Can You Confess Your Guilty Pleasures?

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I'm a big sucker for shows like Sailor Moon and W.I.T.C.H. and stuff like it.... shut up you don't know me! D:

I'm also a big fan of "1,000 Ways to Die", it cracks me up. :D

Spreading STDs among farmyard animals. I've been told that as a recreational hobby, it's several kinds of wrong.

But to answer the question with a question: is this a trick question? The only sensible answer is: porn.

alright i admit it, i love Pokemon games... i own every version and i cant wait for Black and white, to come out this spring...

It's like an addiction...but I love it so!

Drop Dead Gorgeous - watch it - you might like it

Also the movie Ed Wood - interesting

Susan Arendt:
Professional wrestling, and I'm not the least bit apologetic about it - despite the fact that one friend of mine actually stopped speaking to me once he found out I enjoyed it.

Also, You're Cut Off, which is just such utter trash, words fail me.

Ooh, someone's heard of that show too!! I caught it on the other night, and I've since dubbed it the first trashy-reality-tv I'll actually watch. Spoiled, rich girls getting taken down a peg the tv show...worth the guilt.

When you mentioned "Guilty Pleasures" I got real excited that you were talking about Anita Blake. (that is my guilty pleasure...)

World of Warcraft is...quite fun...

You heard nothing of this, correct?

You said Everquest II sucks. Nothing new.

Dr. wonderful:

And I'm a Tv troper.

That's shameful?

Dr. wonderful:

Plus Lady Gaga.

>_> <_< I love Paparazzi and Bad Romance (if accompanied by the video). Okay. It's out there.

As someone who is a huge critic of writing as well as writer in general, Fanfiction is my only guilty pleasure. I like music, games, even movies I wouldn't consider technically amazing but I'm not ashamed of any of those, just the fanfiction. Give me a fic focused on a love story not completely fulfilled by the actual plot line of the original media and I'll read it like it was pure gold. I'm such a girl.

Okay I admit it! I...I...I hate first person shooters and love Two Worlds! T_T I'll just...go hide in my corner now v.v

I LOVE TWO WORLDS too!!! :D I got it for $1 and I like it more than Dragon Age Origins (which I paid $45 for)!!!


I read smutty vampire and werewolf romance novels. And I don't mean Twilight, in case you're wondering; I might be a girl but I'm not that much of a girl.

This one isn't quite so guilty, but I also write and read fanfiction. Not the smutty kind--at least, not usually... no, you may NOT see my subscribed authors on FF.Net, though--but still. It's not even usually that good of stuff. I just read/write it so I can kill off the characters I don't like (Ashley Williams, for example) and pair up the characters I do like (FemShep + Garrus/Kaidan/Thane?).

I did read Twilight and didn't hate it, though. Then I took a step back and realized how awful it was.

EDIT: Oh, and I also kinda like Tic Toc... I don't know why, it's just so catchy!

I can't think of much...
Sometimes I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Sadly, I truly feel no guilt for anything I enjoy.

then you are clearly not enjoying the right things.


But I can't help but feel I have done far greater crimes. Crimes which are about to be shared.

First of all . . .

I actually like Lady Gaga. For me this is a guilty pleasure because I'm the type of guy that searches for more obscure music from other countries or indie. And my next sin . . .

I love the Dynasty Warriors series. It's the same damn game, the voice acting is awful, it's repetitive . . . but I wuv Dynasty Warriors. Heck, I love Koei in general since I also play Romance Of The Three Kingdoms and Nobunagas Ambition.

And thirdly . . .

I actually love Resident Evil's voice acting. So campy, cliche' and horrid I just can't help but love it ^_^

You know, I am old enough to not be ashamed of the things I like. But there are times and places where you don't necessarily talk about them. That being said... I write fanfiction. I like Yaoi except for the ones in which the older/richer/more powerful partner pursues a guy who doesn't want them, who pleads not to be groped and fondled and the first character does it anyway, endlessly. Sorry me boyos, that's sexual assault, and not what I am looking for in Yaoi. Oh yes, and I write some very adult stuff, too with prose that's downright violet (Purplish, that is, not violent).

I still have an active fantasy life (which helps when it comes to writing), and some of my favorite movies are violently hated by other people, like "Hawk the Slayer", "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and "Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God". I also like "Scourge of Worlds" the CGI- Animated D&D Feature. And I love to read. A lot. Including what is usually called Kid's Books (in the J Section of the Library I work at), stuff like the Roman Mysteries, The Goddess Girls series. The Edge Chronicles, and the Bartholemew Grimes series.

Moving up to more adult fiction, I read a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, along with Romance and Historical Mysteries, but I'll pick up anything if it looks interesting enough. And Graphic novels, too, though lately, alot of them have been sucking and blowing goats. (I blame you, Marvel and DC!)

The thing I could say I am most ashamed of is being attracted to videogame characters. Somehow, I now have the Sniper and Engineer from Team Fortress 2 taking up space in my head (and I haven't even played the game!), and I just spent most of two days on Deviant Art looking up pictures of them. I may be 43, but I'm still a teenager inside, it seems.

