Zero Punctuation: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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No, really, how did he end up in a guild? It's not Yahtzee-like behavior...

The Alliance does have one thing that the Horde doesn't.


...and that's pretty much it.

Heh, this was as expected as his mock-review on Duke Nukem Forever. And that just scared the daylights out of me alone as it was.

He just described why I hate WOW. But I have to add that WoW is like drugs. It's fun at first but then you get addicted and you have to play. It becomes a necessity and that kills the actual fun part.

Yeah, the number part is essentialy true in the end-game stuff. But you might call exploring and completing things as a goal of the game. To me the fun part was level up, untill I got between 40-60 that's when it got repetitive to me as hell. Finally got to 60 and had it all unlocked so to say and it had some things to do again. But after a while that got boring too.
But well I do have to agree with the numbers part, it's like a vicious circle. Raid to raid, pvp to pvp.
Boring dull, repetitive aka grinding. It definitely is like a drug, because you keep playing untill you finally figure out what there is left to play for. This struck me when I wasted an hour waiting for something useless and just walking around town like the washed up warrior I could have been seen like. Game Over.

Thanks Yathzee, I am glad you stated my feelings for WoW again and smacked it right in my face. Because I almost had a moment of going back, after being clean for 4 years. Yay :p yeah I almost see it as a drug.

I really get the conclusions he drew here. I have been playing the game for a while now and find it really does get fruitless unless you fully buy into its always getting better philosophy.

The Alliance does have one thing that the Horde doesn't.


...and that's pretty much it.

Dont forget to mention the furries.

Funny im playing Just Cause 2 right now :P

Alliance aren't that bad are they? Or have I just been wasting my time with them?

No. They aren't. Horde players are kind of bigoted when it comes to factional pride due to whatever reason. (underdogs, misunderstood, angsty teenage-like reason #13, etc)
Play where your friends are or where you're comfortable. I would recommend playing both sides though, especially since Blizzard puts more effort in Horde questing zones these days.

Dont forget to mention the furries.

Pretty sure Horde had Tauren first.

you get to choices when you learn how to use a computer.
1 to have a life
2 to have World of Warcraft

you cant have both

I have to show this to my friend before he gets back into playing WoW! I must hurry, before it's too late!

I think this review warrants a more philosophical analysis:

Short Version:

The way I see it, what makes WoW evil according to Yahtzee and others is that people keep playing it because they're obsessed with slightly improving their character through better equipment. This only becomes a problem when better equipment is considered an intrinsic good, while the actual gameplay becomes a chore. At this point the player is no longer having fun or participating in recreation: they have established something within a video game as a legitimate life goal.

Long Version:

It's one thing to have the desire to prestige in CoD as a game dependent goal (i.e. a goal that one only acts in order to achieve once they have turned on their console), but it is quite another to have the same desire as a life goal (i.e. a goal ranked among professional success and personal relationships). The difference is that a game dependent goal is a goal one has when one is already in a gaming mindset, most people rarely get online because they want to get to that next level; they get online to blow off some steam and getting to the next level is a part of that. There's nothing in the game itself that makes it an intrinsic goal; it's played for enjoyment. But many WoW players have set something WITHIN THE GAME ITSELF as their goal and this goal transcends the realm of the game and intercedes with other goals that most people would consider a much higher priority (e.g. sleep, studying, work, relationships, etc.).

Another word for something that is given unnatural priority is an 'Obsession'. The psychological definition thereof focuses on anxiety, but I'm using the word in its more common sense. Just because these people wouldn't be committed, it doesn't mean that they're perfectly healthy. The way I see it there are two major symptomatic signs of obsession:

1) When something starts to hold such a high priority that it begins to take up an undue amount of the person's resources and the sacrifice of other major goals that would normally be balanced out(e.g. when someone starts losing sleep and meals over something.)The more of the other goals one is willing to sacrifice for something, the more obsessed one is with it.

2) When one loses sight of why one had the goal in the first place (e.g. if someone keeps playing a game for some reason even though it is no longer fun).

When these two things happen, a hobby turns into a perverse obsession.

1 without 2:

If the player still finds the game fun and can't stop playing it this would be a much lesser form of obsession in which the player is at least still getting something out of the game. In fact, this can be even more destructive because in the perverse case where the player is no longer enjoying the experience, this can be pointed out to them and become a strong reason for them to quit. 1 without 2 might be considered a mild form of obsession, but it isn't perverse so much as simply one needing to get one's priorities straight.

2 without 1:

This is really just a mindless habit. 2 is a relatively common occurrence, we lose sight of why we do things all the time. It is worth mentioning in the case of obsession because when combined with 1 it means that a person's motives don't quite match up with their commitment, which, I believe, is the quintessential distinguishing mark of obsession that most people will point to.

So... does this apply to WoW players? More than a few I think. What I think makes WoW prone to cause obsessive behavior is the online community in combination with gameplay that is centered around constantly improving the stats of one's character in small increments. Or numbers if you will.

