LoadingReadyRun: The LRR CD ROM Game

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That was one of your best made videos ever. It's so realistic.

... Guys, you need to hire someone to make this game a real game on the Escapist!

Also, I wanna see the real video involving the Construction worker, pirate, and Bear woman.

I wanted to join in so bad I almost tried to typed my name

Hey! I did click, I want my t-shirt damnit >.<

For one beautiful moment I actually thought that I could actually click on the shirt. I was a little crushed when I realised that it wasn't for real.

if only real games were that easy XD

I take it you haven't played Myst, have you?

If i told you i have, although the RealMyst copy, as well as having my fathers copy of Riven, would that answer you?

As for the question i asked, I know it was a refrence to classic FMV games, but i watched this and instanly thought phantasmagoria fitted more.

I am so disappointed, I wanted that t-shirt. I loved the video though and it brought back some rather amusing old memories.

Well, I CONSIDERED clicking and stuff but decided not to. I'm sincerely sorry if that makes you people feel any worse now.

And this:

You made a video with the LRR crew!

Let's watch the video you made!


(test pattern)

Your success rate is:

Click to play again

(By the way, I like how you included TypeYourNameHere in the credits. ^_^)

By the way, how come the test pattern was in widescreen but everything else in the CD ROM game was not?

So, that Pirate vs Construction Worker&Bear thing, will that be an actual video?

I want this game!

I got 92%, what did you guys get?
Fun game, but the ending was kind of annoying. When is the second one coming out so we'll get to see the continuation of that annoying cliff hanger??

if only real games were that easy XD

Welcome to the escapist, stay out of the basement!
What do you mean it was easy?? That last level was hard as h*ll!

Someone will make this reality in 3....

Yeah, this would have been even funnier if it actually was interactive.

Am i the only one that clicked?

Hax! Didn't get my shirt when clicking on it...I really want a LRR shirt xD

I'm stuck at 3:45 =(

And now I'm going to play some Myst.

I too clicked the shirt, and I would play the hell out of that game, flash, CD-Rom, doesn't matter.

Funny side note, just watched Jurassic Park on the weekend and laughed at the CD-Rom references in it.

Ah, memories of the kind of game I'm glad to have missed, bieng only 19 :P

Also if the video it made was another version of Trapped, the level of meta would have broken the scale.

Someone will make this reality in 3....

Already planning it out. Only problem is that even if I rip the video to get soundbites, they'll have background music attached, and will only be good for one branch of the game. Which means I'll have to either record my own voice for all this, or just have it be pure text.

Might take a couple days to get out though :S I'm not great with flash.

This had me thinking about all the game's featured on Spoony's FMV Hell section. I then half expected Christopher Walken to suddenly appear, shouting "This guy... in un-FUCKING-belivable!"

And now I'm kinda sad that this didn't happen.

I got 92%, what did you guys get?
Fun game, but the ending was kind of annoying. When is the second one coming out so we'll get to see the continuation of that annoying cliff hanger??

You get a different ending at 100%. Did you find all 12 statues?

Am i the only one that clicked?

No, something like 85% of us clicked. We all ran into the same glitch like the clicking got the game caught in an infinite loop.

Even though I looked at the video progress bar and saw that it didn't loop, I couldn't help but at least try to click on the shirt, no one was here to question my action so... I'll let the internet judge me!

Interesting video concept

Wait, I, the player played as TypeYourNameHere right? So TypeYourNameHere was me? But he was also, in the Credits?
"OH...MY....GOD! I was in the credits of a Loading Ready Run video! Mom! check this out, i was in an LRR video!"

-"*sigh* I should've left you in that dumpster."

-" T_T "

Funny, because as soon as they said not to click if I wanted them to start the camera for me, I clicked pause to open the comments thing without missing any of the video.

Great video, and stuff!

Oh God its like one of those bad CD-ROMgames i played back during the 90s during school. But still it was hilarious keep up the good work LRR

Dammit! It keeps freezing and lagging :(
I clicked on the shirt in case it was like one of those YouTube games.

I tried clicking the shirt and in failure pressed f13

If you didn't watch this in fullscreen, you lose the Nostalgia fest.

Return your red & blue 3D glasses and exit the shuttle by clicking on the airlock.

Click it now.

Fuck it, Auto-Eject.

EDIT: The music gave me a Nostalgia hit so massive I was nearly knocked out.

That was great. I couldn't stop chuckling throughout it. That episode was better than CEX!

But yeah, nice video. I was hoping that you would go through more of that patient waiting that NPC will do, but that wouldn't have moved the "plot" along any more. And you still delivered on the the comedy.

And part-way through I began to wonder if I should be clicking anything. I didn't, because that would be silly, but I still had that urge.

And my captcha is "'Tis blafter".
I'm using that phrase from here on out.

I find it interesting that people tried to click when they knew that it wouldn't do anything. It's like that experiment B. F. Skinner invented where he conditioned pigeons to click a button combined with Milgram experiment on obedience to authority.

I wish this forum had a poll on it, I'd like to see how many people actually tried to click it or were at least tempted to.

rofl, I have that exact laser gun. It's part of a laser tag set. I don't even use it anymore. :P

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