LoadingReadyRun: The LRR CD ROM Game

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This is comedy you Moon men and women do so incredibly well: the geek minutiae that was all but forgotten until you find the perfect gem of humor in it. Excellent job! My only regret is that I cannot share this video with my younger sister as she is ten years younger than I am. It's just not the same.

Wait, there's still my dad! Hurrah for people to reminisce and laugh about old computers with!

Wow, that game was hard, especially when the aliens attacked, lucky for me Matt came to my rescue.

I'm glad they let me continue even after I failed to click the shirt... or aliens... or open the door... or solve the puzzle... or film the video.

So difficult.

After reading this, I'm now glad that I'm not the only one who tried clicking. Did anyone else feel bad when they started getting annoyed at us not clicking? I did, I'M SORRY LRR, IT JUST WONT WORK!!! Please don't hate me...

I tried my hardest to click!
those dam aliens!
also If someone actually made an interactive game like this
I would so play this!

I didn't try clicking but I almost gave in and tried because I felt kind of awkward just sitting there while everyone got annoyed.

please tell me that the jer fighting alex is going to be a video

Best episode in a long while.
Captures the feel of a '90s multimedia game.

I'm not sure if this is funny or just you trolling the fans for being stupid.
I think I'll go with the first while subconsciously keeping hold of the second?

Glad I didn't click anything, I wanted to see how long Paul would suffer :)

If only this was a real game.
What's funny is that I actually went along and use my mouse to do this type of stuff. Also I put the torn pieces in the wrong order (1,2,4,3).

Awwww I wanted to play the game

I could tell either Paul or Jer wrote this one. Their personalities just show so much in the writing. Then I found out they both did! Really though, this may be one of my new favorites.

i'm old enough to get the spoof so i lol'd. side note, i have the exact sword in this video on my mantle. no really.

So I feel like an idiot because I actually clicked on the shirt and then paused the video... Sigh...

Probably one of my favorite LRR's in the past few weeks.

You guys stole a starbucks coffee sign?? Can be seen around 0:55

"I was scared!"
Best sarcasm evar.

best christmas ever! ohh! and the game wasn't half bad either;)

GODDAMMIT! I let down the LRR crew. NOOOOO! I'm so sorry.

Stupid buggy game ruined my chance to be in the LRR credits...

I was one of the many that tried to play and just kept pausing the video.

Also, how many people have that sword? I see it everywhere!

3D FMV? That idea sounds so horrible somebody might do it.


I'm so sorry LRR, I couldn't do it, I couldn't commit to the clicking!

So I'm guessing a good hunk of us clicked the video that either makes me feel better or depressed not sure which lol.

I totally have that sword used in the photoshoot.

I couldn't click it, I'm sorry ;-;

Oh goodness, I think this is one of my all time favorite episodes. I *loved* all those point and click adventure games of the early 90s, played quite a few of them to death ("Return to Zork" being one of the most notable). I really did try clicking once, but as expected, all it did was pause the video... ^_^
Great work, guys! =D

I feel like a complete idiot.

Did you start making this around the time Penn & Teller started on Desert Bus?

Also, I had that exact laser tag set. It was so awesome.

Brilliant. Really good job at this video, I loved it.

What's the odds that someone's going to make a flash game out of this one..?

Oh god, this takes me back to playing games like "connections".
Awesome episode, although I feel really old now :P

I'll prolly continue this elsewhere: but HOLY FITTING MUSIC BATMAN!


BradleyRains: that was amazingly well done.

...As usual.

I laughed my ass of and clicked every time they asked me to, but I was of no help :(

I like how you guys even green-screened the footage in front of the green screen - authentic, yet meta.

Sheesh what a bunch of morons people these LRR people are! I had to do ALL The work for them! I even had to take the disc out and clean the dust off to continue. And after all that, I had to man the camera, why not the lead role? I could have clicked...er..act better than anyone there! I have a G9x after all, and that's leet as you get!

(is joking!)

Just finished (re)playing Myst I-IV. Thanks for being topical *and* humorous, LRR!

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