Escape to the Movies: No Strings Attached

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Prof. Monkeypox:
I would watch the hell out of "Ultraman vs. the King's Speech."

Or maybe, "The King's Speech to Ultraman?"

The only part of that movie that doesn't write itself is the title.

ok i really want to see that

I was actually expecting The King's Speech.

When I first started sleeping with girls I remmeber my aprents laughing and telling me "Every generation think they invented sex"

FWB has been around a lot longer than 10 years Bob. It wasn't new and edgy then although I'm sure it seemed that way...

Edit: Otherwsie really good review as usual :D

No. No, we have not accepted this.

We have not accepted that romantic comedy is the realm of sitcom-like return to status quo and conservative upholding of the family unite and heterosexual lifetime partnership. That is not, by any means, fact now.

Rom-coms have always been about one thing, and one thing only:


All the good ones, that is. Bringing up Baby? A nerdy, self-made doctor meets a snotty heiress.

The Philadelphia Story? A divorced high class couple realizes that they just can't marry outisde of their class, for better or for worse.

Sabrina? The rich old guy falls for the young daughter of the servant, learns the value of love over money. Yeah.

The Apartment? The two white collar workers bond while under the oppression, both in romance and in the workplace, of rich executives.

High Fidelity? A nerd music snob with commitment issues feels displaced after his girlfriend becomes rich and powerful faster than he does.

Even Pretty Woman or Shakespeare in Love are all about rich people slumming it. Sure, Pretty Woman ends with the rich guy making the prostitute rich, instead of the opposite, but I never said they were all about liberal class warfare. He still marries a prostitute, though. Openly.

So when a "romcom" is about two equally high class guys having a high class relationship, it's missing the point, and I won't just acknowledge that doing that is the baseline of the genre just because Hollywood never got over its hard-on with Pretty Woman's kinda warped ending and immediately forgot the main elements of the genre.

Evolution, under appreciated, damn right. I LOVE THAT FILM!!!

Play that funky music white boy!!!

Good review, I might pick this up on rental later on...

I just can't side with the typical conclusion of "Status Quo was right and we're idiots for trying to challenge it" (especially when the alleged Status Quo is a LIE, as it is in the case of "FWBs") so I'm not too comfortable checking this in the theatres in exchange for other, probably better, movies (or just re-watching the AMAZING Black Swan)

Evolution wasn't necessarily under-appreciated, i actually remember there being a cartoon series based on that film many years ago.

These kinds of films make me wretch. But it's nice to see someone try to be subjective about it - god knows i never could be - though one does have to wonder if Moviebob only gave it the thumbs up for Portman's appearance, considering he has a soft spot for the sexy ladies...

So basically, hate the genre, liked the movie? That's fair.

Still won't see it myself, I just don't go for that kind of thing. Doesn't entertain me as much.

It does still piss me off though that the "moral values" are so damm conservative in this one, and mainstream media as a whole for that matter..

I know it's only a during credits scene I'm commenting on, but that was a pretty bad-ass-looking Captain America

Sounds like a not-as-good version of 500 Days of Summer.


god i loved that movie... just like i loved MysterMen and Tremors... god im a nerd.

HA! and everyone was all jumping on the "THIS IS NATALIE PORTMAN'S NORBIT!" bandwagon!
i never lost hope :)

There was really a lot of people doing that? I actually saw norbit there was a lot of things wrong with it that I wouldn't compare to any movie that at least doesn't invovle martin lawrence or someone dressing up in a fatsuit.

Movie Bob,

As is usually the case, I am on the same page as you when it comes to this and the last couple movies. However, I do have a request if I may:

Unless the movie is politically charged or politics have something to do with a major story arc, can you cut the political commentary? I come to this site to get away from all that crap and watch shows that have nothing to do with the accusations of right hates left and vice versa. After all, this site is called the "Escapist". (Edit)"I have seen some remarks that enjoy your comments but I feel that I should make you aware that there are other, differing views." (End Edit)

I can feel the flame war starting already, but I honestly feel I must make this request because you have done it (if memory serves correctly) in each of your last three reviews, none of which I felt were political in any way.

Thanks. (Begin flame war....NOW!)

Heh, do you really expect that?

He can't help it. He NEEDS to interject his "very important" political rethoric into everything. You know: "Republicans are evil, Fox News is a propaganda machine. Conservatives are retrograde rednecks, etc."

Yeah, we get it Bob. Now can we go back to reviewing movies?

Not exactly the kind of movie I come here to see reviewed. Didn't you do a romcom within the past month or two? Did you get, or are you looking for, a girlfriend or something?

*looks in his folder of Live Bookmarks*
Yep. Love & Other Drugs. Ironically, the two reviews come off saying the exact same thing, like most romcoms. HEY-O!

Why is everyone hating on Glen Beck to me that guy seemes awesome, as he is one of the few speakers of libertarian values.

Also i understand you don't like freedom aka being a socialist, but do you have to keep shoving it in our faces??

...There are just so many things wrong with that post.

Since I hate the concepts of "Friends with Benefits" and recreational sex, I shall avoid this movie like the plague. Also not terribly fond of Ashton Kutcher either.

Ehh, I kinda disagree with the idea that Friends with benefits can work in any non short term time frame. It's kinda rigged from the get go with some fairly predictable avenues.

a: One or both of the participants becomes romantically attached to the partner, which is either recipricated or rejected, leading to an end of the casual part of it either way

b:One or both partners find a more compatable person and end the casual sex. This can combo with a, which usually leads to some jealousy.

c: They both lose interest and stop.

d: The two could get involved in multiple casual relationships, but then it's less FWB and more the swinger culture.

