Show About Games Show: The Pilot

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Well it's better than Top 5 lists. Keep it up and hope to see more.


I like it but some of it was just, meh.

Hoping the upcoming episodes are as good as the pilot. This was one of my favs during the Film Festival, so I'm glad to see it get a shot :)

Bad acting
Jokes that are stereotypes
Cooking mama....really its like they went to 4chan and dug up some gems.

Its the first show, I know. Hopefully the second is better.

Well one more show I will not watch.

This wasn't funny, this was irritating.

That was genuinely amazing. I was fairly skeptical at the beginning, but that hard drive thing was pure white gold.

Well, I enjoyed that - Trials HD Guy made me chuckle quite a bit. I'll be watching next Thursday.

started out like shit but ended okay.

Hmmm I'm not sure, parts of it entertained me and I found quite amusing, but other parts I just really didn't find to be that funny, almost like they were trying too hard, but i dunno thats just my opinion, I guess ill have to wait until next week and see if the next episode can win me over

Cooking Mama shorts made me laugh. The other two were amusing but not a riot. What else you got? :)

that was brilliant :D

hope there will be more episodes!

Huh. Its like they saw a really hilarious sketch show, and completely failed at imitating it. Do not want.

I enjoyed what I saw and hope to see more next week.

...the guy with the beard is cute

Awesometastic. Loved the characters and sexy Lara, plus the rampaging Mama at the end XD!

yayyyy i loved this show in the festival!. john marston made me LOL!

Really enjoyed it ^^ Wouldn't say I was rolling on the floor but a few bits had me laughing, and it's certainly very watchable. I feel the same way about Family Guy and I love that show.

This was awful. Please, give us anything other than this. I'll even endure Game Dogs again, just make them stop.

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I am just loving today so much funny, so good, thank you 1000 times.

Anyone say 'Game Damage'? Game Damage should get a run some where before this series does.

I liked this.

great job on the little big planet sketch that was so cool man i am amazed by it

great job on the little big planet sketch that was so cool man i am amazed by it

2 thumbs up! Finally a proper video series other than yahtzee on this site that I can really enjoy.

Your friends who did cos-play were perfect pretty damn spot on, quite amusing. The second bit was kind of lame though.

A skit comedy show based on video games?

This series is full of win... there is plenty of potential, keep them coming!

You spoiled Limbo.

Fuck off.

I'm seriously hurt on behalf of anyone who just watched this and hasn't beaten Limbo yet.

This was a pretty amazing show, I laughed alot and LOVED the cooking mama scenes, by far the second best show on here.

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