Unskippable: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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Methinks Hank Green's was better.

You guys should to the intro cutscene for AC: Brotherhood's multiplayer next.

I'm sure you can squeeze a few jokes out of Vidic's lame speech.

Oh no!
He moved the thingy in the middle - it'll cause a Renaissance Cascade!

Great Unskippable as usual guys

I liked the comment about the disney ride lo.

I don't know, it might be fun to listen to some creed... actually, no.

Anyway, great episode :) I nearly spat out my cherry coke at the 'Tron' comment.

I could barely pay attention over the awe at how fast Ezio grew that beard. He should try to compete in Olympic Beard Growing.

Thank God they don't make you listen to Creed. Stabbing? Oh, okay, but there's no CREED, right?

Loved this ep.

Oh God! The Pope disintegrated! Lmao! That was excactly what I thought!

It's-a me, Ezio!

I feel sprry for those of you that get on your high horse and refuse to play Screed II or Screedbro.

haha this one was pretty good, naww its ok graham you can still make mario jokes lol

If they said "It's YOU, MARIO!" I would've die of laughter

The hands of man are all sticky, they'll get shmutz all over it. Lol, my favorite part of the video.

Mike Richards:

I think we can all agree that Assassin's Creed's story is an overblown, plot-hole-ridden Da Vinci Code ripoff... still a fun game, just don't expect it to make sense.

Where exactly does it not make sense? It takes some really weird turns, but the only parts that don't make sense are the parts that we clearly aren't supposed to understand yet.

The thing that I love is that it's pretty much the only example of high-concept sci-fi I can think of in games, and it's a damn good one in its own right. You know, the kind of story that's all about dreaming up some fantastical technology, showing us how it works, and then showing us how it all goes horribly wrong. While I doubt we'd find anything like the Templar Conspiracy, the fact remains that if we were capable of looking into the past like this many parts of our history would be almost unrecognizable.

And hey, as far as plotlines go I happen to think the Conspiracy is pretty good anyways.

somebody's been watching alot of movie Bob vids :P

and I agree, I love the story, and defiantly easier to understand than inception was the first time through.

"An enema?"
Well that would explain why Altair was such a...

Indeed, btw anyone else laughed out loud about the Pimp Pope Robes?

I don't know, it might be fun to listen to some creed... actually, no.

Anyway, great episode :) I nearly spat out my cherry coke at the 'Tron' comment.

OH GOD NO!! NOT CREED! All their music sounds the saaaaaaaaame D:

Awesome. I think one might be my favorite. SOO many laugh out loud jokes.

Enema aside... still a great series of games AC:1, 2 & B!

they actually do make a refrence to the fact that mario has the same name as super mario in ac 2

Well it looks like someone isn't gonna be king of England Fave part ofthe video lol me and my mate are english and had to pause it coz we were missing parts coz of laughing that and just pictureing Ezio saying aww man these are some pimp robes ima have these haha
Fantastic work as always guys :D good seeing an awesome Italian that isn't a bad sterotype with a bad accent everytime someone looks at italty in gaming its BAM mafia game done very annoying :/ anywho looking forward to todays vid

You actually don't get a game over if you miss the quicktime event... The game will wait, slowly panning the camera around Ezio and Cesare for eternity.

Man that is one of the first games I'm getting when I get a new PS3! (Gah, didn't mean to hit post)

Great video, but man if the message boards weren't clogged up full of Mario jokes after you meet that guy in ACII.

I miss the days of cartridge tilting. Warped MIDI, dancing henchmen, disappearing buildings... good times!

"Wait! who's Desmond?" "...sounds like someone I would beat in high school." "Wait! I have so much to ask!" "...and much love to give!" XD

it's even better than when you riffed on ACII, great job, guys. XD

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