Question of the Day, January 14, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 14, 2011


A recent study showed that being sedentary for more than two hours a day could have severe health implications. How much time a day do you spend sitting down in front of a TV or computer screen?


For a day? Easily more than 6 hours, probably more like 12 or more >.>
I need another job >.>

Well not only do I spend 10 hours a day at work in front of the computer, but I also do many other things on it once I get home, including lots of music related things (band promotion, mastering of tracks, various sound editing, ect), as well as a lot of gaming when my video card isn't dead. So really, almost the entire time I'm awake.

Including school? Definitely 6+ hours.

Edit: fixed spelling error.

Probably 10 hours, thank you computer courses in college!

18/7, all day, erry day.

I need to sleep more. :B

I work IT, so I basically live in front of a computer screen.

I work IT in an office, so that's already at least 8 hours per day. Add to that my "TV" (watching DVDs) and gaming, and I think I'll easily hit 12-14 hours per day.

Any cause, huh? So, me spending almost all of my free time watching movies or going on the computer is more likely to get me hit by a car or shot by a mugger?

Good study.

Anyway, I don't care much if it will kill me faster, as I'm likely heading for an early death anyway. :/

Is it as bad if you put a patch over one eye, then switch halfway through the day?

Gaming aside, I think that computer screens are something that most of us simply cannot avoid. Especially if you are working a desk job, then you have at least 5+ hours a day in front of a computer screen, just from work.

I have been a heavy PC monitor user since my very early teens, if not earlier. I am at my 30s now and I am still fine, both as far as my eyes and as far as my mind is concerned.

At least I think I am...

On a school day, probably 4-5 hours. On a weekend, probably 7-8 hours.

8 hours a day thanks to work, and probably 4 hours a day for TV, gaming, DVDs etc. So basically half my day. Heart attack here I come!

Although the study did specify it studied Scottish men, and Scotland has one of the (if not the) worst reputations for heart disease in Europe, so I'm not sure how conclusive those findings are.

I can't keep track, cause i'm on and off. I'll be studying for 30 minutes that watching a couple videos, responding to a couple threads and then back to the meat locker. But not more than 4-5 hours. I hope. And WOW that many people are 6+ hours.....*whistle*

Construction Manager closing out a job. So all my time is spent in front of a computer screen atm. That's already 6+ hours then of course i spend all of my free time at home watching the GSL, Anime, and hardcore PC gaming.

Starcraft 2 spectating has consumed my life! (wish i had the friends to play the game more often tho)

Boooooooooy these results are off to a depressing start. I was hoping I'd be in a minority of 6-plusses.

Any cause, huh? So, me spending almost all of my free time watching movies or going on the computer is more likely to get me hit by a car or shot by a mugger?

Good study.

Anyway, I don't care much if it will kill me faster, as I'm likely heading for an early death anyway. :/

live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse, i always say

IT Technician. It's my job to stare at a screen for 8+ hours a work alone

6+ hours? Where's 10+??

I sit in front of a screen of some type roughly 8 hours a night at work. Not neseccarily LOOKING at it, but in front of it. At home, I slouch in front of my PC 4-8 hours a day. Again, not strictly looking at it, but in front of it.

as i'm studying digital arts and entertainment, i'm pretty much in front of a screen all the time i spend at home or at college. i think it's more then 6 hours a day (although not every day)

6+. Definitely.

It's actually less now that I'm at home being "sick", but 6+ has been the absolute minimum for at least 10 years now.

On a workday, about half an hour before work, eight and a half at work, and another three or so at night, so that would make around 12. A bit less on weekends and days of, because I tend to sleep in or go out then (or more likely both).

yeah being a pixel pusher, illustrator or digital photographer doesn't help that number go down at all.

along with gaming i suppose i'll just deal with the 'severe health implications'.

Probably 6+. College doesn't help much, since I'm a CIS major and most our classes (even the non-computer related ones) have computers in them.

Please. I wake up in the morning, and then I turn on my computer. Some time later, when my eyes continually decieve me with the burning flashes and dizzy spells, I crawl to bed.

Except for school days, of course, which typically involve the same thing plus six hours of school in between. Can't remember the last time I actually *did* homework.

Considering its part of my job and studies......a lot

Well this thread makes me feel way, way better about my computer habits... but worse about culture as a whole. I can't tell if I should be upset about it or not.

6+ due to my job and graduate coursework.

Now let's have another try with 12+. At least for this period of life. There are days I don't even see a screen though. It all depends.

I'm quite healthy, but not planning to live till I'm 100, anyways. I smoke and drink, but also lift weights and go running. Sitting still does not make that huge of a difference nor importance. I live as I please.

way more then 6 hours, but thats only because im still on winter break from class and i havent been able to find a job to save my life, during the semester its still 6 or more but thats mostly for classwork

Depends if I'm working on 3D or not.

3 or 6 hours a day

Well, since I do all of my work on a computer its naturally over 6h a day

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