Zero Punctuation: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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Haha, a sound review. The game is still well designed, even moreso now, yet evil. Does that stop me from playing it? Nope. After hitting 85 and maxing my reputations, I log in 3 times a week at set hours to go see the raid content and down it, then go back to playing all the swag I got from the Steam sale. So no matter how soul crushing it is to other people, I can still enjoy myself without feeling like I'm killing my life.

I had a similar view of wow, not of all mmos, tho i fear mmos are trending to see who can copy wow the formula to the letter.

See my first mmo was ahserons call, back in the old school days of you know simple game mechanics, but ac had 100s of dungeons 95% of them all unique, yea at the start many of them were pretty pointless other than to explore them, but each month we got free updates that added new quests, new items, and most importaly told a story. story arc went in about 6 month increments where they would opne up one arc and tell the story over the course of the 6 to 8 months it ran, many arcs had epic quests that unfolded during the course of the arc, people that solved the epic quest arc first would get unique skinned rewards, so there was always fierce server competition to be first. BUt even the epics some of them had server broadcasts announcing to the server that you had beat x epic quest. Other event arcs had dev run characters, including the god of pvp who went around smiting carebears. And if you were good you got to talk to lord asheron form time to time when a dev played them if you muddled your way to the end stage first.

But the continuing story and deep lore and how the lore was woven into ac made me play it for 5 years, in which time i missed many games because i was playing ac, which conversely saved me alot of money since i was not spending 30 to 50 bucks on a game i would play a week or two then put on my shelf never to be glanced at again. and gaming nagazines had me running out spendng 100 bukcs or more a month on the must get games that month.

My experience with wow however was along the lines of get to max level and go ok wtf am i supposed to do now. Coupled with pladins being total asshats since they were the op class at the time and rollong on every item i needed as a warrior to be a halfway decent tank coupled with my complete crap rolls meant i had no gear at all "end game."

SO i quit, spurred on by a friend to play agian some year later or whatever i reluctantly, tried again, this time palandins were nerfed, now rogues were the op god class so all the asshats moved to that class so now i was not rolling against aholes for loot i needed so i was getting loot i needed. SO i got my blue set after a month or two of grinding noob instances, did a pug molten core run with a guild and they were impressed with my skills so they invited me to join them, and since my current guild was of the opinion that only their core players should be raiding and you had to sit and wait, i happily agreed.

SO my guild was a bunch of people that got wow was a game and people play games to have fun, so raid time our vent server was loud and filled with jokes, singing and general merriment while we did mc, bwl, etc, only calmed down when it came to boss time when we all did our jobs and killed boss x y and z got loot etc.

Loved my guild best bunch of people i ever played a game with really. But at some point of doing ony, mc, bwl, aq and the extreme grind of pvp and the ques that ok months of waiting to get in a pvp match. It got to the point the only reason to log into wow was to raid. I was done with the pvp (pre bc pvp where if you did not pvp 24 hours a day 7 days a week never eat never bathe and let your family friends children starve to death, or you could not get past rank 4 or whatever) so it was raiding.

But even with the best guild in the world, filled with a bunch of skrewballs that could raid with the beast raiding guilds in the game, it was like doing dungeon over and over and over and over to get gear to the raid the next dungeon, the whole end game was starting to feel more like a job than a gain oh is it monday, wednesday or friday and saturday raid day i better login and do ony for the 50th time, mc for the 30th time, bwl for the dozenth or so time and aq 40 we were just starting to work on etc but it all felt utterly pointless, and the game felt more like a job i was expected to do rather than a game i played for fun.

ANd if wow had any story ot lore to it they hid it well cause there seemed to be nothing in the quests, game or anything that told any kind of tale or layed out any kind of lore, and yes i am one of those that read the quests when i do them and wow was about as deep as go here do stuff then you got onde i that town go there do stuff. THen you got to end game it was go there kill something for loot. that was it. utterly pointless and hollow.

Yep...the whole numbers thing does wear on you, but its the social aspect really that glues people in so...luckily for Yahtzee he doesn't have to worry about that part so much. :)

But as usual...story is still just a filler, in spite of the quests being less bothersome...and the talents have pretty much gone down such a simplistic route that I feel tired adding one every 2 levels nowadays. So...twas bye bye WoW for me at Cata launch alas.

