Which is your favorite Sega console?
Sega Master System
4.9% (31)
4.9% (31)
Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)
54.5% (348)
54.5% (348)
Sega Saturn
3.8% (24)
3.8% (24)
Sega Dreamcast
36.1% (230)
36.1% (230)
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Question of the Day, January 24, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 24, 2011


This week at The Escapist, we're all about all things Sega. While the Sonic the Hedgehog studio might no longer be a hardware company, let's look back at the days in which it was: Which Sega-made console was your favorite?


Genesis, too many good memory's of hacking it up with Mortal Kombat. I had a hard time getting past the controllers for the Dreamcast.

What happened to the "I don't care/Never owned a Sega/Sega's never my favorite" options? The last 15 years of Slashdot polls hasn't taught y'all that you always put a Cowboy Neal up there?

shit, missed the vote, voted for dreamcast when my favorite is Saturn T-T

still... what's with all the sega stuff today =P

Genesis was the only one I owned.

So it by default.

I like a couple of DC games that wer eported to other systems, but never played the console itself.

Master System, one the basis it was the only Sega console I ever owned. Ah, distant memories of Road Rash...

Definitely Dreamcast.

Having said that, it was the only Sega console I ever owned.

But I still think it is one of the Greatest Consoles of All Time (second only to SNES.)

Mega drive(Genesis) if only for Mutant league football and Ghouls n Ghosts

The genesis... My first console... Oh the sweet memories.

Dreamcast, good 'till it lasted.

The Master System, Mega Drive and Dreamcast all make me feel nostalgic (I never owned a Saturn). The Mega Drive just edges them out for me.

The Sega Game Gear was the only one I ever owned, so I would go with that if it was a poll option.

I suppose the closest one to that on the poll is the Master System, as the Game Gear was like a portable Master System and you could get the Master Gear Converter which allowed you to Master System cartridges on the Game Gear.

However the reverse wasn't possible because the Game Gear had a larger colour palette and it's games couldn't be played on the Master System or Genesis, so as my favourite Game Gear games were only on the Game Gear, I can't vote for the Master System, not even as a distant second.

I owned a gamegear, genesis and a saturn the latter 2 I still own. You guys should be ashamed because thanks to you sega thinks there was nearly no good saturn games worth remaking or porting, which couldn't be further from the truth >.>

Genesis all the way. While a SNES guy myself, I loved playing the Sonic 1,2, and 3. Plus, the NHL series, and the Mortal Kombat games seemed better on the Genesis than on the SNES.

Segga Megga drive.

the mega drive was THE first console i ever owned :D

hard choice but dreamcast is just FTW.

Mega Drive + Mortal Kombat + Sonic + Aladdin = Astronomical win. I played it regularly up until I got a PS2 in 2001.

I was a poor child, but I had taste ;)

Genesis, the only one of those I actually played. Though I heard good things about the Dreamcast...

No Game Gear? :O

Mega Drive started me on the path to where I am now.

I loved the Genesis. I didn't have too many games for it but I loved what I played. Shining Force 2, NHL 98, Sonic 2, Tony Larussa Baseball...

Genesis is arguably one of the greatest consoles of all time, sure outdid the SNES in the balls department by having content that Nintendo wouldn't put on their platform (Mortal Combat etc). Also 16 bit Sonic was INSANELY good and to this day SEGA still runs mainly on all the credility those three games built up.

Genesis. No question about it. SO many great games on it... Aladdin, The Lion King, Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Axe, MicroMachines, and above all, Dune 2 - The Battle for Arrakis. *sigh*

Great, I'm nostalgic and feel old now! XD

I had to go with the Sega Saturn. It had some incredible games and was easily modded with a cartridge to play Japanese import games. To this day I still think the Saturn version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night looks and plays better than the PS version.

Megadrive for the Win! I still have mine hocked up




Damn it, 90's Kid, get away from my keyboard! Ignore him, he's like a pop-up ad.

I finally got a Dreamcast, so I pick that!

Sega Genesis. What an awesome console it was so many good games and it was the first console i ever owned.

Hell yeah, can't beat some Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Genesis, out of the ones on the list at least

I still have my game gear in my closet.

Where's the 32X or Sega-CD?

An friend of mine used to own a Sega Master System knock-off back in the day. It was a sweet thing. All I had back then was an Atari 2600 knock-off. Later we both promoted to NES knock-offs, bu that almost-Sega still looked awesome.

Where's the 32X or Sega-CD?

Hells yeah. 32X-CD!

Actually, I don't know if they made any 32X-CD games, but it was theoretically possible.

It was like Sega Voltron! VOLTRON!

Praise be to Neptune.

Ďa Ďa.

I never owned a Sega system.

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