I actually do know someone who alt+tabbed out to porn on a regular basis. She wiped the raid doing that XD

Yog Sothoth:

Judging by some of the drivel floating around the WoW forums, you'd think this "game" is nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet passed around a table by a bunch of fat nerds.

No, that would be EVE Online.


They both are, WoW just hides it better.

Saying WoW end game is nothing but "My number is bigger than yours," is probably the most accurate assessment anyone could give.

The only playable WoW was the original. After a few years of that when the expansions came out, I let WoW drop dead in my mind, it wasn't the same nor worth it anymore to me. Glad to see I'm not missing anything on Cata.

PS: I also find it amusing how the only people who really love the expansions came when they came out, and most of the users who were there from the original game say all the expansions are awful. Really shows where Blizzard's heart lays, with cash over fan base happiness. (Edit: Actually that's not really new, my apologies)

To be more honest, if you raid just to raid, you missed the boat.

I raided because I enjoyed spending time with my guild mates, and in some cases, raiding was actually fun. But eventually our Maniacal Turdbucket Guild Leader made it insufferable with his megalomanical obsession with being the best raiding guild, regardless of fun, or what other people felt like would be fun to do.

Luckily once I got back into the game there was a reborn guild of all the awesome members from before.

That's my story.

I think he hates the players of the game more than the players themselves. At least that is what I got from it. You know the players who only care about the NUMBERS!

I only care about the ACHIEVEMENT!

So let me get this straight, people go on raids to get better items to use in raids? ...okay the. o_0

Also dig The NeverEnding Story reference.

i'm sad you had a twat to tel lyou why raiding is fun so let me explain to you how it goes: you get the best gears possible to be able to enter PVP tournaments or you can even get sponsorised for doing 25 man heroic raids, or even in some hidden place known by some people you can enter there all night, place a bet on a guild and see witch one of them win, the winners get to double the money and the ones that lose pay the 30-75 mans present for the raids, it divided equaly between them, those are incredibly hard to do and only a few is able to. take a good example of my hero (not you, you're the third) Athene, he earned over 2000$ in 1 houre by behing sponsorised for reaching the world first level 85, yes you have really low luck to reach that point of your life where GAMING gets you CHICKS but hey, in the meantime until i reach that hight it teached me advanced logic and history, its an enjoyable story and its dosen't cost too much, so now that i told that to you i hope that you will try to see all the sides of something before mocking it, or perhaps get an incredibly optimist and logical person has I rather that someone playing for fun :D

Please, please make Mogworld available for the Kindle. I desperately want to read it and I don't want to have to order the actual book because I'm a bitch. But seriously, make it available on the Kindle.



of -course!-

I've quit playing WoW a few times (started playing with some friends/my brother and then got bored again) and I'm not gonna get Cataclysm any time soon, if at all. I just don't see the point of playing anymore, it's just more of the same grind,quests and raids that I don't get the point of. And I don't like PvP because it's just a clusterfuck of people with "Murdering Gladiator's Death Raiment" with 12 enchantments on every item. (Overexaggeration I know.)
But anyhow, this video was EPIC =D
[Insert some phrase/form of appreciation here] (to) you Yahtzee.

Well, gobbledigoo and blargldiblarg, Yahtzee reviewed WoW....again.

As a long-time WoW player (who nontheless manages to lead a life, has sex, is pretty well-built and still likes sports, so appearently I'm some sort of alien from another dimension) I clicked at the play button in utter expectance of a 6-minute-hatefest.

The second surprise struck me when all in all he didn't actually call out on the game but rather on the largest part of the community, to which I honestly can only agree.

Sure, I'd given him a more sophisticated answer to his "Why do you raid?"-question, since honestly I don't care much about the exact numbers. No, don't give me that look, I strictly believe, that as long as the challenges in the game drop dead before you do, that's good and if it's the other way around, that's bad and you should improve either yourself or your equipment. But I never even installed a damage-meter or got much into theorycrafting, that's the world of designers, the poor awkward bastards.
But yes, despite me desperately waving my "Please accept me as a normal person who just happens to like WoW"-sign, I largely had to agree with what he said here.

The whole "Grats"-thing boggled me for quite a while. xxx earned the Achievement [Looted 1000 gold]. Why the hell should I congratulate for that? There's nothing to it that makes that some sort of outstanding performance. It's not even EARN 1000 Gold in 48 hours exclusively through the auction house, it's just a pat on the shoulder because you managed something you didn't have influence on to begin with.

And the Deathwing-Achievement. Most retarded thing ever introduced to an achievement-system. Getting rewarded for dying. If anything the achievement should be given for you SURVIVING an attack of Deathwing. You know, as a reward for you begin fast enough in mind and...fingers so you take cover somewhere before the guy turns you into a crisp?

But hey, minor retardations. I still play and like WoW, so I guess I must be weird.


