Hands-on: Magicka Preview

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I played through very nearly the entire demo with nothing but Haste and Arcane+Fire, the only exceptions being plot-puzzles, healing/shielding, and Jormungand at the end.

Except for the fact i used arcane+lightning+cold, sometimes pepping it up with life,i did the same

I just picked this up this morning - it's gets pretty tough on your own later, but it's pretty funny and played with others the game becomes sheer hilarity. Nothing like trapping yourself and others in a shield with enemies, I tells ya...

Big fan of wizards so I picked this one up from STEAM, haven't tried it yet.

I will say that I like humorous fantasy worlds, but really it's nothing new at this point. People have actually been mocking heroic fantasy almost as long as it's been around. "Terry Pratchett" is just one of the better known guys whose done it, but guys like Piers Anthony have also done things like "Xanth", Robert Asprin did "Myth", and Craig Shaw Gardner did his "Wanderings Of Wuntvor" series. This is to say nothing of the "Cups and Sorcery" series, and so on. It can also be argued that when you look at the names and some of the backround events that "World Of Warcraft" is just as insane aa anything Terry Pratchett cooked up. :P

Good idea for a game setting, but not all that original. The big question is whether it will be as much goofy fun as "Nox" way back in the day. :P

I bought this the other day, and it is AWESOME. It has a few bugs, and crashes sometimes sometimes, which is annoying because checkpoints only work if you die, once you leave the game, you must restart the level. Other than that, however it is epic. The humor is great, and filled with references to everything from Monty Python to James Bond. If you know Swedish, there is an extra level of humor since the voices are a combination of the Swedish chef and the Sims, and you can catch a lot of jokes hidden there. The subtitles are in English though, so don't worry you'll understand what is happening.
The gameplay is fantastic, though it must be said, complicated to master. You have to memorize spells and your favorite combinations of basic Magick, and then remember to cast them properly. You can cast magick from your staff, enchant your sword, cast it on yourself or as AOE. Many a times did I kill myself from preparing a spell, then casting it on myself, or preparing my favorite death-beam just to accidentally cast it as a spell, which happens to be the thunderstorm spell, summoning a storm that killed everything, including me, since I never truly mastered the shield spells.
If you can't stand dying a lot, you might not like is since the game encourages you to kill your partymembers and steel their stuff. Anywho, I loved it, worth every penny. Hopefully they'll fix the bugs and implement a mid-game save and then this would truly be a masterpiece.

I picked up this game the other day after reading this hands on, very excited for the game. It is definately good, in single player. A lot of what everyone has mentioned above is true.

However, the one thing it is NOT good at at all, is multiplayer.

And not because its not fun. It is very fun. When it works. I was so excited for multiplayer I convinced three of my friends to buy the game so we could play together. Then this last weekend, we tried to actually PLAY the game online with eachother.

Matchmaking almost never worked. Cinematics were broken and half the time resulted in an unskippable lockup. Players falling through the ground were common. Players lagging out and unable to continue were common. Multiplayer is BROKEN.

Which is a shame because that, for me and based on the hands-on I read, was the big draw for the game. The game is fun and funny at times, but I firmly believe it really would peak in multiplayer. The dev's are "hard at work" trying to resolve the problems when we checked on it this weekend, but anyone intending to buy the game for multiplayer should be aware of that problem BEFORE they buy it.

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