

That song was the ONLY good thing about Borderlands.

Oh man, Number 1 sounds SO GREAT in the Borderlands intro, one of my favorite games! You, miss, have gained +50 respect points.

"No one takes these countdowns seriously, it's just five minutes of you going wuh".

With that line, I think I actually may like this harmless fun little show.

Chin up, you at least make my day. Night. What time I am watching this again? God I need sleep.

Never really listened to any of those songs, but getting reminded of Wipeout and Stubbs was a real trip. Also, you receive my undying love and gratitude for using 'Same Old Song and Dance' in the background at one point. It is my favouritest song ever.


Watch this then tell me that the start of prey isn't the best use of licensed music

Don't worry about those two nerds Lisa, I for one love you and your top fives ;) Geeky girls rock!! :P

So, Sympathy for the Devil in Black Ops, but not Gimmie Shelter?

I haven't played the game, so is it just used in the marketing?

Gimme Shelter didn't actually appear in the game like Sympathy for the Devil did and that choice probably wouldn't be on my own version of this list anyways. Its got nothing to do with the fact that I'm not a big Stones fan, but more so with my nit-picking attitude for the game. How on earth can you use a license song by the Rolling Stones and then place it in a level where the song itself doesn't exist yet? I know, its a little nit picky, but the Call of Duty games use to be based on historical accuracy. Now it looks like they're refraining from even getting the music right.

All in all, that was a good episode and I enjoyed it. Not as funny as the others, but it just gave us more time to enjoy the music.

I'd personally have put Fortunate Son on the menu for Battlefield Veitnam. Also when you get in a tank and charge towards the enemy with that blaring on the speakers, tis amazing.

This series is growing on me :)

The opening to this was kinda funny, keep using those guys and I'll almost certainly find this damn funny.

Also Borderlands opener - It is awesome. Good no.1.

I guess I'll repeat my statement:

Alright, this loses MAJOR points for me.

It didn't include the MOST badass song in a game and the best use for it too.


She isn't wrong. That song fits that intro like a glove.

The credits tune is pretty fun, too.

I really like how there have been two videos on music on the escapist recently.

I also thought the opening intro was cute (and a very nice way of deflecting any criticism)

Mmm, I've gotta agree with number one, the song just fit the opening so well.

No Jak X? It had Queens of The Stone Age for God's sake!

I know I'm a creep, but where is that sweet black corset from the previous episodes...?

I guess between an LRR recommendation and Poe, I'm going to have to pick up a new copy of Alan Wake, you know to support the devs.

And Lisa will look up and sob "Can I have some of your ice cream?"

And I'll look back and whisper "No."

Dammit Lisa Foiles, FINE. You can have a spot on my "I look forward to this show" list... Just stop being so endearing. Seriously.

Good choice on the number 1, that intro was the main thing that sparked my interest in Borderlands.

Just a note.

I know it isn't licensed music but every gamer should know the best song in games.

I'm in love with you, Stubbs the zombie! OH MY GOD!

right... 'licensed'
those are good songs
if you're gonna do 'original score', however, you may need a top 100

You forgot to add in your MGS section this one, it gives me the willies whenever I hear it, very powerful song played in appropiate and emotional moments of the game.

does anyone else get the apocalypse now reference in that black ops mission?

Aww, I thought some Ace Combat songs would be on there. I'd like if they got some appreciation at all. If you haven't ever heard the song "The Journey Begins", which is from Ace Combat 5, go listen to it. Make sure you don't have the radio version, because you really can't hear it all too well.

Anyway, other than that, I'd rather have "115" or the other Nazi Zombie songs. Meh, I couldn't care, great show otherwise.

I like this episode a lot.

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