Trailers: Bulletstorm Skillisode 2

Bulletstorm Skillisode 2

Another dose of skillshots in Bulletstorm.

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The guy is INSANE!

Only 135 skill shots? I was expecting 300.

Yeah, this game still looks awesome!

A pre-release demo on the 25th. Yes, please.

Glad to see mindless shooters having a come back. Whatever happened to them though? Duke Nukem is coming out this year... hopefully. It that a concidence?
Looks great.

Mmmmm, People Can Fly making a game with Epic. Delicious.

ehh it looks ok might be fun but if thats his voice my god its gonna grind on me fast

Do want Do want Do want!!!

I cannot fucking wait for the demo!

Hehehe, Mindless destruction is fun :)

If they redid the voice actor and titled the game Duke Nukem Forever, I don't think anyone would know the difference :)

Meh, To be honest I've played two different games that use nasty kills and a chain in a way more fun manner.

The Punisher Game was absolutely fucking brutal, and loads of fun. You never knew what kind of gnarly new way you might find to dispatch the goons after scaring information out of them. Garbage compactor...woodshipper...drill press...gigantic python...shark...pirahna....rhino...elephant tusk...curb stomp. The possibilities were endless, creative and fun.

Bloodrayne 2. Two words. Ragdoll physics. Flinging hapless thugs through piles of debree and onto random spikes with the Scorpion-esque chain whip is a neverending joy of that game. Watching them crumple over a steel handrail after you've flung them aside...then seeing them cartwheel down to the lobby 4 stories below was just pure entertainment.

Bulletstorm on the other hand......just makes me yawn to be quite honest.

Yes I know I've compared it to two third person action/adventure/platformers but my point still stands. I Dont think anybody with care about Bulletstorm a month after its release. Probably sooner.


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