John Funk:

Sorry, it's not wrong. They are providing a service. You are paying for the service, the same way as you would pay for a product. It just happens that in this case, you need to buy a product (the WoW account - the software, essentially, is worthless) to access the service. Much like how you need to pay for a computer in order to use the internet, or a TV in order to watch your cable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with charging a fee for the use of a service.

No there isn't, but there IS something wrong with withholding access to the full functionality of a consumer's OWN PROPERTY until they pay you more money. You can use a computer offline, and a television as a screen for a computer/home media player, but Wow's software is completely and utterly useless until you fork out to Blizzard AGAIN, on top of the frankly criminal amount you paid for the discs, and continue to do so monthly.

Except in this case, it is understood that the "product" you are buying is not the discs, but rather the WoW account, and as such it is a function of the service that Blizzard provides.

Also, you can buy regular WoW for what, $15? They had a sale a month ago to get the game and both (then) expansions for $20. Hardly "criminal."

The Alliance does have one thing that the Horde doesn't.


...and that's pretty much it.

Orcs are from Draenor (Outland), and are not originally native to Azeroth. They are from a world that exists in space, that is not the world they currently live upon.

Horde has space aliens too!

The difference between Orcs and Draenei is that the latter are second generation space aliens, they've world-hopped twice now.
Damned tentacle-faced, windchime-lovin' alien drifters, takin' all our jerbs!

The Alliance does have one thing that the Horde doesn't.


...and that's pretty much it.

Orcs are just as much "space aliens" as draenei are.

The Horde has also lost its two best leaders (one died, the other stepped down) and is getting hit with the villain ball, story-wise. Player-wise, the Horde is overrun with elves. I've played (and still play) both factions, and it doesn't seem like either side really ever holds an edge for long.

That said, much as faction-baiting bugs me, I enjoyed the video. Yahtzee's characteristic snark was entertaining as always. And based on responses that I've seen to the video, he seems to have pointed out enough painful truths about the game and the player base to make enough of the fans squirm.

Whoever Yahtzee asked "why do you raid" to is one of those players I hate. Seriously. Raiding is a social event where you get to see awesome encounters basically just have fun. Gear is the end result, sure, but if you're only playing for gear you're going to be one of those twats who takes things too seriously/throws a hissy fit if things aren't going exactly the way s/he wants, etc. Those people suck to play with.

I'm going to buy Mogworld the instant it is released digitally.
Everyone go to amazon and request the kindle version!

I'm not gonna have a pile of sliced forest sendt over the atlantic just because amazon is to lazy to format it for the kindle.

Oooh I read Mogworld recently. It was pretty good actually, I hope Yahtzee can get another book published.

So when I looked at the front page and saw that today's ZP was for Cataclysm, BOTH of my eyebrows went up. (Trust me, this is a rare and momentous occasion.) I figured it would be a bucket of laughs, and it was. Unlike many others, I was unsurprised at the depth of his experience with the game- seriously, he's SAID he's played before; he doesn't criticize it out of "general moral principle" like so many others- and, honestly, I do pretty much agree with every point he raises in the game's disfavor.

(I will take this moment to insert the obligatory HORD 4 LYF, YO. Thank you for your patience.)

The thing is, though, that I like the game despite these flaws. It offers me a fun environment, lots of humor, easily-discernable progression, and a chance to play in small groups where I can use my skills to help others. (Raiding is not my big thing and I never did it in groups bigger than 10.) It gets a little grind-y, sure, but that's why I have a number of diverse characters and stop playing once it isn't being fun. Moderation: It WORKS.

I can accept that Yahtzee isn't going to "love" WoW. The flaws he points out are entirely valid, and if they prevent him from enjoying the game, there's not really any reason for him to play it, is there? Hopefully at least this will quell all the outcries of "you never gave it a chance!"... because, seriously, I don't think I could level anything to 60 in three weeks; I don't have that sort of staying power.

However, I will say that Ben missed out on one of the most hilarious quests in the game: One where you are placed in the middle of a thermonuclear sphere and tasked to run over one thousand Gnomes. I swear I am not making this up.

Seriously, though, he's in a Guild?! Twenty bucks says it has some just-under-the-radar reference to genitalia in the name.

I have to say that he said exactly why I had a problem with WoW besides running out of money. Also when he started saying numbers I immediately thought of this youtube video when they say Kenyans a bunch of times.

yahtzee, has the flooding in brisbane effected you?

Four people on probation all within the same time? That must be close to a record.
OT: I have always hated WoW. Seemed to mindless and not enough story for me.

The Alliance does have one thing that the Horde doesn't.


...and that's pretty much it.

Don't Orcs and Draeni come from the same space-dimension-portal-thingy? Actually, I just noticed 3 other posts basically making this same correction, so I'll just say this: Horde has better cursing. Honestly, how can the Alliance beat "THRALL'S BALLS!!!"?

Ah, this was one of the funniest yet! Great video.

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