Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

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+1 to yay cats.

Also, no mention of Koromaru from Persona 3? He's like the one dog I actually like. I don't think he ever left my party outside of level grinding the people no one likes just in case.

Hell, he was the first character I tried asking to the movies during the "You should ask somebody to the movies and by somebody we mean Yukari" event.

Aww, no Koromaru? Shame, that dog saves you from being crucified.

Edit: AND he carries a combat knife in his mouth to attack enemies with.

Damn right. And he has like a 70% dodge rate. It's uncanny.

Arf! Arf!
X Yes O No

uh sorry :3

I thought dog from HL2 would be on it, but then I realised he is'nt a dog.

He's close enough and he deserves to be on this list. I mean he acts like a dog, his name is dog... WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

The skits capping these lists are the best parts.

Fable Dog has nothing on Dogmeat (who was inspired by the film A Boy and his Dog).

My favorite Dog was the Mambari warhound from Dragon Age. I named mine Scruffy.

Rush did kick ass when he combined with Megaman so you could fly in MM6.

great tshirt! youre a sexy little one blondie hair sexy one :)

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