The Big Picture: Fair Game

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how dare you like chocolate ice cream!
I also love the assumption of everyone that the other person disagreeing is male.
I enjoy being a big picture fangirl!

Well it's all a bunch of assumption.
and when you assume you look like a F*#%!ing Moron.
but really that is the source of these trolls,they get all offensive if the things they like are criticize, or not praised. Me i don't like Pop music I like classic Rock, Heck me and my friend both found and pointed out a fact about pop music. when My friend pointed it out everyone suddenly got all offensive toward him

While I agree with Bob that the presumption of "You like Halo" = "You hate the PS" is silly at best I think he is misunderstanding what fanboy means. Fanboys are associated with people who blindly defend their product of choice, in other words, they don't debate.

Also, moviebob has:

-Made a video in which he bashes Nintendo's competitor, Sony. ("The king has no cloths")
-Used derogatory terms and simulated behavior to depict people enjoying games he doesn't.
-Made a video in which he bashes FPS fans on a personal level. ("Worst kind of person")
-Made a video in which he calls one of the major FPS developers fascists. ("Combat Evolved?")

Bob has his bias as well, I think he just dislikes when people call him out on it (which, considering he lashes out at companies which compete against Nintendo and genre's Nintendo isn't good at, or trying at all, put's him on the Nintendo side of the field.)

Movie Bob is such a Freedom of Speech fanboy

Should the natural rival of "The Big Picture" be "Escape to the Movies"? I think it would be fitting if we claim anyone stating an opinion of being a fan boy of one of those two shows, because how on Earth could any individual agree with the stuff said on both of those show!

Yeah, I dislike the fact that we can't express ourselves or say anything because somehow we'll be flamed on for it's purpose. Not saying it shall always occur, but people tend to get rational. I agree with you Bob, "This-Has-Got-To-Stop" epic quote with the face palms Haha. Loved how you stated fan boy has became so highly violent or least 'sledgehammer' on people. No offense to anyone of course.

Wait, this makes me a Big Picture fan boy then.. cool Haha.

Oh no, I'm a fanboy... AGAIN!

I agree. Brand me. Brand me hard.

What if I happen to agree with this video, but I find many of your other videos as something I can't agree with (not all, just a good number of them). Does that make me a fanboy? Because I'm not sure how your logic applies to this situation.

It wouldn't apply to that situation. It seems like your attempting to stretch his assertions over an entirely different context in order to get some kind of 'gotcha'. If you don't agree with his other videos, then that's the reality of opinion. I also don't agree with many things that this guy says, but I also agree with him here. I guess, you can't agree with somebody 100% of the time.

What he's talking about in this video is the murkiness of stating opinion online because of a need to be 'fair', even when the topic or context is so narrow that fairness shouldn't be an issue! Mostly it's all in the name of ego-massage. For example, in a thread about a specific problem, on a forum for a specific context, it is common place to see people rage against a lack of 'fairness' to some party not at all within the context of the discussion. Sombody wants to complain about disc read errors on their Ps3, and within a few posts that person is being lectured for not mentioning the Xbox 360's propensity for hardware malfunction.

So, no, I don't think that his logic applies to the situation you raised. In that case, you just don't agree most of the time, yet today, you do.

Trolls troll for fairness? Im pretty sure they troll because they are a fan boy of their side sir. They troll you because your not them. PS: I disagree with your opinions on the real world stick to comic based episodes.

Huh... maybe I'm just hanging out in the wrong places on the internet (or the right ones) but I don't think I've ever noticed that...

Interesting all your videos always make me think but anyway I know in my heart that Sonic games have gone down the hill while mario games are on top and you know what I still my Sega Genesis just for sonic 1 and 2.

Objective opinion. I'd like to see the qualification for that.

Speaking of qualifying, I've noticed a lot of people being proclamations of opinion with "IMO" or "I feel/think...." This is wrong. I understand the desire to appear humble and aware of your own subjectivity, but it isn't a help to communication when you spell out what ought to be obvious to anyone who's not a douchecopter.

