Zero Punctuation: Fable 3

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I dont get how not doing the evil things is YOU know theres a evil coming to destroy everything and everyone and YOU know that if you dont have the money then everyone will die. So in letting the people be happy for a year is more evil then not letting them get drunk or making their children work...but on a side note i would LOVE to meet a girl who would fall for me because i flexed, whistled, danced, then shit myself. One more thing i didnt like about it was at least in the other 2 when your were evil it showed! You walked around with red mist,big ass horns and just looked like a badass. This one your skin gets a little paler and your eyes get sunken...You only get to see your "true form" when you charge your attack.

finally, a really really really brilliant review.
the last one's too long ago.

lol! that was great!

but you know, if there isn't an intereting enough game to review around. you could always just make on up.

whether the game was real or not makes little difference to me.

I rather enjoyed the original Fable- I hadn't heard anything about it previously, so I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty solid sword and sorcery and the nice world to walk around in, if probably in a straight line.

I enjoyed enough to get in on some of the hype with Fable II, and that's when I became disappointed. Top 3 Grievances: You couldn't select a cat- the dog would either dig up useless dog stuff or gold (had plenty thanks to the flawed finances of the game). Your children didn't grow up- they stayed in the small child phase forever. Granted, the family aspect was incredibly incredibly shallow, but they couldn't even take the time to do a quick text box telling me he became a grocer or something. 3. Most of the moral choices sucked- i.e. the middle path was always the greedy and corrupt one. It sucked. The ending choices, we could ask for any one of the three, would have all sucked combined, yet we had the power for it, didn't we? The power to reshape the world with that tower, right? And you couldn't raise a few dead AND give me money? After what I did?

I'm never paying for another Fable game, not unless all of my friends and Yahtzee himself recommends I do so.

I was thinking the same things about this game as I was playing through it.

One thing that REALLY irks me, is one of the "evil" policies is to tax Alcohol, and the "good" policy was to let everyone get drunk with no financial gain to the government. It completely took me out of the game, and I had to reflect on the clear political bias the game is presenting of what is good and evil.

Also I agree, It was baffling that the game suddenly show ahead 100 days, because I was waiting to donate all my money to the treasure at the last second, and suddenly the black goo was at my door step and 6 million people died or whatever.

Overall it was pretty much Fable II, but slightly worse.

This review make me question whether I should get Fable 3 somehow...

Is it really very controllable in terms of taxing etc or is it all shallow and not fully realized? I know I have been fooled once by Fable 2 (and to a lesser extent Fable 1) but I am actually intrigued by some of the mechanics like taxing etc...

I'm willing to pay around £20 for it...

So the game is good old-fashioned Deontology propaganda.

It is worth mentioning that the most significant (as far as I know at least) philosopher supporting Deontology - Immanuel Kant - thought that if a man was running away from a murderer and asked you to lend him shelter, doing so was the right thing to do, but if the murderer then came to ask if you had seen the man, telling him the truth would be the right thing to do as well - because lying is evil and to tell the truth is more important than helping someone not get murdered.

If a game gives you a moral choice that is actually good, why do they have to mess it up by labelling one as the good one.

By the by I just noticed...

Did anyone else realize that in the Fable 2 review, Yahtzee asked why he couldn't marry his dog...

And now he is giving out about the game letting you engage in amorous actions with your furry friend.


what? you can't sell large quantities of gems and buy them back for less repeatedly for more/extra gold?

I just realised the bread is $599 US dollars xD Yay go Breadstation 3

Would be nice if you stopped throwing in your anti white rhetoric every review. Blah blah rednecks have 18 kids, blah blah having a white hero is racist. God forbid that if white people make a game they have a white hero, how unthinkable.

Otherwise good review, but I think I'm done watching these because of this.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the point Yahtzee's trying to make is that, like he said in the video, for some odd reason you can't be taught to be a Hero (whatever the fuck that means given the context of both Fables II and III). It's always been "Oh look, this little macguffin reacts to you, making you automatically destined for greatness despite the fact that you actually may not be fit for the task or that you even know WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON". You know, kinda like The Legend of Zelda in a sense; minus the whole thing about everyone else knowing what's going on while you search for cryptic clues.

In the first Fable Heroes were taught to become such, if I recall. And there were more than a few non-white Heroes, two of which were major NPCs in fact. Fable 2 comes along, set 500 or so years after the first one, and you're a Hero, but recall you weren't taught to be one; you were a Hero because of some divine intervention or some shit because you happened to be a descendant of the Hero from the first game. This actually fucks up the lore quite a bit along the lines of what the prequels did to the Star Wars mythos concerning Jedi and the force; the fact that no more Heroes are around in Fable II certainly doesn't help matters. Fable 3 rolls up, and you're the second child of the Hero from the second game. This further cements the idea that you can't be taught to be a Hero, it's now genetic much like the Harry Potter series. Add the fact that you can't change the ethnicity of the Hero in question (probably just a design oversight I'm guessing), and you have Yahtzee's complaint.