I'm SO HAPPY right now that he rewieved it ^^

Sadly, I do run into raiders like the one he brought up. "I raid to get better gear so I can progress to raids higher up on the ladder." I raid because it's more fun to me than PvEing and RPing. Do I like advancing? Sure, but I don't let it get in the way of enjoying the game.

I'm tempted to try to defend Worgen, but... I can't think of any decent counter-arguments.

Also, I now really want to hear Deathwing say, "Pardon me, old boy," at some point in-game before I leave for TOR...

I thought the big thing with WoW was PVP, but six months after release I couldn't see it anymore... I've never played WoW, but I figure if I;m gonna play an MMO I want exploration, character buildings variety and lots of focus PVP.
I tried the free trial of warhammer online ages ago and that was fun, but the character building seemed very "you can get everythign you want to so variety is kinda non existant." But it was still fun - mass pvp in the little level 10 area.

Yahtzee is EPIC.

yes, that is my favorite word.

Thank God I got out of Wow when I did.

I used to play WoW once.

My numbers were pretty high.

Good times.

I'm actually surprised. I thought there wouldn't be one today, on account of the flooding. Anyways, stay safe, Yahtzee.

I feel like Yahtzee reviewed the game for half the video and then just ranted for the other half.

If there's a difference!

well I didn't want to play it before and now I want to play it even less.

but hey if this is your type of game and you are excited about it then cool and more power to you.

Well, this caught me by surprise. I half expected it to be a joke video, myself. But still, was an entertaining video.

Seeing Wow on the front page as a Zero Punctuation was surprising... even more surprising was that he didn't spend the entire review ripping it apart...<.<

I think he reviewed it maturely. The game IS well designed, colourful, and can be enjoyable. Its 20million subscribers cannot all be ex-meth addicts looking for a legal fix :P

He just doesn't enjoy it, which is fine.

Hell being a WoW player just makes this review much funnier.

That said, For the Alliance :D

Was honestly surprised at the fact that he reviewed it. Not surprised that he liked it.

No game reviewer can argue that it is a BAD game, only an evil game like any other MMO. The game didn't reach 12m subscribers by being littered with bad design choices. Nobody saying it isn't evil; some people play it, some people don't, that's all.

Wow. Didn't expect that.

Hilarious review Yahtzee - and I played World of Warcraft for 3 months and got to level 40. I then got called a 'loser' by one of my friends with 5 level 80s. Go figure...

Now that is hilarious! Shows a lot of a insight... oh, wait, that was sarcasm. Thank you, you made my day with that.

I think, dare I say it... he liked it quite a bit. The "anti-WoW" jokes(i.e no life etc.) seemed to be tacked on to keep this episode in line with the cynicism of ZP. Not surprised he likes WoW though, he did work for PC Gamer after all.

I got the same impression. It wasn't that hidden, he's slaughtered games he likes more than he did this game. Basically what he said is that it's evil and will destroy your life so I guess that's bad.

"Because spending time with nine friends on Ventrilo without doing anything would get pretty boring." As an answer to the "So why do you raid?" question.

It is a bit of a shame you didn't do anything of the nearer-to-end-game content. I.e. not raids, but the 80 to 85 zones. The old world quests may have been revamped, but they're still in the old world. Zones like Vashj'ir provide a pretty damn pretty background for the exp-grind.

Still, most of what you mentioned is true. WoW's a timesink. Most games are, though considering the amount of hours spent in-game, usually other games bring more variety to the table. Though WoW is infinitely better in a social context. Something a self-proclaimed misanthrope like YahTZee is bound to miss out on.

The video was pretty fun though, even if it is just for the Alliance bashing.

"Nobody ever ruined their lives to get 100% items in Super Metroid"

Oh, totally. But that's because WoW lacks closure. There is absolutely no end goal in sight, because if there was the game would be massively less profitable.

And that's the sort of evil that sets Diablo apart from WoW. The item grind for PvP was always strictly optional because the basic game itself (barring people who rush, hack and cheat) was challenging and random enough.

Great retrospective; for once, I could at least agree with Yahtzee in practical terms without having to strip the layer of weapons-grade cynicism away.

