Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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I agree with the guy with the Pong t-shirt.

I guess I'll repeat my statement:

Alright, this loses MAJOR points for me.

It didn't include the MOST badass song in a game and the best use for it too.


Didnt Meshuggah license a few on that game too?

And Fear Factory did the whole Messiah PC game soundtrack

I guess I'll repeat my statement:

Alright, this loses MAJOR points for me.

It didn't include the MOST badass song in a game and the best use for it too.


Dude, chill, nearly everybody else likes it, no need to rage about one song :D.

Great video Lisa, these videos are really getting good, more videos about actual parts of games like this could be really good in future :D.

Congratulations, your show is officially good now. I was very skeptical with the opening episodes, but seeing you taking the criticisms head on in a relatively indirect way that wasn't going to flare up a flame war on the boards was totally professional and utterly hilarious. Not to mention that this list shows that your ideas are just throwaways that everyone has already battled one this board and many others to death. Very good work.

no offence to your videos, but the comment sections much more interesting
and they keep getting better all the time

I total agree with "Poets of the Fall".

Why is Buzz Lightyear in a box :( He should be free!

On a more musical note...

That one has popped to my mind.

NFS:HP2 sound track was awesome :D

Man, that brings back memories. The only soundtrack for a racing game that was better, was Burnout: Paradise. It had songs like Would? by Alice in Chains, Paradise City, by GnR, My Curse by Killswitch Engage, Collapse, by Saosin, Fake it by Seether, Rusty Cage, by Soundgarden. And the list goes on and on. On top of all that, it had classical music play when you were at the pause menu. Not the best racing game ever, but the music was awesome.

Agree with the people saying Bloodlines.

Also, GTA3 deserves a mention just for playing tracks from Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires on KJAH.

Why is Buzz Lightyear in a box :( He should be free!

On a more musical note...

That one has popped to my mind.

NFS:HP2 sound track was awesome :D

My god, thank you so much for posting this! I love Hp2!

Anyway, best top five yet, great call on the cardigans and poe :D

Ehm, no offense to anyone but y'know ummmm....

Your musical taste obviously inpsired that list and if you don't like rock (like me) it's kind of... boring i guess.

I would have liked it more if there were different genre's but then again most of the escapist are rock/metal people so i guess most won't mind.


Best Episode in the short career of the series. Seriously, just keep them coming!

Also, I bought Borderlands mostly because of the song. The game was ok.

Although the Haunted song in Alan Wake is good, I also really liked this:

Also, I definitely would have included this song in my own Top 5. It's an incredible moment in Red Dead Redemption when this song starts playing.

I must say... I am impressed with this episode. It was interesting and entertaining.

I'm glad you're dressing more appropriately, it's easier to take you seriously now. And make fun of yourself more, it's the best kind of humour.

No Jak X? It had Queens of The Stone Age for God's sake!

I'm just glad someone else played that game and ADORED the music selection.

Well, that was a little depressing... XD

That 'meeting', and especially the pen involved was really giving me the whole 'legally blonde' vibe...

I don't know if I'd call that a good thing or not, but at least it's funny.

Very comforting changes. 'Normal' clothes and an answer to those commenting on supposed (lack of)purpose of these videos. Thank you.

Anybody notice the Rouge's Brown Nectar in the background? Nice work bearded funny man!

I have never played Stubbs the Zombie before, but I definably want that soundtrack. I always appreciate when a band gives their "take" on a well known song. Don't get me wrong, it can be disastrous (see Fiona Apple's Across the Universe), but when it works it is awesome.

Another great video!

agree on the Nr. 1 :) got the song after i played borderlands xD cant stop listening to it :P

YES! Ain't no Rest for the whicked ftw!

Totally did not know Haunted was in Alan Wake. May have to check it out now. That album is one of my favorites of all time. Totally ahead of it's time and under rated. Listen to it while reading her brother's amazing book 'House of Leaves' and you will have nightmares. Perfect choice.

When it comes to the Stones though, Paint it Black as the intro to Twisted Metal: Black was more than awesome but that's just my opinion.

Totally agree on Borderlands too. I can't remember a game other than the TM:B where I sat through the intro each and every time.

Are you forgetting your avatar man ... I mean c'mon!

no mention of Fallout? Ah well, taste figures into everything, I suppose.

Amen =/

Completely agree with #1 and #3.

#3 - Any FPS that's set in that era should be required to play either a) the Stones b) CCR or c) Jimi Hendrix in the background at some point.

#1 - I thought the song was made for the game as well, Grats to Cage the Elephant for gaining tons of fans from the intro to Borderlands alone. I let the intro play all the way through just about every time I start up the game.

Great stuff as per usual! :) I loved the little homage in your mug choice. :) What a fun and unusual list. It's one I never would have thought of on my own. Thanks for sharing, great choices.

Can somebody tell her that she's allowed to take her hands off've her hips?

Anyway, the Borderlands one is a great choice - buying it in the Steam sale knowing very little about it I was struck with the brilliant opener.

Hop in the WABAC Machine with me folks.

Set the mood for that game perfectly. Makes my top five.

Dear Lisa,
Did you ever play Apocalypse with Bruce Willis? They used a great Po song, Control, there too and I think the lead singer voiced one of the bosses.

That guy in the Pong shirt sounds a lot like some of the users here.

Anyways. Fuck Yeah. Cage the Elephant=Win.

Or Lacuna Coil's "Swamped" on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

More like the entire soundtrack for that game.

I'd just been listening to Cage the Elephant's new album before watching this. So glad that was #1, it's a wonderful song.

I loved the list.. until number 1. I hate the song and I despised the borderlands intro.

oh man I LOVED that song with Borderlands...great pick =)

Congratulations Lisa you are now awesome. Welcome to The Escapist.
-Achievement Unlocked: Badass-
(I can seriously not express in textual form the level of excitement that overwhelmed me with this new episode.)

I am legitimately looking forward to next Tuesday.
But seriously it's like you took my every grievance with this show and fixed it.

Might I say, the Cardigans, Poe, Oranger. You have fantastic taste in music. Yeah I sound like a suck up but I've been recommending Stubb's soundtrack to people for years and the song I always use to open with, Is Mr. Sandman. Greatness! Also your two friends are funny. Keep them!

Nice little list Lisa ^_^
I would have included I stand Alone with Godsmack because always when I hear that song I always think back to my first encounter with Dahaka in Prince of Persia 2

If it hasn't been mentioned yet (I didn't go through all 240+ replies), I'd like to add Paint it, Black by the Stones in Twisted Metal: Black. The title screen opens with just the first few bars, and that's all it needs to set the tone perfectly.

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