Shamus Plays: WoW #12: Hogger!

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Norman's frustration is palpable! I wonder how much the quests have altered in Westfall since Cataclysm; I haven't been back to check. I started playing WoW for the first time in July, so i'm glad I got to see the old version before Deathwing arrived. The new cut scenes are a fun addition, but it is true that the dialogue bubbles over-lap at times - I tend to just look at the chat box. Anyway, looking forward to more from Gobstab and Norman :)

Gnolls are indeed Hyena-men (Quillboars are the pigs.) So for Norman to continue his war, a trip to the Horde area may be in order.

Yes! The new CSI: Westfall quests! I'm not sure how you'll make fun of their ridiculous awesomeness, but it should be entertaining even if you play it straight.

"I guess that's the way...*glasses on*...the Cookie crumbles."

Blood elves enslave gnomes to make there threads and clothes, Trolls use their captives for training, foresaken use prisoners as guinea pigs for exeriments, orcs just kill their prisoners, and goblins would find 15 different ways to make money from their captives.

What do humans do? Put strong monsters in their stockade instead of killing them. Which in turn, creates an uprising in the stockade. Arn't humans just smart. ("-_-)

This is what they did to the Hogger quest? Kill-stealing PCs and a badly done lead-in to the Stockade? Seriously?!? Thank you, Shamus, for making me glad I don't play this anymore.

Gobstab - "Not my chair, not my problem."

I heart this series, Shamus. Keep up the good work.

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