The Nintendo 3DS: Too Expensive or Not?
It's way too expensive!
22.4% (219)
22.4% (219)
It's a little bit too expensive.
40.1% (392)
40.1% (392)
The price is just right.
8.6% (84)
8.6% (84)
It's cheaper than I thought!
4.9% (48)
4.9% (48)
Are you kidding? That's way cheap!
0.7% (7)
0.7% (7)
I don't care about the 3DS either way.
20.8% (203)
20.8% (203)
Other (please specify)
1% (10)
1% (10)
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Question of the Day, January 20, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 20, 2011


Yesterday, we learned that Nintendo's 3DS would hit North America at the end of March for $250 US (though things are a bit pricier over in Europe). Is this a fair price for your blood?


I'm in Europe, so higher price...
I wouldn't buy it at such a price.
Hell, I didn't even buy a DS, I left it, and was only given an original late last year >.>

Yes, it is.

Yeah, I know Nintendo can price it any way they want, but it's almost the cost of a home console. I know for a fact I will not be buying one until the price drops drastically. $150 is about what I'd be willing to pay for a portable gaming system. Granted, I'm not the target audience and I know it'll sell like hotcakes no matter what price they put on it. I still don't have to like it.

I get the idea that this will suffer from the 'I hate Nintendo' frame of mind, so people will say it's too expensive without really thinking about it.
If the UK price closer to 170 than 230, then it is much cheaper than I thought it would be, especially if the 3D works as well as people say.
I'm mostly thinking Link in 3D. Mmmmmmm...

I am not really that interested in 3DS but I welcome its addition to the marketplace because that will probably make older DS models go down in price a little.

Sure, it's expensive, but once you look at all the stuff it will be able to do I would say it's worth it. Especially considering it can do a ton more than the Wii and it was also launched with a $250 price tag. Even though the Wii is a console, it's still inferior.

It's pretty expensive, but it'll definitely be worth it for the game library.

Yes, it is.

Yeah, I know Nintendo can price it any way they want, but it's almost the cost of a home console. I know for a fact I will not be buying one until the price drops drastically. $150 is about what I'd be willing to pay for a portable gaming system. Granted, I'm not the target audience and I know it'll sell like hotcakes no matter what price they put on it. I still don't have to like it.

What do you mean almost the cost? It IS the cost of a home console.

It doesn't seem too bad right now but when the 3DS mark-II comes out (because you know in about a year or so there will be an updated version) The $250 price tag on the original will seem steep (to those who remember it)


I think...What was the original price for the original Nintendo DS? Then the prices for the DSlite and, DSi once they were released?

There was a point up there somewhere but I lost it...I need more coffee.

It's a DS... in 3d. Alot of the software at the moment is looking look "ooooh shiny 3d!" remakes of N64 games or ports of other games, its early days yet but i would like to see a good library of original titles made for the 3Ds, even then 220-230 is FAR to expensive for what it is.

It's a tad bit expensive, in my opinion. Almost as much as some consoles. Though if it looks as great as I've seen so far, it may be worth it to some people. xD

With the money that I'm not going to use on a 3DS I'll buy a new graphics card, another hard disc, windows 7, and a bunch of games. The 3DS is too expensive :/

I voted other. I find the price fair for what is offered at launch however as a university student I won't be investing in one any time soon until the price drops drastically.

Frankly, I don't give a nut about the 3DS. It's a gimmick, that's all. It'll get sales from the gimmick crowds and whiny children buggering their parents, but after that...they have a questionable future.

Or maybe this is just my general skeptism of 3D stuff speaking.

Europe = Higher price.

Also, don't care about it. Moving on!

It's cheaper than I expected... Still too expensive for me to get, since I'm starting Uni this year. However, considering the hardware, and already the game library for it is shaping up to be pretty impressive, I would say it's well worth it, and I'll be getting one at the first opportunity. Of course, games will still be few and far between... But I suppose backwards compatibility makes up for that. It'll be nice to play DS games with a calibrated touch screen again.
Yeah, it's the price of a Wii... With better hardware. Yup. I'd say it's a pretty good deal.

As a stingy bitch I do think that the pricing on the 3DS is a bit on the expensive side, but then I don't really know what the system can do so I can't yet say whether or not it's worth it. I'll be getting one anyway though so give me one more month...

I'm quite happy with my current DS. Don't get me wrong, if the 3DS was about 150, I would consider it but at the current price, I'll pass.

I think it might be a smidge too expensive. I get that the technology pushes the price to that, but it really does seem a little too expensive to me.

Hell yes it's too damn expensive. 250€ for a friggin toy? I know it's high tech but too much is too much.

I have a DSi and a DSiXL because my dad did not know they were so similar (I got a DSiXL for christmas)

soo I will not be getting one. also I don't have the disposable income right now. dam school!

In Japan, its being sold for about $300. Not 300 yen, but $300 USD in yen.

Honestly, I want the system because of portable OoT and SNAKE EAAAATERRRRRR!

Nintendo confuses me.

They aim such a high portion of their products towards casual gamers, but they expect you to pay as much or more for these "casual" based products than Xbox 360s. They're expecting people to shell out cash for a portable device when they can almost get a PS3 for the same price?

This is the same people who utterly refuse to drop the price of the Wii, so it's not surprising.

For all the hate Activision gets, I find it funny that Nintento can basically do whatever it wants, charge whatever it wants, from whoever it wants, and everyone just accepts it. This is a company that releases rehashes of the same games every console system, charges absurd amounts for their consoles, and has ridiculously terrible quality control when it comes to what they allow on their consoles.

And in three years they'll still be charging $250+ for this, because that's what they do.

But everyone's okay, because YAY NINTENDO!

250 for this piece of poop + 40$ per game? Up yours, Nintendo.

Since the Aussie dollar is almost at parity with the US dollar, if I only had to pay $250 US for the thing, I'd be very happy. I paid $230 or $240 AU for my DSi, and thought it was a pretty good deal at the time. Even $300 AU would seem perfectly reasonable. The DSi XL's RRP is still $300.

If they price it above $300, I will whinge and sulk and wait for a good sale price. (If I were a betting woman, this is the outcome I would put my money on. Oh well. Still plenty of excellent DS games I haven't got around to playing...)

Doesn't really matter, I'm not buying one

No. One of the managers at my work said that his friend at Gamestop told them their computers said $1,000 for it, when they were taking preorders before the price was announced. We didn't expect it to be that much, but for the new technology, around $500 wouldn't have been surprising.

Well, it's cheaper than I thought, but still pretty pricey. But I'm gonna get it, maybe not on launch, but probably within the month or so, once a few of the games are released.

I just ordered a 3DS because i never played games like ocarina of time and there being ported to it.

Funny thing is, people are constantly complaining about the price of hardware for a nice gaming PC but the same guys shell out 60 bucks for a new game or 250 for a damn 3d toy. It just boggles my mind.

Nintendo 3DS? I'd pay 5 € for it.

It's a little too expensive, but I won't be buying one at launch anyway. I plan to wait awhile and take advantage of a nice bundle offer. I only bought my DS two years ago!

It's cheaper than I thought! But I own a PSP Go as well so I'm not sure if I'm a good reference.

Are you kidding? That's way cheap! /sarcasm

Sorry, I trolled my answer. Sounded way too sarcastic of a question. Systems are always expensive... While handhelds have usually been cheaper, I cant be surprised at it's price mark; it's 3D!!

$250 for a portable is too much for me. I guess I'll wait for it to drop to somewhere like $150.

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