I apologize for that rant. In short, Yahtzee's played through all three games and he just so happened to make an observation about the consistency of Heroes at large. No harm done, really.

Actually i managed to go 100% good pay off everything and save everyone O.O

Hmm, I just thought about something.
Wouldn't it be nice if Yahtzee make another review like Console Rundown.
Basically a more general review than a certain game, since nothing good is coming out for a while.

That same shit happend to me too.
I just collected a ton of cash and was ready to use it all to defend all my beloved slavhrrm.. people. When it suddenly just jumped to the final fucking battle!
I was furious cuz i missed the achievement for the perfect ending, dam u fable 3 dam u!!!

Also the end battle has to be weakest most crap thing ever conceived, i mean its like the developers stopped caring at the end and more like they where fed up with the game and wanted to just finish it. WORST FINAL BOSS EWA!!!
That said great review mate^^

I find it interesting that you disliked the 'make out with your dog' aspect, considering you promoted it at the end of your Prince of Persia review.

In fact, I'm just going to go ahead and blame you for Fable's step-too-far.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Fable 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Fable 3.

Watch Video

I'll warn you that this will be off topic, but since i can't create a new Topic as a paying member (puzzling?) i'll post a reply to the video that made me aware of the problem..

I noticed a "view HTML5" when i was watching the latest ZP HD in Flash.. "COOL!" i exclaimed loudly.. having been a Firefox 4 beta tester for awhile and joined the Youtube Html5 test long ago.. so i clicked the button and got the exact same page, with a flash player.. "NOT cool!" i exclaimed .. but not so loud this time.. more like an annoyed mumble.. as if i had a large dwarf beard and the words did not want to leave it..

Okay, I have no idea how I didn't get it before, but yeah, Peter Mollineux(?)'s idea of what constitutes good and evil comes down to a pure, uncompromising split down the liberal/conservative line. Which pisses me off to no end. I think in the first Fable it was more on the level, with good and evil choices being obviously good or evil. But people, you do realize that there are good and evil points to both liberal and conservative policies, right?

Back in Fable 2, the player got a choice to hook a gay man up with a dude, or set him up on a date with a nice girl like his father wanted. Now, naturally Peter arbitrarily decided that you're evil if you go against the man's wishes and obeyed the father, but is it really? I'm not saying gay people are inherently bad because they're gay, but I will ask whether letting a son go about following a path that results in no offspring and attempting to mesh two men together is really a good thing from the father's perspective? Do you think he's just homophobic? Do you think he's just trying to be mean? Maybe he just has the boy's best interest at heart?

The point is that moral choice systems of this ilk sometimes work when they try to deal with only unambigious things, but sometimes not all things one sees as good and evil are as such. I can't believe I'm the one saying that.

I disagree. Albion seems to be a fairly forward thinking society in regards to homosexuality so there's no stigma attached. How could making someone live a life the don't want to live a good thing? Living life a certain way, a way you don't want to, just because someone expects it of you would be horrible. Any decent father should be happy that his son is happy.

I think it should go
Good: Tell the son to explain how he feels to his father
Bad: Try to force the son into a life he doesn't want.
Bad: Go behind the father's back.

That's the problem with games that have a good/bad slider though. I prefer systems like Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout New Vegas, where a person or group responds to your actions and you gain approval on an individual basis rather than being good or evil based on what the developers moral code is.

Man, I'm going to play that, and now I'll be expecting the shoggoth and such. Ah well. I guess I can't complain, seeing as I didn't stop watching once the spoilers showed up.

something tells me Peter M. stopped watching any Zero Punctuation reviews after Fable II
so I suppose he won't be seeing this video haha

man imagine a game where you meet characters with actual personalities and you might actually really like (oh, like in Mass Effect) and want to marry or otherwise...

actually wait never mind cuz if you can get too into it someone in Japan is gonna marry their digital girlfriend

So you can make decisions that are popular with the uneducated moronic masses in the short term but will lead to catastrophic disasters and loss of life down the road? That's not "Evil", that's called being a U.S. Republican.

I actually liked Fable 1, but thought that the X-Box limited Fable 2 was a disappointment that made the bad parts worse and the good parts....un-gooder. Fable 3 looks like its going even further down the same drain. Crap.