And THIS IS JUST MY OPINION GUYS SO PLEASE DON'T HURT ME, but discussion should be driven by purpose. You can hop into a random forum, poop out a blurb about something you don't like, and think that's the end of that. That is when the term "fanboy" applies. Unless it's someone asking you what you want for Christmas, generally you should try and support whatever it is you don't like with reasons why. Failure to substantiate your opinion, subjective though it may be, is equal to adding "so there" to whatever precious sentiment you have.

So yeah, if someone popped in to a topic and said "All JRPGS are better than Westerns" and little else, the unholy label of "fanboy" would be pretty deserved.

Now in terms of my opinions,fanboy is someone who is on the "too far" part of things, for example, giving critisism of one and only one thing then saying the things it's opposite did right is not a fanboy because of valid points, however there are also those people who, no matter everything that is wrong with it, consider it to be the best thing ever, thus bashing everything else to "prove" their "points" and feel special, these are the ones that are fanboys in the negative way of putting it. Saying something is better than the other is exclusive opinion unless points are made, then they are more intelligent than a gravy boat

hahah well none of this affects me in a bad way because I absolutely LOVE getting into arguments with people! XD

I love to breath air. I hope that doesn't make me an Oxygen fanboy.

Seriously though,
Anti-Intellectual Clusterf$#%. I love it.

I like so many things, "rivals" or not.

It's funny, I don't think I've ever encountered someone that was this radical about acknowledging both sides of something. Maybe on discussions about politics, but then it was just pointed out to me that I wasn't considering the other side of the matter of discussion. Or maybe I did and considered it a joke and ignored the guy so hard that I forgot I've ever had a discussion like this.
Anyway, I'm glad I've never met someone like this. Sounds so stupid...

Funny video, cause you've complained about fanboys before.

This from someone that could not tolerate people liking the Expendables because that meant they were responsible for the failure of Scott Pilgrim.

Scott Pilgrim never failed it just won incognito. Who cares if it bombed financially Scott Pilgrim as an IP has spawned nothing but glory despite mainstream appreciation. =] (fanboy? me! never...)

What Bob is doing here is called a "plea for sanity." In other words, he's hoping for this reaction:

"Well, Mr. Chairman... it's just that most of the members in Staffordshire feel... the whole thing's a bit silly."
"(gasp) SILLY!?! I suppose it is, a bit... what have we been doing, wasting our lives with all this nonsense? Right, OK, meeting adjourned forever."

All hail bob! Speaker of truths and voice of reason!

Good episode Bob, but this issue isn't just on the internet and in nerd culture. Its prevlant throught our society. Havn't you ever heard someone say "Don't talk about religion or polotics because you might offend someone". This is by far the most ignorant statement ever made. It's essentially saying that you cant share your opinion or viewpoint about the essance of the human experience; thus stifling educated and thoughtful discussion, just becasue some people cant accept the fact they might be wrong or that there is more than one point of view.

"Many of the truths we cling to depend on a certain point of view" - Obi-wan Kanobi

Flying Dagger:
The BBC do the whole fairness thing. And it's so much better than having to suffer fox news.

To be fair, the BBC fairness thing comes from having to show all sides of a debate objectively and without bias, and then allowing the viewer to come to their own decisions.

This seems different, and a hell of a lot better, than the US "fairness doctrine".

Damn... can you imagine if Fox had to follow the same rules as the BBC? No wonder they decided to drop their application to be allowed to start up a TV channel in the UK after being told they'd have to follow those exact same rules if they wanted to have any sort of news, political shows, etc on their prospective channel.

i'm a big picture fan boy and i'm proud of it!

Oh, so true Bob, so true.

If I'm a big picture fanboy then what's the opposite?

quite a few possibillities...
most likely someone who tries to please everyone and will change his or her belliefs whenever that person's opinions are challenged.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! thats so true that i dont even know how to say how much i agree with it.
from now on if someone tries to pull the "fanboy" sledgehammer on me, i will link this video.

oh, and by the way... PC gaming is too hard for the common man/woman to do! (Thanks Bob!)

