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Loved it. I would suggest alternating between the two different formats.

Great work guys, as always.

See this is what we want // To see the LRR crew work their magic and produce the beloved ENN that we enjoy so much // It warms the cockles of my heart

Speaking of which, when are you guys going to dedicate an ep of ENN to that wondrous creation Magic: The Gathering


I really enjoyed this new format. It seems more "real" to me. Also the jokes were better delivared.

It's Phailhaus:ENN, and Utterly, utterly brilliant. This makes up for no Phailhaus 29 or whatever it was.

More of this, please :)

I really enjoyed this change of pace. But I missed the Graham-Kathleen during credits banter. However I loved Paul's Comic Sans joke. More font jokes please!

i actually really like this, i find it much easier to listen too, maybe it seems more real,i dunno...
but i definitely want to see more like this!

That was really funny. You should do more brainstorming episodes like that.

Paul would come up woth something like that for a crappy logo.

Seriously, that guy is awesome!

All I have to say is...Kathleen, love the orange highlights emover. My RockBand 1 and 2 rocker has black emover with orange highlights (so pissed they got rid of the highlights in 3). If I could get my hair to do that, I would.

Gotta love the emover. Looks good on both guys and girls.

I say we still get to use the Duke Nukem Forever isn't coming joke until it actually comes.

After all it's not too late to have the game delayed.

Loved it, you gave us more hilarious news and I want it to stay this way.

To be honest, I prefer the old format. This sort of style is funny and would make a great podcast (which you should do), but I think that the old format makes for better video.

Paul, there is one thing worse than setting in Comic Sans; setting in Papyrus. *shudder*

Please do this more or some how make it another show on top of all the once you guys are doing now

awesome job guys

I really like the improvisational nature of this episode, but I wouldn't regularly prefer it to a more professionally produced segment.

i enjoyed this...i would like to see something like this every now and then

Loved the change of pace, but not sure if I would like this as a permanent thing, since part of the appeal of the old format is its resemblance a to a real news, and the formal sense of professionalism that entails, juxtaposed to the levity even absurdity of the subject matter.
I think this would work better as an occasional thing.
(not-so-crazy idea: what if you guys got a second team to do the newsroom bi-weekly, and went back to making ENN a weekly thing)

It seems like less formatting yields more time for jokes. Also the comedy feels more raw - which makes it funnier. Sometimes when something is too planned out and rehearsed it looses comedic power.

Rofl. This was awesome! I'd be down with more =D

As others have commented, it's like a cross between PhailHaĆ¼s and ENN... Love it! Would very much like to see more of this style (though the newsdesk style is also good - maybe the two kinds should alternate?)

yesssssss loved it! The regular shows are a bit too dry and fast for me but this was great.

I like the "laid back" style but bring back your production values, if you've ever seen a British show called "Newsnight" try and ape that but casual-style.

I thoroughly enjoyed the new format. It was fun. I would like to see more episodes like it, someday.

I don't know, originally, ENN was very straight-faced with a lot of hidden sarcasm, then it became more overt with the reactionary sarcasm, and now it seems it's nothing but the reactionary sarcasm... the show hasn't gone in the direction I'd prefer but you guys are still funny so... I guess I'll shut up now

That was awesome. I don't quite know why, but having you make up jokes on the spot and seeing the rest of the members laugh and praise your hilarity makes me laugh even harder. Its like on SNL when one actor is overly funny and all the others have to fight the laughter. Its not planned, it shows the actors find the material funny, and its funny to watch their faces. You guys are awesome in your videos, and for each of you, there are only certain situations I can think of that's funnier than watching you enjoy making comedy videos. That's when Graham is afraid of the Creepy Dolls, Paul is doing science, Kathleen is talking about her cats, and Jeremy is being Jeremy Michaels.

ENN meets PhailHaus? The only way this could be better would be if Morgan were in it.

The new logo is awesome. the old one was just 3 letters in Impact font with an underline.

i became a member specifically to say that this was the best thing ive seen from you guys so far. Thank you for bringing the funny every week.

As I watched this again, I realized something. Paul's right. Where's Oni 2?


Sorry about that, I just felt like being a bit silly there. I am serious about that whole Oni 2 thing.

ENNteresting. I'm not 100% sold on it, but the format change was a nice break.

Now you've said it, I can see Barometry Wars working as a concept. You play a god with power over the weather. Your worshippers provide you with Mana, which power your abilities. You use your abilities to generate useful weather, pleasing the worshippers and hopefully increasing your Mana base. Civilization without the Civ, I suppose. Of course, in the multiplayer your fellow gods have the option of sending bad weather your way, which you have to counter, but the conflicting weather patterns could create unpredictable backlash effects . . . and here comes a hurricane to ruin everyone's day.

They made this already. It's called Populous.

They made this already. It's called Populous.

Mmm . . . I dunno . . . Populous was ultimately a land-shaper. I'm thinking more along the lines of a pure weather sim; the terrain map could stay constant. I agree it is close in concept.

I think if you did this every now and then it would be very refreshing, i liked it

Thumbs up. More casual, and less forced.

ENN is the best programme on The Escapist and didn't need changing.

Having said that however, I like the new format. But I think for how it conducts itself, it's natural home would be as an audio podcast. Round table discussion, with each persons take on news stories, works best in a live environment.

Also you could tell us what you're going to be discussing via twitter or facebook, and pick the funniest comments from the community. I'd love to hare what they would have come up with for the Pac-man reality TV show.

wow! love the new format! It's a lot more organic. Dropping the ironic formal news room act was refreshing.

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