LoadingReadyRun: The LRR CD ROM Game

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That was great. Fantastic job LRR!

GASP! how did you know my real name is "Typeyournamehere"? Are you guys spying on me?

Clearly your parents are not very good at coming up with names

I have the exact same laser tag gun and the sword from the video.

Should I feel ashamed or awesome?

I laughed throughout the whole thing! It's EXACTLY like the games my little brother and sister used to play! Uncanny!

I loved the sprite changes when Paul was talking and just standing there holding the shirt, and how they gave you hints :)

Awesome job!

That was Dark Samus's theme that played during the Alien Attack Segment, wasn't it?

"stop pausing video! their gonna think ima dick if you don't stop pausing and let me zap the aliens!"

Oh man, this was the best so far... Yeah hate people saying that, but still. I actually laughed for this one. I really had an urge to click :D

Haha, TypeYourNameHere in the credits! :D

Very cool skit, I like!

My favourite one that you've done so far!

Also, that game NEEDS to exist. Like, now.

Kathleen the Furry FTW!


Oh no. OH NO!


This is mixing video games, interactive media and internet video and creating something bold and daring

Also, you ever did the graphics on this one, well done // You got the feel of old school gaming in there


Oh god was this a good one. It actually reminded me of old Myst type games where characters would talk and stand there when you had to do something. With having to turn a complete 180 in 3-4 clicks.

I was expecting at one point to see *Insert Disc #2 Now* somewhere.

Stay crafty you geniuses.
Your Friend,

Best movie I ever made.

Achievement Unl-no, wait. NVM.

Bear hat !

This was genius!

new on XBL and PSN...the new LRR game...complete with hilarious Achievements and Trophies

now THAT would be sweet

did anyone else did what they told you??

DAMN ANOYING...thing...

My favorite LRR to date!

I'm sorry, guys! I tried so hard to click, but whenever I did, the game would freeze and I'd have to click again to get it moving.
I failed to impress the awesome people of LRR! What will I do now?



I clicked on everything and won forever.

Ha! I'm reminded of the abuse hurled at you in You Don't Know Jack, where if you don't give them a name, the impatient host names you something absurd.

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