That's pretty much how most of those things go. I've seen a lot of a's and a few b's. It may be the 20th century, but casual sex by definition is generally on the short term and really wouldn't make for a movie. Again, experience may vary and you folks could have seen some long term casual sex partners, but for me, I've never seen anyone make it last more than a month or two.

Evolution was awesome. It was made exactly as what it was supposed to be: a B movie. A damn fun B movie.

So is the new X-men movie gonna be a reboot or will it take place after 3, or maybe God forbid a prequel?


It takes place in the 60s now and from publicity shots it looks like magneto at least starts out as a good guy.

Huh, I was expecting you to completely orgasm about Anne Hathaway being the new Catwoman during the end credits, but ah well.

I wasn't expecting this movie to be terrible, considering I fucking love Natalie Portman and it's rated R meaning she'll probably be completely nude at some point, but it's still not my cup of tea. Well, at least it's nice to know that it's half-way decent.

I loved Evolution... that is all I wanted to contribute.

So according to MovieBob: Mastering rocketry and learning how DNA works means the hardwired neural connections that come with sex are now easily bypassed?
Bob's really working on taking his "condescending douchbag" side to a whole other level.

ha wow suprised you gave that thumbs up at the end, and you dont mind ashton, but i will agree on both of those, rom-coms can be decent, and this one looked alright.

btw i loved evolution and dude wheres my car, so we agree on those at least

Okay, Bob, do you just have pictures of Fox News contributors and stock images in your "douchebag" folder? Glenn Beck is actually really coherent and clever most of the time and occasionally says something crazy (which is often enough for people who don't actually watch him to assume he's crazy 24/7), but Bill O'Reiley or however you spell it?? He's probably the most calm, most level-headed guy you'll ever see comment on the news.

I've never once seen either of them talk about "open-sex is liberal propaganda!", and unless you have proof they have, you're just putting words into their mouth.

It's not that I really, really want to defend anyone on the news or don't want them to be criticized, I just really really want to defend YOU Bob, because I love your stuff, you're very interesting, well-spoken and smart most of the time, but then every once and a while you say something that's just... weird. (Hey, just like Glenn Beck!)

When he mentioned Evolution all that went through my head was....i haven't seen that in like 10 years lol.

To quote from your review: "I know Ashton Kutcher is a guy you're suppose to hate just because he exists.."

Did I miss something? How can someone hate Kelso?!

Maybe these recent movies aren't rom-coms but sex-coms. I mean they still try to be all lovey-dovey at parts, but really this and Love and Other Drugs were heavily sexual, and Bob, who doesn't seem to care for rom-coms is fine with, even likes these. So maybe our society that kind of throws love around tries to associate these films with romance, when really they're sex-based. Then because they're not so sugar-coated we accept them a little more.

So is the new X-men movie gonna be a reboot or will it take place after 3, or maybe God forbid a prequel?

God did not forbid... thus it shall be! *Lightening strikes killing the souls of many fans*

[Edit] I know it's before X-Men, but I'm not sure where it falls according to Wolverine. Very few things seem good or even interesting about this movie anymore.

I'm definitely skipping this one, it seems like Love and Other Drugs and they're just not my kind of movies.

What's to like about 'Dude where's my car?'?

I completely understand why the people who didn't like it generally really didn't like it. Before I saw it, I expected it to be the worst and stupidest thing I'd ever seen or ever would see, based on the trailers, reviews, and what I'd heard from a few people who'd seen it. I was very surprised to find that I was only half right. It absolutely remains one of the stupidest movies I've seen to date, but that's what made it fun/funny for me. It's so ridiculous and so stupid and so nonsensical that I couldn't help laughing at it (and sometimes even laughing with it). It's obviously not to everyone's tastes, but I'm the kind of person who likes watching the type of stuff that used to end up on MST3k without the MST3k commentary so I can laugh/poke fun at it with my friends.

I can't help but notice that it took you FOUR MINUTES to get around to telling us whether or not the movie was worth seeing.

I mean, I get that you had other stuff you wanted to say - stuff that for some purposes is more important than whether or not it was good - but I still think you could at least have given us the recommendation and THEN gone on to your objections (a la Yahtzee's Bioshock review).

HOLY SHIT! And here I am now thinking Ashton Kutcher should have played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels.

But then I thought, not even Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh could improve Lucas' horrendous script. But I digress...

"Can a Romance free sexual relationship work without jealousy, feelings blah blah blah


Well to be fair bob, it works for some people and then again for others it doesn't.

I had a friend who tells me "So today I'm meeting a new friend, with benefits" I'm like. "I don't know how you can do that man". A year later she's his fiance.

As for me, it's not a morality thing. I'm just too possessive. Gotta be honest with myself. I'd get the ugly feelings.

That said, I hate these movies for all the reasons you pointed out. Perfect people, upscale world. That's not real love. Best love story ever filmed, Rocky 1. Two messed up poor people can fall in love? I hear rumors that it does happen.

Funny considering I just saw The King's Speech Yesterday. I actually want to know why you consider it the most overrated film of last year?

Movie execs for the mainstream will aways lag behind.

The current "edgy" thing now is Polyamory as far as I'm aware. At least almost every bisexual is wanting to try a committed "foursome" relationship, or having one boyfriend and one girlfriend at least once.

Sounds like a perfect date movie, finally!!

Thanks MovieBob!!! ;)

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