Oh yeah, and I was a nerd before being a nerd was cool. Still love Doctor Who and Babylon 5. I still slightly prefer Babylon 5 to Star Trek or Star Wars. And just to complete my little catalog of "guilty pleasures", I still play Dungeons and Dragons, and have all the books from the first three editions, plus all my modules, with doubles of the ones that are getting awfully careworn (Temple of Elemental Evil, anyone?)

Visual Novels. That is all.

Music: Jpop and Jrock. This wouldnt be so bad if it werent for me being a major metalhead in general (meshuggah, Dark Tranquility, Opeth). I love listening to it, but wouldnt dare putting it on while my gf is home or in the vicinity of friends.

Food: Cheese doodles. Dunno if it exist in america, but its like cheetos. Its pure "death by cardiac clogging", smells like a carcass and grease down everything you touch while eating, yet i cant get enough. Bet its crack in the cheese powder.

Literature: Only thing remotely close for me is "Blodøks" (bloodaxe), a norwegian comic about the most awesome fictional viking ever. The drawing style would put any normal person off, since it all looks like sketches, but something about it just makes it great. I read it once a month.

Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Everyone seems to hate it to the point I dont dare saying its one of my favourite movies.

S Club 7 were great, REACH FOR THE STARS!

Their ain't no party like an S Club party. What choo on about :P

Yeah, guilty pleasure of mine too.


I read smutty vampire and werewolf romance novels.

Meredith Gentry series by Laurryl.K. Hamilton is the most warped.
or anything by J.R.Ward. So I've heard.

And as for S Club 7...

S Club 7 were great, REACH FOR THE STARS!

I watched their TV Show as a kid. Yes, even the seasons after they left the hotel. Every episode. -_-

Im a man and i think some of the songs from "Legally Blonde the Musical" are camp GENIUS.

It's terrible but it manages to to funny. It's pitched very well actually.

I don't mind Caramelldansen. >_>

I like some of the poppier anime styles of music. Something about the semi-complex techno tunes (not so nmuch the beats as the actual music) just really appeals to me.

And more than half of my music collection is orchestral/soundtrack. My favourite song is something that I doubt anyone on here has ever heard of, and is yet a soaring music adventure of love and loss.

Really, really loud dubstep.

I loved Hudson Hawk. One of my best friends and I used to be able to quote the movie ad nauseum.

I'm a Silent Hill fan who liked Homecoming and the movie.

I actually like 4th edition D&D.


World of Warcraft is...quite fun...

You heard nothing of this, correct?

You said Everquest II sucks. Nothing new.

I did? Since when?




I'd never prefer it over the original, but can't deny that i do watch the show XD

I liked All Points Bulletin and my friends and I are excited for its re-birth in the hands of this new developer.


I'm a theatre nerd, and I consume it with abandon. I know Legally Blonde like the back of my hand. I also watch shows that I get shunned for: Pretty Little Liars and Glee.

I'm a sucker for romantic comedy chickflicks, I've been told this is not appropriate behaviour for a straight adult male.


Yeah, the tv show about cheerleaders. I knew from the second episode it would be a guilty pleasure of mine, but I love Ashley Tisdale so much in this show and I've never liked any other role she's had.

I find this article extremely sad. Not because you enjoy that music, but because you are secretly ashamed that you like it. You shouldn't be afraid to tell anyone that you enjoy something, if they judge you because of that, then that is their fault and they obviously aren't people you should be spending time around anyway.

I loved reading the Twilight books. Sure, they were horrible works of literature, but I enjoyed every minute of my reading them. I still throw on the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and Britney Spears from time to time when I'm in the mood for it. I'm not ashamed at all that I do these things because I really do enjoy them.

I have never, and probably will never understand why people can be ashamed of enjoying things. The concept of a guilty pleasure is beyond me. I feel like it stems from people being insecure about themselves and what others think of them, so they hide what they enjoy to get people to like them more. Why do you care so much? The closest friends don't care whether or not you're addicted to Viva Pinata (wonderful game) or love reading Harlequin Romance novels (They certainly have a charm about them).


I'm one of those who's unapologetically honest. In fact, I refuse to even refer to them as 'guilty pleasures' because makes it sound like I should feel bad about liking it, and... yeah, no.

This is one of those things I could go on about for hours, and have done several times, but long story short: I'm secure enough in my personality that I don't care a hoot whether it's cool or horribly uncool to like something.

The three stooges. I know it's old and kinda dumb, but I just love that stuff.

The Dead or Alive movie. At least the first two acts, when it's a bunch of cute girls and well-shot fight scenes, and it's clear everyone involved is just having fun with it. It kind of loses me at the end when the dumbass plot from the video game finally shows up.

Jesus Christ Superstar. Especially the Norman Jewison film version, but I love the soundtrack and like the newer film version too. I don't really care for musicals generally (Les Miserables is the only other one I really like) but JCS has become my Easter ritual.

I still have an active fantasy life (which helps when it comes to writing), and some of my favorite movies are violently hated by other people, like "Hawk the Slayer", "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and "Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God". I also like "Scourge of Worlds" the CGI- Animated D&D Feature. And I love to read. A lot.

I was willing to forgive Wrath of the Dragon God for most of its shortcomings, because despite them it managed to be a hundred times better than the first one.

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