Show About Games Show: The Pilot

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Youtube is filled with better content IMO in terms of sketch show about video games. freddiew comes to my mind as a prime example. Some ideas were good, but few and far in between. However, what kills it is the really poor image and sound quality combined with horrible acting.

EDIT: I might as well give a nice example:

Not too shabby.

Oh god it was beautiful.


Not bad comedy, but it could be a study into madness with just a slight tweak.

If the red ring of death appeared BEFORE the beard guy starts hallucinating then the insanity is caused by the wrist-slitting horror of finding your XBox has terminated. Beard guy goes in for a therapy session and ends up wildly attacking one of these other patients. Full flown psychotic episode ensues in which Beard guy is pursued by a 60 foot laser-eyed schoolgirl.

After about ten seconds I stopped the video to give some serious thought on claims I've heard from others that content on the Escapist is spiralling down the crapper.

Man, The Escapist is filling up with more and more fun stuff.
Good times.
And yeah, that video was funny. Claptrap was awesome.

I didn't like it too much, it felt really forced. I wouldn't watch it again, sorry.

Wow and I've always been hearing how console gaming is simple, while only PC users have to deal with installations, hard drive space, hardware issues and all that? Funny how things change with time.

Anyways, the girl is cute, but I'd rather see Game Dogs again.

Some decent ideas, but I think it was missing something. I think the skits were too long, they needed a faster pace to them. With the hardive full you could have gotten to the punchline almost a minute or so sooner and lost almost nothing. The gears of war one on the other hand just ended. I think it needed a much larger juxtaposition between the actions and the reaction of the boss. Cutting to the guy at the desk was funny, but it undercut the joke. Since we couldn't see the action, and could barely hear anything his comment really didn't seem that absurd.

Didn't laugh once. I don't really understand the show's purpose. Yahtzee criticizes games, EC talks about stuff in games, Lisa has weird lists, Unskippable makes fun out of cinematics, etc., but I don't really grasp the concept of this one. Random game related sketches and parody? I guess.

I don't know. Maybe it improves over time. I'll wait for a few newer episodes and then decide if I want to continue watching it.

Why would anyone buy Kane and Lynch 2, little alone the DLC?

Not sure where this is going, though at least it isn't a bunch of lists.

awesome stuff :) had me giggling all the way through it. And yes i loved limbo kid :D v nicely done. One suggestion: as you have quite a deep voice, make sure that the sound balance is set right, and that you speak loud enough.. there were just a couple of times i couldnt really hear what you said.

Yes! A new Thursday show! Outstanding. Some pure funny to compliment Extra Credits.

I like it's sketch comedy similarities to Kids in the Hall.

Has potential!

That was pretty funny, make some more!

i have no idea what i just saw.
but i want to see more!

I agree, this should be another great addition to the escapist

Hm, pretty nice show. Nice and random. I like it.

It was okay the Gears part was really crappy.

I'm proud of these guys for trying this, I mean, my college has a sketch troupe too.

But seriously, I am so tired of lazy game humor that thinks it can make tired observations and jokes just because it is about games. This show is just another entry in the "airplane food is bad" category of video game jokes.

It's hard to blame people for trying that when the worst offender is so successful. Yes, Penny Arcade is basically made of what I call "obvious humor". Most gaming-related webcomics went that path too, which is unfortunate.

I actually prefer how it was executed here. I didn't find it great and I do prefer jokes that are not obvious, but I thought it was slightly funnier than most gaming webcomics, and it shows the show about games show has some potential in it.

that was brilliant! I look forward to next week!

This was awesome =D

I'm suprised we haven't seen a proper videogames sketch show like this before. Or at least, not one this good.

I liked it.
Mostly because your some of the first people to make me laugh about Gears 3 without going to either the "stupid" jokes or the "marcus and dom are gay" jokes. Which is refreshing.
Keep going with this and we have a hit here.

I like it and want to see more.

My favorite sketches were probably Hard Drive and the Gear takedowns.

That Trials HD guy still cracks the hell outta me.

Michael O'Hair:
Where is the Dislike button? If I knew where it was I would mash it until it stopped working.

But the Limbo kid's voice was HILARIOUS!

meh, the only really funny part for me was the cooking mama bit at the end. COOKING MAMA JUDGES EVERYTHING!

I didn't expect this, I thought it'd be a show about release dates/videogame news in funny way, like Rooster Teeth's AHWU. Honestly, It wasn't at all funny but if' it's ongoing, I'll give a few chances.

Though I do like that you guys tried to do a Claptrap but that's just my love for Claptraps.

Well, it helped kill a good 30 minutes for me (the video itself is 5 minutes long -- the other 25 minutes was me pausing the video a lot wondering: Did they seriously think that this is funny?)

Not too bad at all

One thing i don't get, he wanted to delete those awesome games for some bloody Kane & Lynch DLC?!

Tighten up the editing guys, it would work much better that way.

I can't stand shows packed with random sketches but this seems to have potential and it was entertaining.

As long as you don't fall into catch-phrases and overdone recurring themes it could be pretty good. Good Luck.

I think it was fun, finally some short chuckle sketch instead of those long sketches we have now. Good short-bits humor, love it. I want to see more.

Marston's voice is spot on when he says "Don't wanna delete me, friend".

It's funny I liked it. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

This was by far my favorite entry in the Film Festival. Absolutely hilarious.

Honestly... That was terrible.

There was just nothing there that I found funny..

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