Show About Games Show: Kinectimals & Big Planets

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The uniracers part was my favorite.

I agree, although most people won't get the reference, I laughed pretty hard during that part.

I liked both sketches, amazing job with the LBP2 level, and I laughed hard with the whole Kinectimals thing. It was both funny, and creepy, though I think it hit a little close to home for some people here going by the responses. Looking at some of the polls over the last couple of years, I think The Escapist has a pretty solid congingent of Furry users.

I was about to turn this off cos the opening was so weird but that ending....
Beautiful tribute to one of my all time favourite games! thanks for that

That was awesome! I love this show!

Didn't enjoy the first half at all.

Acting fell a little flat, characters were unrelatable without being completely absurd (until the end).

LBP thing was very nice though.

Woah, the Kinectimals part was properly creepy, but the episode started to improve with the unicycle scene, which was funny. The LittleBigPlanet set was simply amazing, good job to everyone involved. I wonder how long did it take to make the set, it must have been long hours.

That was a fantastic ending // Great Little Big Planet set you guys, very well done


The LBP section was awesome, definate smile raiser.

This is even worse than Loading Ready Run... omg.

UNIRACERS! :D I loved that game, haha. Like mostly everyone else it seems: The first sketch was alright (brought down by bad acting, for me at least), but the Little Big Planet adventure was amazing. Also, UNIRACERS! The sketch itself was rough, but UNIRACERS!

Just work on your acting (even sketch and being silly acting requires effort and talent imo) , and you'll have something pretty good.

Amazing job on the LittleBigPlanet segment. That made my day.

I legitimately felt uncomfortable during that entire Kinectimals segment, but it was pretty funny.
That LBP level you guys made actually makes me want to buy the game now.

I don't understand why everyone was saying the LBP sketch was SOOOOOO FUNNY. It was cute and very well-done, but I wouldn't call it funny.

That evil plot was funny, but I can never unsee it. Kinectimals is not a game!

Wow. The Little Big Planet section was amazing. The small set looked like the actuall game, along with the sound and the several creatures that appeared as the sock puppets moved. I can say that was really cool. Thanks for that.

Huh, lot of assholes that comment on new series...

The LBP scene was cute, as everyone else has said. Great job!

But I really liked the Kinectimals sketch. It was a type of joke that I don't think I've seen before, and you really invested the two characters with enough personality to make the melodrama funny. (secretly, when the guy said sexy fox lady, I was sort of expecting a certain Wise Wolf Goddess...)

Don't mind me i just came by to see and listen to their LBP thing again, for the 100th time :D

The Little Big Planet sketch is the best thing I have seen on this site so far.

I can't even process the LBP section... that was amazing

Where can I get your version of the LBP song, I want!

Late to the party but... damn! that LBP was amazing!
I can't even look at the kinectimals box art now though...

The little big planet part was amazing. I was in awe the whole time.

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