Question of the Day, January 13, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 13, 2011


Indie sensation Minecraft has now officially sold a million copies. Are you one of them?


I bought it for myself and two other people, pre-beta.
And I set up my own server.
I think it is safe to say I love it.

Bought it, but haven't gotten really into it yet.

Tried the free trial. Thought it was decent fun. Decided to move on to other stuff...

I'll likely never buy.

I was the type to build LEGO sets and basically use them as action figures, though.

I tried it, it didn't really draw me in.

I'll just continue admiring it as a spectator.

No interest, mainly due to time restraints. Ten, fifteen, and especially twenty years ago I would have been all over this!

It's not really my thing. I'm very happy it's sold so well, but there's nothing in it that speaks to me, which is a shame, but there we go.

If you were a Lego addict, you should love it. Minecraft gives you a blank canvas for creativity.

I went so far as to build a webcomic from it!

I love minecraft, it is the perfect game. You set your own difficulty via the things you decide to build, it makes me use my imagination more then any other game and essentially its the new lego. What's not to love! :D

I am completely in awe with some of the creations of people, myself, I just play it occasionally. I have carved out a small castle in my world by now though.

If i had the money and time i would be on that icing on a cupcake!

Truthfully I'm not really interested in it. I don't think I would play it a lot. I still have K'nex I can build stuff with.

I'm Minecrafting right now

I'll never buy it.

Not because I think I wouldn't enjoy it, but because I suspect it would eat my life.

I'm planning on trying it one day, when I find some of that oh so glorious spare time...

I love Minecraft so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

I said this in another thread but:

I tried the free trial, built a doom-tower and, after feeling satisfied, went on my way. I wouldn't buy the full game since the free version was enough to satisfy me. It was neat but I've had my fill.

I do. And I either start projects that are way too huge or I'm too OCD about stuff

I'll be honest. I don't even really know what Minecraft is.

I've known of it for some time, but I've just never felt any desire to find out more.

I used to Minecraft all the time. I hardly play it nowadays, I dunno why.

Ive gotten back into to playing with mods...

Still trying to get more people to play...wanna try MP!

I'm playing it right now...
But I'm waiting for the night to pass and the zombies to burn...

I play vicariously through my roommate.

I used to play it as much as possible, but my new computer has a nifty little hiccup in its drivers that causes the game to bog down after two minutes of gameplay, no matter what the settings are at. So I can't play it any more, which is heartbreaking.

Bought it and liked playing it, kinda stopped when i found out that most of the epic structures you see built are just imported models.

I likely would play it, if my computer could run it. Since that isn't the case, no Minecraft for me. :/

I bought it on Tuesday after hearing too many good things about it for me to ignore. So far it is fun...but daunting.

I bought it out of curiosity and played it a couple of times. Its decent enough sure, but I'm not what you'd call the creative type.

No, I don't even really know what it is to be honest. I have seen a few screenshots and a bit of a video of somebody who made 'Rapture' on it but beyond that I know nothing really.

I can't say that I have much desire to know more about it either.

Eh, tried the free version, and it just seemed 100% not my thing. Really no interest in it at all and I don't ever plan on buying it. However, a friend of mine has an extra account, so if for some reason I DO feel like trying it out again, I can just pester him.

And really, captcha, again? This is three posts in a row, gimme a break!

I was addicted... kinda losing interest in it now... probably good since college starts back up Tuesday.

I occasionally play the free version. It's good simple fun, even though I pretty much only dig.

Im really addicted at the moment. I used to only play singleplayer, which started to bore me. But now I'm in a multiplayer server and I cant stop now!

i've been incredibly interested in it but never bought it.. Don't really know why.

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