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I liked the HDD deletion bit, the GOW3 just didn't do it for me. Overall I am looking forward to seeing what they can do next week.

Meh, I saw this episode already. Next week I guess.

This makes Lisa Foiles' show look like sexy video game Jesus.

Hang on.. could that have been the point? Is this some kind of conspiracy?

Heh, that was pretty good. The sketch about clearing space on your hard drive was just awesome, and the Cooking Mama gag was pretty good, too. Look forward to see what else you guys have in store.

I thought it was kinda middle-ish on the awesome scale.

But then the Trials HD guy showed up. That got me here for the rest of the series.
I thought the whole thing with the harddrive characters was epic.

"Shut UP, Totec!"
"... Okay..."

I like it, Keep up the good work.

Not very good. Hope the next one's better.

Pretty good, i'm looking forward to seeing more of this

I didn't really get what the third part was supposed to be, the other two parts were ok.

It was funny but I can't picture this being weekly show.

Not very good. But not bad either.
But compared to the stuff that's come out recently....well, your like a freakin goldmine.
Overall, I think I liked it. especially the little green castle crasher who made me think of gir.

Wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, but I'm definitely going to be looking for it in the future!


You made me shiver with disgust.
Bad show! Bad!

Blargh! No, go away!

Nope, can't relate to the whole console gaming/japanese/gears3 thing at all. Appreciate the effort though.

The only 2 really good parts: "this is gonna get worse before it gets good" and gigant coocking mama with laser eyes.

The SFX are impressive and the acting wasn't bad either, but I couldn't even manage a faint smile when watching.

Guess this is not for me.

I liiiiike it!

I have an honest question. The 50 or so people who show up just to post one sentence along the lines of, "I liked it" or "Wasn't that great". What exactly is your purpose with those posts? I mean, there have already been a bunch of other people sharing that exact same sentiment. And it isn't like people are on the edge of their seats just dying to know what Misterpinky thought of this video.

I am just really curious why every single video on the Escapist has a place for people to have discussions, yet nobody is discussing anything with each other.

Its like some thing hit me in the face with randomness xD but its actualy pretty entertaining. It didnt exactly hit v.funny yet but hey a few good series on the site warent that funny at the start [Remeber the begginings of Apocalypse Lane?] so keep up the good work :D
Give us more stuff like this less Lisa Foiles plz (Seriously if you cant be funny or at least entertaining making internet videos are probly not your calling)

it needs a little better camera work, and then it would be better.
like many others I expected it to be more like DailyFix from IGN, but this can be good to.

Also I would've deleted that awful robot from borderland so fast. I hate that robot.

good luck with the next episode.

The first part was awesome! Hoping to see more like that!

It was alright; didn't completely grab me, but I'll give it a few more goes to see where they take it.

Hilarious! But why the hell would you delete actually good games for Kane & Lynch?? RROD was the least you deserved for that.

Hmmm... the concept is good, but the execution left a lot to be desired. I'll give it a few more weeks.

Yes. Need to work a better flow into it, and get a bit tighter editing to help. The whole cooking mama things was cute, liked the end, but the whole 'hard drive full' malarkey was kinda forced and stilted - though the last gag of that made me grin.

not impressed but not off to a bad start. the red ring of death thing was pretty funny. ill give it a couple more chances

awesome show guys, really liked it. keep it up

I really didn't like the first sketch, the one about the hard drive. The idea was funny, but the execution seemed to be just dressing up as people from different games, without any kind of jokes or anything.

The next one was better. Still not quite there, but it's the first episode. With practice, this could be a real winner. Like a schizophrenic little brother to LRR.

The references to those XBLA games had me cracking up.

Hilarious video, would love to see more but not sure how they could advance.

At first I was really happy this got in, I laughed and enjoyed it, but then, as I was thinking it over, I came to this realisation: "Gaming meets real life and results in hilarity with random gaming in-jokes thrown all over and some great CGI; But what makes this any different from Doomsday Arcade? Oh, a plot."

Other than that small observation, This is great, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the series.

Eeesh, I consider myself a fan of all escapist content but that was pretty hard to watch guys. Not really all that funny. Hasn't the 'lol games in real life' gag been done to death already?

Well, not quite my favorite show from the festival. But then, I didn't like Critical Miss or A Good Knight's Quest from the start either, and I thought AGKQ ended decently and CM is going great, so I hope it will grow on me.

Hope the pokemon parody comes soon, though.


I am just really curious why every single video on the Escapist has a place for people to have discussions, yet nobody is discussing anything with each other.

Because nobody really cares what another person thinks. Nobody wants to discuss anything, they(we) just want to express their(our) feelings and opinions and since there is no like/disklike or thumbsup/thumbsdown button they(we) have to type their(our) thoughts. The Escapist could get rid of those comments pretty easy but...i guess they have their reasons why they're not.

And yet another show I'm adding to my weekly Internet video cycle...

I might give this another shot but as for now I'll give it a great and resounding

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