While I agree with Bob that the presumption of "You like Halo" = "You hate the PS" is silly at best I think he is misunderstanding what fanboy means. Fanboys are associated with people who blindly defend their product of choice, in other words, they don't debate.

Also, moviebob has:

-Made a video in which he bashes Nintendo's competitor, Sony. ("The king has no cloths")
-Used derogatory terms and simulated behavior to depict people enjoying games he doesn't.
-Made a video in which he bashes FPS fans on a personal level. ("Worst kind of person")
-Made a video in which he calls one of the major FPS developers fascists. ("Combat Evolved?")

Bob has his bias as well, I think he just dislikes when people call him out on it (which, considering he lashes out at companies which compete against Nintendo and genre's Nintendo isn't good at, or trying at all, put's him on the Nintendo side of the field.)

Awesome post. I remember that episode of the "the king has no clothes", his argument was that the only reason the ps2 sold so well because Nintendo didnt make anything better at the time.

There are some people out there with blind loyalties to these gaming companies. Just ignore them, post your opinion, or your argument, no matter what it is, gaming console, or politics or religion, wherever the forum or debate might be. If you present yourself with logic, maturity and reason, people will understand your point of view and be able to debate with you in the same manner. The people who call you a fan-boy for extreme reason such as, "I like halo = I hate Sony", will almost always go ignored. No one cares for these post, let them call you what they want, in time, hopefully, they will stop (I doubt it). Also, some sites are breeding grounds for these people it seems, if you get hurt by them down voting your post or calling you names, either, dont post there, or ignore their name calling.

Yeah, I'm a biased moviebob fanboy. I've known that for a while now, honestly.

I think I agree with you, although I've barely noticed this kind of thing anywhere, except it's everywhere in the console wars. But on the other hand, some of it is actually justifiable. I've heard people on Youtube literally call the PS3 the second coming of Christ. Those are the kinds of people I'm comfortable calling fanboys, because ... well ... they are, aren't they? But on the other hand, I do hear a lot of `I like the PS3' `YOU MUST BE A FANBOY!!!! OMGBBQSHUNSHUNSHUN!!!!!1111111111!!!' and that kind of thing gets annoying. People give me all kinds of hate because I'd rather play a Wii than an Xbox, I almost have to change my status to fanboy because it's not worth all the shit I get if I don't. If any of that made sense, sorry, I'm really tired right now lol

My name is Icepick, and I'm a Big Picture and Desert Bus fanboy.

"I'm a biased Big Picture Fan-Boy" would look good on a shirt.

OT: I couldn't agree with you more. Having civil debate is something I cherish. I blog with a community of people with whom I have vastly and sometimes diametrically opposing views. However we are always able to represent ourselves and listen to each other with respect. It's a breath of fresh air. Thanks for bringing this to peoples attention. I feel like so many people (especially of a younger generation than ours) just accept neutered duality as reality. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, or sharing that opinion. Sharing should be done with respect and should influence the way you listen to others opinions as well. We are all free to disagree respectfully! That's why I find it so funny when people hate on you for you opinions on movies. They're just that, your informed opinion. People are still free to like whatever films they want to like. You have no sway over telling them they can't like something. Are people today so insecure about having an opinion that if someone says something bad about something they like that they take it personally? Goodness. Ranting done, thanks again Bob for a great video.

Wait then who is moviebob's rival?

I think this video fails on a couple of issues.

#1: the metaphor of the fairness doctrine as it applies to a news program and an opinion based medium such as this show in a best case scenario is a stretch. It comes across as forced. The whole point of something like the fairness doctrine was so that news had to express the facts about the story. If it's not in place, as it is nowadays, a producer of a cable news show can say whatever it wants and disregard whatever it wants to try and sway an audience. Rather than get the facts of a story the audience receives an opinion when they should here concrete facts. An opinion show or piece, like the Big Picture, is supposed to show the opinion of the creator/s. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If someone disagrees then they simply disagree. Neither side of the equation doesn't have to listen to the other. Applying the fairness doctrine does not make logical sense to an opinion show.

