Zero Punctuation: Fable 3

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... I love you.

I've been saying this all the time since fable 2... No one listens...

...I love you... lol

Great review, I'd support you as king. I could even collect your rent for you =D


My friend likes Fable. I have no idea why. He tries to show it to me like it is cool, but I can't get into it.

Plus I have seen Yahtzee's reviews and other reviews for Fable games. And after watching interviews, reading quotes, and playing some of his games, I know how big an ass and lier/hype machine Molyneux is.


I suggest you stop having good ideas for Fable now. Only Peter Molyneux knows what's good for Fable, and that is farting in peoples faces and easy combat.

I had the exact same plan as him to just leave my game on to get the money to pay for all the nice things I did and then bam 150 day skip, I also drained the lake and recieved the ultra good ending...mabey we're the same person O_O

I am so glad i stopped trying to play fable games. Thanks for the re-enforcement review.

I just know Americans are looking at the vegemite and saying "What the hell is that?"

I thought yahtzee would destroy it, but I was suprised when he gave it some (even though small) congrats.

I like Fable III, bigest let down of the year but I don't despise it

ruin the one vaguely redeeming feature of the game with the plot twist
not many games or movies or books show just what the rebels do once in power.

also, molyneaux, you utter lake loving hippy

Wow, I never thought I would see the day where Yahtzee would review Fable 3. I guess even he gives into fanboy nagging and spam mail.

Holy crap, the same thing happened to me. Evil shenanigans!!

Ugh the same exact thing happened to me, I had a brilliant plan all laid out, I was all set to hit my cash target well within 150 days, but nooo, the game skips 5 months or whatever. Crazy. Didn't make sense.

It's like Lionhead just ran out of time and thought "oh well we won't make the last 150 days".

They need to make these games more balanced, the magic was still the only ability that you should ever use in this game, again. Also I'm surprised, Yahtzee you didn't mention the COMPLETELY messed up menu system. It takes five times as long to do anything now.

Because it's not COMPLETELY messed up, it's simply not the usual way to do things. Quite frankly if you ask 1,000 people who an hour or so ago beat the entire game of Fable (gnomes and all so they really had to experience the menu system) about 200 will say "Hey I liked the menu" about 500 will say it's the worst thing since Aliens Vs. Predators was ok'd as a PG-13, and the other 300 will say they're indifferent. Lists are a bland pain shooting right up your ass to your ribs, and the new menu is better in ways, and worse in others.
Personally I like it, but I'm one of the few people that loved the first Fable, hated the second, and kind've liked the first.

Fable III was more disappointing that turning the light on and realising you've been having sex with your own mum. Badly.

Ha! Shoggoth reference!

Staying in bed and waiting for rent works ... Until the buildings become 0% condition. :(

I agree with the rest though yahtzee though I personally just buy a pub at the beginning and then all the shops then let the cash pile up whilst I do the story. Everyone lived and I was all good too.

Though I'll confess when I saw the review this week was Fable 3 I thought it was some sort of trick.

I enjoyed the game.

I did the same thing (rent everything then get bullshitted by the 121 day skip)
Now I feel less dumb

One of the times that I'm glad I got my ps3 when I did, or I'd have to cling to all the crappy exclusives that the xbox was pushing, fable and halo are definitely not at the top of my game of the year list. I was jealous of mass effect for a while but bioware have fixed that for me too :D. PS3 ftw

I never got into Fable in the first place, and honestly i dont think i ever will. Instead i will just get Diablo III when that eventually comes out. Im more of a hack n slah kind of guy.

I agree with the whole end-game decision thingamajig (<- holy fuck, the spell checker is excusing that?!). The whole thing would have a lot more weight if a) it wasn't Reaver defending against almost everything, and b) the big choices weren't clearly labeled as good vs evil.

That's the problem with most moral choices systems today, and even the mighty ME series greatly suffers from this: there're not enough shades of gray to make the choices really mean something; everything either boils down to - in Yahtzee's own words - becoming Mother Theresa or baby-eating. I mean, come on - you either become a benevolent angel or a tyrannical demon. What the fuck? o__O

The fact that the game would have a "moral choice" system that is clearly meant to represent two political ideologies as a very black and white kind of thing, is reason enough to never bother with the game.


lol wow seriously? I guess I don't have to look into this one either then.

I played the first fable and it really wasn't very good... I played a bit of fable 2, but it was crap... Thanks Yahtzee!

Same here. Luckily I borrow Fable 1 TLC from a friend and recognized the horrible game it was. Since then I have just followed all the others releases through the press. 0:25 to 0:50 of the review covers my take on the franchise. I keep hearing "good" stuff about them so I look up reviews and they are "good" technically by score but all of the features in them I hated in 1 are now there and more pronounced in the latest sequel be it 2 or 3. I don't get how these games score so highly.

Simple answer: Bribery

Ugh, I actually liked the first one and the second one didn't seem that bad (other than needing to ignore random shit the game touts as "freedom"), but this seems off-the-walls bonkers. Unless Yahtzee was over-simplifying, that sounds like a Lionhead way of doing things that disappoints on the basis that the game could've been so much better.

I tried the first Fable game (on PC), and found it incredibly bland and uninteresting...

The biggest thing I remember about Fable 3 is that it was having a midnight release party at the same time that I went to pick up my preorder of Rock Band 3.

...anyway, hilarious video. I'm now even more glad I never got into the series.

I was drinking soda. I got to, "It wooks pwetty!" Then I laughed so hard I sprayed soda out of my mouth and all over my keyboard. The comment about aliens wearing out corpses as hats just made me laugh harder.

Well done Yahtzee, I loved this video.

Best episode in months! I was laughing throughout!

I went and googles up some video footage of the character petting their dog. Holy fucking shit, they are making out. What are they smoking at Lionhead and can I get some?

So much for not reviewing Fable 3.

Seriously I told all of everyone he wasn't going to review it. He must be strapped for reviews that he decided to do this game to pass the time what next is he going to review starcraft 2? That won't end well.

I haven't really felt those muscles in a while, (I blame the fact that typing 3 letters when something funny or even a little bit interesting happens is what goes for laughter nowdays on the internet so often, has made me use it in real life as well) but I smiled and then even laughed. This was hilarious :P Though that might be because of my dislike for a certain person here mentioned.


I never actually finished this game... so thanks for the 150 day warning.

Sounds a bit shit mind you, but hey ho.

Ok, I have never played Fable 3 and I can't make head or tails of what happened him in the end. Did the game skip 150 days because he was rich enough anyway, or did the game clock advance in a way he totally interpreted wrong?

I remember the time skip, I had -1000000 dollers & sead "we are going to die!" but its ok I had one kid & repopulated the land, go me

Ok, I have never played Fable 3 and I can't make head or tails of what happened him in the end. Did the game skip 150 days because he was rich enough anyway, or did the game clock advance in a way he totally interpreted wrong?

After you become the ruler, there is a fixed amount of quests - most of them being about finances for the kingdom. If you do not do the quests, you have infinite time. If you go through the quests straight away with no break the last quest is 150 days before the year ends and then after that you're instantly chucked into the "1 year anniversary since you became King/Queen." Like the part in Fable 2 when you're in the Spire.

lol @ Peter Molyneux expecting players to give a fuck about a population of identical NPC mooks.

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