LoadingReadyRun: The LRR CD ROM Game

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All the fun of LRR with the added irritation of changing CDs every 10 minutes.

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I tried clicking.

I really tried so hard


Heh awesome, I know it would be a big timesink, but i would really really enjoy a Working CD rom game from you guys.

Also, yes i did click on the t-shirt, damn mondays >.<

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who tried clicking :D I just wish I'd resisted the temptation

Ah most entertaining this one is! XD

I don't know about you guys, but my movie sucked! :(
Love the Bear hat Kathleen.

i think Graham was the best,others were hillarius ass well :D

I think this acurately portrays what most of us would do if we were invited to hang out with the LLR crew. *stares blankly in awe*

I kept clicking but it only paused the game!!!

Stupid game only paused when I clicked it! >:(

I think the game has a glitch, I keep clicking but it only pauses.

Of course now that you've made this video you've only opened the flood gates for demands for a real LRR CD ROM adventure.

I was so annoyed that I couldn't do anything!

<frustrating> The game glitches out when I click. It just pauses the game. :P

Kind of funny...but more annoying. >.>

This had me in stitches, good job guys.

Ah how I miss those cereal box CD rom games...

Loved the use of Metroid Primes' Parasite Queen boss music for a bunch of slowly hovering UFO's, with Graham and Matt just standing in the foreground saying "Shoot down the aliens, it's not that hard" as calm as can be. Funny stuff, and sufficed to say an actual CD ROM game would be pretty sweet too. :P

I loved all the dissovles and repeated prompts, you know people forget just how odd the old FMV games were and just how much of a dumbass they sometimes presume you to be.

If I played all games like this one, I would be very relaxed, but a lot of NPC's would be annoyed to videogaming hell because they can't move whilst I'm watching and they have to pee real bad. XD

I so much would want to make this game. =)

My favorite part was when james went "here have some chloroform" just the way he said it lol.

Ah, good memories!

(By "good" I mean "bad.")

I felt so uncomfortable with everyone being dissapointed in me. I tried to click, I swear I did, but it just paused the video. I'M NOT STUPID! I CAN COUNT!

Did anyone else get this weird glitch where the sound went off when they tried to type their name?

Why were the NPCs mad at me?

I was expecting to see at the end someone sitting down at a computer with toilet flushing in the background. Saying something like, "What the hell, I hit pause".

Wow I can't believe it.
I- I'm in the credits.
gramps would be so proud.
it was a tough role to play but we did it everyone.

I feel like that is probably the longest name that has ever been allowed in a game.

Edit: Ironically I had to agree to the new forum rules for this post to go through. Even the thread is interactive!

I would love to have all my games include LRR to break the fourth wall in them.

I got an almost irresistible urge to click it, but I didn't. I kinda wish I had, because the feeling didn't go away yet :|

You know part of me misses these old FMV games. With modern technology we should finally be able to make good ones, but no. It seems games developers are all about 3D.

I genuinely felt bad that I couldn't do anything. Every time they got angry I wanted to say "I'm sorry! I wish I could help!"

I say 'wanted to' because yelling at my monitor would only make me seem crazier.

Oh, and great video, btw.

Top notch! Also COMEDY!

Just noticed one of tags, any reason for the random Myst tag? :P

Ruairi iliffe:
Just noticed one of tags, any reason for the random Myst tag? :P

I take it you haven't played Myst, have you?

You know part of me misses these old FMV games. With modern technology we should finally be able to make good ones, but no. It seems games developers are all about 3D.

3D FMV? That idea sounds so horrible somebody might do it.

I knew that this type of player wouldn't allow for any interaction, so I just laughed, and laughed, and laughed all the way to the end. Keep up the good work.

Yeah i tried to join in =[
So with the aliens, i just moved my cursor over them and went "PLOWW!! KALBOOM!"

Pirate Jer's super excited facial expressions were awesome.

I feel so conditioned because I had a click reflex. Damn you, videogames, what have you done to me?

I clicked on the shirt.

Then had to look around to make sure no one called me a retard because it wasn't Myst or anything.

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