Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

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sad for lack of repede from tales of vesperia

@Lisa F: Old school comedic adventure games are you're favourite too? Squeeeeeee, we should totally get married. How do you feel about ginger Canadians? Oh, ahem, sorry, good list.

What, no Torchlight? But it goes to the pawn shop for you, and helps you get rid of all your dungeon-crawling loot! How much more useful could he be??


Wardrobe suggestions for Lisa... If you want more viewers just wear duct-tape.


Probably the only reason to watch.

You know, I can only imagine how much it's gonna hurt when the adhesive tapes are pulled off. That's real dedication to an art form right there...

Cute shirt. And its contents. No I won't stop these remarks.

BTW dogs suck.

I think I'm gonna start walking my cat. It looks fun.

These videos are getting better.

No "Interceptor" from FF VI. :(

I will share your sadface.



Now it's official.

I am now a total fan of this show.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go feed my bear rottweiler. His name is Jake. He fights darkspawn and likes to flip furniture over.


Anyone else think that the Fable 2 dog was better than the Fable 3 one?

Or is that just me?

Yep, totally agree. We actually had an emotional connection to the dog apart from being told "this is your dog, you will love him now".

OT: Where's Koromaru from Persona 3!? Koromaru is adorable, can throw knives AND summon personae. All preaching aside this was a great episode.

same here. and on that note how bout pascal from SMT? he fuses with a demon to become cerberus, hes basically the prototype for koromaru


I am very, Very disappointed in you Lisa.


You have failed me... for the last time...
Damn, it stopped working again. Stupid piece of crap.

I agree!!!
Lisa is pretty hot though e.e

2 out of the three dogs I know of in video games, were featured. Huzza!

This is my candidate for best dog ever: Missile from Ghost Trick.


come on now, the accent on okami is prominently displayed on the case. some girl even says okami every time you load up the game. the way you say it, it sounds like some guy walked into soviet russia in the 60s and said, wait a sec, what is the predominant political and societal structure here? Oh! Commie!

That's how I pronounce it...

...I'd feel better about this if the incessant need to mention video games you've played didn't annoy me.

Wait, what cereal was that he's eating at the beginning? Something spanish I think...

uh sorry :3

Pretty much my reaction. And he looks a LOT like my cat. Except if I tried to walk mine, I'd be missing a leg, and probably a lot of wallpaper.
No love for the Dragon's Age Dog?
damn, I need to play Okami. And Fallout 3
Also, you're not alone in taking a long time to finish a horror game. I take forever on those, when I bring myself to buy them.

Actually the funniest Top 5 so far, Well done!

Ok the part that got me was "trying to walk a cat" ..Hell, might as well be "get a cat do anything it doesn't want too" because you'd have more success making peace in the middle east.

I like dogs, but I love my cat, mostly because she is STUPID

Now I miss my dogs :(
But yay for Rush!

We are somehow missing Dog from Dragon Age: Origins. The most dog-like of videogame dogs in all kinds of ways. And teaching a cat to walk on lead is a LONG process, made easier with judicious use of tuna/Pounce.

I was thinking the Marabi from Dragon Age. Hell, his loyalty meter is always maxed out at 100, if that isn't loyal I don't know what is!

It's a good episode. The subject matter was cute, I agreed with the list, and the pigtails were hot!

That cat was clearly having NONE of that......

3 Awesome dogs that were missed:

Rufus from red dead redemption - mainly cos jack misses him ;)
Shadow fron dead to rights
Mabari hound from Dragon age
aside from that, that was one kick ass list

was surprised no dog from dead to rights, and no D.O.G. from hl2. other than that, good list!

also, sexy with the ponytails and nintendo shirt mmmmmmmmm

This will go down as my favorite top 5 ever! Dogs FTW!

Ehhh, I preffer cats...

I love my dogs.
And it makes me happy when other people can't get them to do stuff.
My dogs will at best humour other people for a while if they have treats.
While I can just look into their eyes a certain way and they'll gladly do tricks for nothing but praise.

Dogs are the greatest creatures ever.
There's no human I trust more than my dogs.

I prefer cats to dogs, but sometimes I would like to have a dog to run errands for me. Of course when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, Cujo is get 2 the back of the head.

*sniff* No love for the dog from Secret of Evermore? That is an amazing dog! It has even more forms than RUSH! Mutt, wolf, skeleton, poodle, robot, and more that I can't recall right now.

Great to see that Hewie and Brown were in it! Though, they definitely would've been number one for me.

And Dogmeat, of course, but I figured that he'd be on there. Brown and Hewie aren't nearly as well known.

I don't have steak so I can't feed by cute dog yummy streak.
awww look at that cute face! ( technically not my dog but still cute as hell!)

but still I was thinking that shadow from dead to rights would be on the list.

As sad as it is to admit, like Lisa it also takes me a long time to finish some scary games. I bought Fatal Frame the same day I bought my original X-Box and it wasn't until more than a year later that I actually finished it. Maybe, if I played it sober during the day it wouldn't take so long.

I'm loving your videos more and more with every episode!
Okami rocks!

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