Couldn't agree more but I would have had far harhser words for the game as a whole but would have talked more about the stupid glitches.

So you can make decisions that are popular with the uneducated moronic masses in the short term but will lead to catastrophic disasters and loss of life down the road? That's not "Evil", that's called being a U.S. Republican.

I actually liked Fable 1, but thought that the X-Box limited Fable 2 was a disappointment that made the bad parts worse and the good parts....un-gooder. Fable 3 looks like its going even further down the same drain. Crap.

~_* xbox limited hmm? what do you mean the first fable I believe started its life as a pc game and was released on both pc and original xbox. It has nothing really to do with xbox limiting the game but Molyneux being an *****.

That 150-day zoom-past-you crap happened to me too! Now I don't even have any citizens to complain about! BLARGH! :D

Right! So I guess I haven't missed anything since Fable 1 then.
Cheerio m8 :P

Seriously, this is exactly what I was saying about the game when it happened to me. I did the exact same thing, saving my money and waiting to give all the money near the end so that way everything would be cool. 150 days go by and WTF apparently my retarded character (who had all the money he needed) decided to be inactive and instead of donating the money, he let everyone die without giving me a choice in the matter. I didn't even finish the game. After that little bit of horrible design, I was too mad to play it anymore.

All in all, the game was the same as Fable II but with some good additions and some bad subtractions. The menu system was interesting, something I haven't seen before. It functions just like a normal menu except you're basically using your character as the select cursor and the different rooms are the different sub-menus. They removed some parts of the gameplay that made Fable II good (like chain attacks and counters that actually make sense) and still failed to balance the skills (which made me feel stupid for wanting to be a melee character, since it wasn't a very efficient form of attack). They made interaction with NPCs way more irritating since I couldn't choose my expressions anymore (who wants to do a gay dance with a guy who is bald and has a big ugly moustache?), which made it almost worse than the Fable 1 NPC interaction.

Hmm Sounds like Fable 3 is as bad as 2 was. The first one fell short of what it aimed to be but was a least something a little new an fun. Now its like some gimped version of the Sim's with adventure elements only they suck cause of it being far too easy to be compelling.

I completely agree with Yahtzee; it IS nice to see Mark Heap still getting work!

I've always had a soft spot for the series, and its one of my favorite franchises, but i think fable II was better overall

So.... is it good or bad?

I remember when Fable one was incredibly popular, then again, that was quite some time ago, lol. I'm still on the fence about Fable 3, I might pick it up in the future, lol!

You arer correct as always on the marriage thing in Fable, Yahtzee. There's no point in it unless you want the achievements, and none of them are likeable because there are a hundred copies of them in the world. I did it once, and the bitch desided to break up with me because I never came home. Well excuse me if I was busy saving the world sweetie, I needed to make sure you wouldn't be raped or pillaged while I was away. But no, that still doesn't get me off the hook, so I shot her, because like I said, it's difficult to form attachments to a robot clone.

I enjoy all the fable games, if not for mindless entertainment, as has been pointed out by other people, the ending annoyed me alot also. When I play RPG's I base my choices around what I would do in real life, and the ending of the game confused the shit outta my moral compass which got me majorly pissed lol. They are fun to play, but fuck you peter molyneux, you manage to cock it up somehow with every sequel. What also annoyed me was the divergence away from the Old Kingdom stories and stuff

I found Fable 3 a very wierd game.

Firstly, if you're King/Queen you can massacre anyone you want and the guards won't care, well they'll QQ but won't do a thing and then will die themselves.

Secondly, killing a person does not make it cheaper to fight off the evil goo.

Thirdly, AOE is win.

Fourthly, It makes you spend 5 years repeatidly consuming the throat lining of your friend in co-op mode just to open one particular demon door which won't open as it's bugged, and then you feel awkwad afterwards.

Fiftlysplurgatron you can pratically, make all the 'good' choices, donate the gold to the treasurey and massacre your citizens to still end up being evil but saving everyone and being 'nice'. So you can be an good king who put's his subjects' wellbeing first, so he can enjoy stripping them of their pathetic lives afterwards when he's trying to grind villager kills to upgrade his weapon.

Sixthly it reminds me alot of Sims. A side thing you can do is socialise with people and do pointless things to gain favour; like the Sims (the only physical contact I like is dragging them to the Dark Sanctum to be burnt alive). Even the npc models reminded me of the Sims, that stupid over-cartoony human faciness.

i hated fable 3 in its entirety. everything was just a combination between fable 2 and a mexican restaurant's urinal. i loved the fable franchise up intill this point, and after completing the main quest i felt as if i had wasted a week of my life playing this game

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