I swear, if there's one thing that actually might get me to stop playing WoW it's all the hate I get for preferring the Alliance. Someone want to tell me what the fugg is wrong with the Alliance? You don't ever see us going around rubbing our balls in the faces of people who prefer the Horde, so you can't say it's because we're immature when that's what every Hordie and his mum seems to do.

John Funk:

And what about paying for a service like cable TV or internet? You're paying to access the WOW servers and interface with Blizzard 's scripts and triggers. There's a reason private servers suck; they don't have any of the npc abilities.

Internet is an extension of functionality. Your computer is not useless without it, and there is really quite a lot you can do.

Cable TV is wrong in the same way, however. That's why Freeview was invented.

You can describe WoW: Cataclysm with a single line: "Bit more of the same".

So... was your character called Jim?

Holy cow, he actually made a video on it. I am quite baffled. I would like to know how he joined a guild though. I bet he told everyone that he really was the Zero Punctuation guy and they herded around him like innocent lambs and tried to give him things. Well that's what I want to think at least.

Ive been feeling a bit gloomy because of my final exams but this video made my week!
Freaking AWESOME! lol F**k! the Alliance!!! xD

Maybe next he'll actually at least try playing SC2...




I played WoW for the very first time this went down like this:

started a Deathknight class to skip 55 levels (a blood elf because screw the alliance). I was killed in a tutorial fight. I figured out fighting is a one-click set-and-forget kinda thing unless you like buffing which I thought would be better off in a turn-based format. I did a couple of other tutorial quests, not reading the quest info, and quit once I realized the tears were from boredom and not awe. My last message was to the other people I assumed were around me, begging forgiveness for trespassing in their golden halls of PC gaming so that I could return to my console bound existence and some Saint's Row 2.


Though I'm told it's not as horrible if I start out at level one.


He is right though, congratulating people in that game is a conditioned response, I got the same amount of praise for getting a haircut in that game as I did for hitting level 80....

You all know there are add-ons that literally automatically congratulate someone for you for getting an achievement right?

Yes I know my former guild master had one that congratulated people on leveling, earning achievements, and logging into the game.

Congratulating someone in the game had already lost any sense of genuine praise, and an add-on that does it for you just makes the person using it look like a jerk who doesn't want to spare a few moments for a half-hearted response.

Yeah; the game has always devolved into a numbers race in the end. And I think the playerbase has gotten worse in terms of socializing, because I've been seeing more and more jerks in PUGs. But then, I wouldn't expect anything less from Internet Land. Ironically, the opposite faction is more polite for not killing me on sight.

Edit: I've since stopped saying "grats" to anyone in a group when they level, because it happens up to seven times in one instance.

How DID he get into a guild...?

And for some odd reason, I feel like buying something called Mogworld... can't say that I ever heard of it before, and now it's invaded my amazon profile... Huh, weird...

Anyways, I started raiding just to experience content, generally did well (because I was a tier behind so I could get all my bigger numbers real easy). But once my guild turned into a more elitist clique, I stopped.

That, and I hate Blizzard. They have this bad habit of only being competent less than half of the time.

Hah hah, I knew from the moment I read the title, that he'd take the opportunity to plug Mogworld, and I was right. Stumbling across that book during a shopping trip was one of the most pleasant surprises in recent memory.

That brief mention of Magicland Dizzy was nice. He's now put me in the mood to go and play it.


But yeah... fun... but ultimately pointless. It's nice to quite and actually get shit done in life (or at least, more shit)

"Fun but ultimately pointless"... isn't this a description for all games? Or, actually, anything you do just for fun, like watching movies? Why do you play, then?

Meh, I play WoW. On Alliance. And I enjoy it. My boyfriend also plays, as do several of my real life friends. We have horde alts too, just our mains are alliance.
It is essentially numbers, and grinding and more numbers and more grinding for more numbers, but its also fun. Laughing at people who buy mysterious fortune cards for 20-50g only to receive 10 silver, doing heroics where people know tacts and you actually get the job done, levelling your profession numbers up to help your friends and guild mates with their gear numbers or just to up your gold numbers, its all good. But then, I don't let it consume me, I still have a life outside the game.

sometimes I wonder if it would be possible to make an MMO sandbox game, with an actual combat system and stuff instead of numbers and clicking things, a game I can play with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.

I did NOT see this review coming. I am still recovering from the shock here.

I wasn't expecting this review,but was very welcomed!

Great review and For the Horde! :D

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