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How about alternating between ENN and ENNN? Then we get our weekly fill and you don't have a nervous breakdown getting ENN out weekly.

Also, I love that the cock screeners all had popped collars. And by love, I mean I hate those guys. I'm thinking of a word, it starts with "D" and rhymes with Koosh.
Is what i think, becuase its still magical

That was funny. Would be good if this was like an occasional thing though. The original ENN just seems better somehow

I would love to see this as a spinoff series, where you have normal ENN, and then one where you just make several funny suggestions in a row for each one like you did here

This version of ENN is less funny than the dry and sarcastic earlier ENNs, but waaaaay funnier than the faux-pundit ENN you've been making since the intro change. I like it.


3) "It's an old man in a queue drinking tea" My favourite logo that one.

I think you mean "Aged man in a queue drinking tea"
You know Aged.....sounds like H.....there you go.

Hehehe, cockscreen. I'm going to be chuckling all day.... :P

So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

I see nothing wrong with this.

I liked: Tea Aged Queue
I disliked: the decrease in pseudo-professionnalism

I liked it. I do agree with some of the other member in saying that this format would be cool as a special every now and then. I personally like the old format more simply because the pacing seems to be a bit faster. Actually seeing the four of you together, bouncing off ideas to one another is kind of interesting to watch though. So... yes, but no, but yes...but no...but yeah.

I honestly liked this more than the regular episodes. Found it funnier...

-Raptor, out.

Wait. You mean to tell me that thing in the background is an E and 2 Ns? I always thought it was a fishing hook in some squiggly water. Cause like you guys are like fan boy baiting.

I like it as a change of pace, but I'd rather see the news format more often than not. I could see it done once in a while, like when you hit your 5's and your 0's.

me to as a occasional thing its great

Good to see a cool mix-up of the ENN format. However, it feels like you've tried to go for a kind of casual conversation 'fly on the wall' documentary style here, and some of it comes off a little staged.
You could take a similar idea but play it out as a busy newsdesk with loads of stories coming in.
There's tons of great comedy / news ideas in Chris Morris' 'the day today' and 'brasseye' genius stuff. I love his hardcore anchor character!

(- this stuff is really old, but there's some great stuff here)
I love the standard ENN format, and I'd say it works better than this. But the newsdesk is cool too, I agree with people saying it'd work well to get this formula working, and to mix up shows between this and standard ENN studio shows.

That was awesome and very funny I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was a nice change of pace

It is a good change but I prefer the formal ENN
but I enjoyed Jer's logo most of all!

It was funny...but not as good as the original format. I wouldn't mind if this was the format for a "slow news" week, and then big news weeks the other format and switched back and forth.

I loved it , best way to start the day with a great laugh. I agree with others its very phail house like, wich is totaly awsome

I enjoyed watching this more than your regular ENN show. The lack of title shots between segments made it much more enjoyable, although I think Graham looks much better in a suit. Now Kathleen just overshadowed her co-anchor with her feminine presence. No, I'm not gay, I just happen to think so. The whole idea of the newsroom felt more much down-to-earth, and I liked it that way. Also, while I do occasionally think the subtexts are fun to read they distract me from what you are saying. It's hard to read one thing and listen to another thing at the same time, especially since the subtexts speed by pretty quickly at times.

I like this change, and hope to see more newsroom clips.

I really liked this, it had me laughing quite a lot. Keep up the good work!

I loved it, hope to see more of it in future.

LRR's brilliant humour shines through in this format much better than the often awkward ENN episodes. ENN:Phailhaus has my full support.


All of the jokes were gold.

reminds me of the phailhaus, i enjoyed greatly, hope it isnt permenant though, i really enjoy normal enn

I have to agree with a lot of the previous posters. My first thoughts on seeing this were:

Does the newsroom take more or less time to set up and write than classic ENN?
Cause my vote goes to which ever has a higher likelihood of getting off the biweekly system and back on every Wednesday.

Man ... I really want to play Barometery Wars now ...

I definitely enjoyed the change, but I wonder if it could be almost like a alternating affair, one time at the desk, one time in the newsroom. Or, do a "newsroom special", or maybe the other way around. I'm assuming they're doing this because it is easier to present it this way, along with all of the other content they are doing, so I say do whatever can help keep the episodes coming!

I like it. It's like TGwP but with video. I like the normal ENN better however so mabey a spin off or mini side series would be cool.

It was awesome that you changed things up a little, I wouldn't mind if you did this once a month instead of a ENN episode.

I'd actually prefer this to the regular format once in a while, maybe every other episode. It seems really good, but I'm not sure how it would be if it was like this every time. Basically what I'm saying is that if this were adopted permanently as an occasional thing I would like it.

I enjoyed this though I'd probably get bored of it if this replaced traditional ENN completly. I'd probably prefer it as an occasional special, but besides that, still a very funny episode.

Flash backs to Phailhaus. That's awesome!

As someone who actually works in a network news room, allow me to say: that's actually pretty much how our discussions work.

And it's fucking hilarious.

Also the little sigh of derision at Comic Sans is so horribly true.

Liked the new format as long as they don't make it permanent. Once in a while is rephreshing, Every other week could get to be too much. Really Funny tho...

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