#2: "I like preteen girls, especially since they like to dress like they want it." Now if I actually believed what I just wrote, WHICH I DON'T, that would be an opinion. As an opinion it would be subject to all of the ignorant defense entitled to one. You could say that someone with this opinion, and there are people with this sick opinion, has every right to say something like that. Who am I on my moral high horse to disagree with this person. He has freedom of speech and expression doesn't he? The point I'm trying to make is that believing every opinion is equally true and viable is incorrect. It is down right ignorant. Granted this is a insane example, and I doubt anyone on this site holds this crazy idea in their head, but it goes to show you not everyone is right all the time at the same time. Opinions mean nothing if you don't believe them to be true. Why say anything at all? For example if I happen to like a certain console over another and think it is better than all challengers, then I truly believe and attest to that perceived fact. Now it would be nice to back up said statement with evidence to the claim but whatever. If you fail to back up anything you say you're blowing smoke out of your ass. That makes me or whoever said whatever wrong on principle.

Now I said all that to say this. It's okay to have an opinion. It's okay to like something over something else. If what you believe can't be quantified and proven it doesn't change the fact that you like something. The same goes for disliking something. It doesn't make you right. It doesn't necessarily make you wrong either. Bob it's plain to see that you like and dislike certain things. Who doesn't? Why do you care if someone disagrees with you? So they call you a fanboy. The truth is YOU ARE. You have well documented evidence that proves what I just wrote. Just look at some of the videos you've made for this site and others. Now I say this because it seems this video was made as a general response to naysayers and flamers the world over. More importantly this video was made to quell the hate aimed at you for whatever reason. My question to you is why do you care? Embrace the fanboy. I know I do. I'm proud of what I believe, and you shouldn't be ashamed of what you like either. If you go on making pointless videos like this you are no better than your detractors. If you didn't want people to have differing opinions from your own then why did you make videos in the first place besides the fact that it is your job? You can't please everyone, everyone is different, and win one for the Gipper.

Man there are some real stupid people out there

Sorry to say it, but Bob is flat out wrong here.

A fanboy is an insult for someone who is past being merely an aficionado, and is so deeply connected to a brand/sports team/band/etc.. that they will not even consider the merit of other available options.

Normally the term is not applied in the way described in the video. I could go on dozens of forums right now and say that I liked Killzone 2; as long as it was applicable to the conversation at hand, I would most likely not be called a fanboy.

No, normally the fanboy conversation looks like this.

It is absolutely 100% clear that (X) is better. (Y) is stupid and anyone who likes it is too.

Normal Person:
No you're just a fanboy.

Also, geek culture isn't obsessed with fairness; we're just smart. We're used to being critical thinkers and considering all the options at hand before we draw conclusions.

And when people don't do that, they get called fanboys...

I mentioned in the comments on youtube that the 3DS should have a lower priced none 3D version I got chewed out by someone who seemed to "know" I was wrong and seemed intent on informing me. he/she claimed 3D was new and inovative urgh its not new its been around in one form or another for decades.

the none 3D version wouldnt be for him/her it would be for me or those like me ... I dont even like the the DSI only got one as a gift and have no plans to get the 3DS I was just saying 3D is a gimmick and an old one at that.


I have seen this too much on the net. gets annoying after awhile... I have even seen people using facts as evidence to support their "opinion" and being called a fan-boy simply because they show the bad as well as the good points of their game/move/whatever.

oh well... just the general idiocy of the interweb tribes. What ever happened to the days when most of the net was populated by intelligent people and geeks?

What I think is funny is that almost everyone who has commented this has probably called someone a fanboy before. Or trolled. I can admit, I've done both. This video felt weird, it was like learning of an idea I already knew, but forgot. Who knew open-mindedness could be a solution for anything?

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