LoadingReadyRun: The LRR CD ROM Game

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I got 92%, what did you guys get?
Fun game, but the ending was kind of annoying. When is the second one coming out so we'll get to see the continuation of that annoying cliff hanger??

You get a different ending at 100%. Did you find all 12 statues?

Yes, but I think I missed a gold coin. I'll have to retry it.

MY brain hurts.

It was silly and very funny. Now make an actual game like this.

My movie was totally awesome. Really.

... ok, not really. But it was still a funny video.

It's not fair, I clicked and typed my hardest.

Want some rye?

I tried clicking.

I really tried so hard


Ditto. Must be a game bug :p


I'm sorry Paul! I wanted the t-shirt, but all it would have done is pause the video. Please forgive me. :(

Anyway that was pretty good, it really did look and feel like one of those old style adventure games. I would play it if it was real.

Want some rye?

COURSE YA DO! *pour*

Me and my dad used to drive my mom nuts just talking to that guy over and over again.

*Mashes left click button repetitively* GAH! MOTHERFUCKER! I CLICKED IT! I SWEAR TO GOD!

Is there a 3DS version?

I haven't even finished the video and I'm trying to click the shirt and type in my name


It's not working...

I just... want.. the user... to do... SOMETHING!!!

urge..to kill.... RISING!!!

I'll bet anything someone is already planing to make this a real game...

I'll bet anything someone is already planing to make this a real game...

Indeed I am. Any suggestions? :P

I actually tried clicking the T-Shirt D:

I know their are LRR fans who can program, someone needs to turn this into an actual game somehow

I am so glad I wasn't the only one who clicked the shirt, everytime Paul asked I thought to myself "It's not gonna work, it's not like youtube where you can click links inside the video to take you to the next part" and I clicked anyway because he sounded so annoyed, I had to try.

That was becoming so meta it made my nose bleed. And yes, gorramit, I clicked too. And double yes, now we all want the actual game.

GASP! how did you know my real name is "Typeyournamehere"? Are you guys spying on me?

Evil video tricking me into clicking a video.

Side note, really would like to see this be an actual game. Might be interesting, if not hilarious when I refuse to click things. :D

I cliked, but it only paused the video :(

I felt really stupid after clicking on the shirt, only to have it pause. I initially questioned whether it was just a joke, then figured, "Why would LRR do that to me?" How wrong I was.
Funny, and quite clever. Nice stinger too.

I tried clicking on the shirt so many times! D:

God I remember those crappy CD ROM games I had to deal with back in school when I was younger...

You know, when Paul tells me to click on the T-shirt... three times... I just can't resist!

This takes me back to my testing days when I would do a soak test and little "Easter Eggs" like these would appear. My favorite would be in Call of Duty 2 when

Anyways, good job guys.

When Paul told me to take the T-shirt I paused the video (by clicking on the T-shirt) and went to put mine on... OR AT LEAST I WOULD HAVE IF I HAD ONE :.( *sob*

I tried typing my name in...Didn't work, damn it!

Oh FMV memories...

I cliked, but it only paused the video :(

Yeah, its a good game but needs patching.

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who tried really hard not to click, knowing that it would simply pause the episode.

Great episode, guys! It's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. And make a damn LRR CD ROM game!

That game is unforgiving.

But I clicked and they did it anyway!

I was clicking so much I think I broke my mouse. Sorry Kathleen I was gonna make the video about you fighting the pirate, but my clicks failed, can you forgive me?

I was about to ask if anyone else clicked anything, but nevermind. Also, I have the exact same sword they were using.

Meh, that joke got old very quick and never changed.

Reminds me of Phantasmagoria.

I love those Sierra classics!

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