Zero Punctuation: Minecraft

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That point with "don't use fire for trees" is also true...


Most non critical Yahtzee review ever! Have to agree Minecraft is great, makes a nice change from all the identikit big budget blandfests out there.

I think this forum demands you to give us a walkthrough of your skull mountain!

Because the last thing we needed was for the ZP cult to merge with the Minecraft cult.

The skull bit gave me an idea. I usually just try to build stuff that's undercover. I once made a mansion underwater, that required the displacing of every cube of water in the area, on by one, since I don't know a better method. It turned out great. The downside was I couldn't find it if I went to far away. So I built a tall tower with a lava lamp on top of it.

They they added sea creatures and I did it all over again.

I once made a waterfall with a hidden tunnel, inside of the tunnel there was an enormous staircase with lava and water on the sides, by the end of it there was a huge room with a skull that had the eyes on fire and another tunnel in its mouth that led to the actual house.

Is it just me, or can Minecraft be classified as "survival horror"?

I mean, you spend the first few minutes desperately chopping down a whole forest and getting a base ready before the night, and then you spend every dark night cowering in there with a sword made of WOOD, terrified that something will sniff you out.

And even when you go deep into the earth, you always have to make sure there are enough torches so that no mobs will spawn. Believe me, there is nothing more scary than going into your mine, only to be ambushed by a ton of skeletons that spawned while you were searching for clay on the surface.

Why does everyone say Minecraft is addictive? I can quit whenever I want. I just don't want to.

Oh no! I hope he doesn't get in to it... that would probably result in no ZP next week!
That game does literally gobble up time like it's a fat kid at an open buffet.

That point with "don't use fire for trees" is also true...


Just learned that this week

Well finally...
I expected him to make this like 2 months ago

Oh my gosh I know you all will think "Yeah right", but I actually predicted he'd do a Minecraft review! When--I didn't know, but I knew it'd get so popular he'd have to do it. Great review as always--Love how you referred to Creepers as bushes/shrubs. They ruin everyone's work, Yahtzee. Hopefully in time they'll realize that they die from exploding. Then they will bow down to you.

Monsters can easily be disabled by changing the difficulty to peaceful. I really hate nighttime though.

i'd get minecraft.
but i'm not sure if my laptop can handle it.

I really need to give this minecraft a try, its just...that paying for a beta..., oh well.

It's rather shocking how similar this is to my first experience of Minecraft.

Which I love.

I love that second ending comment about the sheep, fucking hilarous.

As a side note, this developer will be in this year's March Mayhem, so make sure to vote for him in March!

Oh Lord... IT BEGINS!

Notch certainly has my vote, possibly even my number 1.

I think EVERYONE has tried to build a skull fortress, hence why they are epic...

Now I just need a mod for sharks with laserbeams on their heads.

Made all the more fulfilling when Survival Multiplayer happens properly and you can show people your skull fortress, point out the tasteful glass floor, then send them falling into a tank of sharks with laserbeams on their heads.

It's... It's so beautiful in my mind.

I really need to give this minecraft a try, its just...that paying for a beta..., oh well.

Exactly... the fact that I'm paying for an unfinished product is a little screwed up in my opinion. At least release some sort of a "demo" version where we can try it out first, where like after 1 day you lose all your progress unless you buy the thing. $20 - $30 for this seems a little excessive to me.

Ah Minecraft, that game I'm actually not too bothered about right now because I have other things to play. Shame all my Minecraft playing friends keep having a go at me and assume just because I don't play Minecraft means I hate it with a passion. I'm sure I would like it if I played it but there are other things to do.

No you don't need to go to sleep. You can stay up, play Minecraft, MINE OBSIDIAN, LOTS OF OBSIDIAN.

I love Minecraft because I love building crap but I also get distracted by my compulsion to punch sheep whenever I see them. I was getting better but then the sheep starting to come in more colors and it only got worse, way worse. Must...punch...sheep...

These made me laugh so much. I think they also probably sum up Minecraft perfectly...

You know what I was told by my countries news agencies about the flood-thing? That there were not only poisonous snakes in the water, but also crocodiles and bullsharks from the nearby river. Take care, Yahtzee.

Once it comes out of BETA, the price will increase

in creative : Free

In Indfev, alpha, indev : $14

In BEAT : $18

Finished model $24

Better get it now, so you get the updates free

Have thus far resisted the urge to join this fad but this is the straw that broke the horse's back. I'm in.

Imp Gimp FTW


I think EVERYONE has tried to build a skull fortress, hence why they are epic...

Now I just need a mod for sharks with laserbeams on their heads.

Notch has implied that sharks will be on their way. Are lasers really a fantastic idea...?

Go watch the Austin Powers series

I'm so glad he reviewed minecraft and that he liked it.. haha it a rare occasion for him to like something.. but I'm glad it was this :D

Didn't see this one coming - Minecraft is such a phenomenon I thought Yahtzee would put it off indefinitely using the still-in-beta excuse.

Awesomely funny episode, and not really surprising that he liked it since it's the ultimate in sandbox games.

Since I have not ever played the game, do Creepers really look like big green pricks or is that a "knob" joke?

i never tought that you'd review Minecraft and actually like it...

personally i kinda like it and have spent a few hours in it...
time in which i: built my own sky island, my own cave system, a huge castle and gathered about 500 diamond (oh wait i used a glitch to duplicate my 6 diamonds :D)

Its a good game and a little addicting but there is a lot to improove in order to make me love it :D

sooo... good review yahtzee :D

I wasnt expectin a review for minecraft untill the game was finished :P im glad that the almighty yahtzee liked it... n i all of a sudden want to make an 80 ft golden cock n balls now im worried

WHEN WILL WARRIORS OF ROCK BE REVIEWED (I know it came out last year but so did minecraft so thats no excuse)

The game is amazing. It's got more innovation and sandbox feel to it than any other sandbox game. The Creepers are a bunch of assholes, that much I'll agree on too.

I think it's important that everyone knows they are not 'bushes' or 'creepers', they are 'giant exploding penises'.

Bought the game when it where Alfa, and it's only getting better and better, but the don't use fire on trees is true. My tree-fortress went down after i wanted to clear some leafs in Alfa.
After half a night underground mining and then popping upp in a fire inferno
where your nice castle where and all your stuff is gone, you are crying
out and is asking WHY did i use fire! Good addictive game regardless.
Still a litte confused that the God of critic gaming likes Minecraft.
But it only proves that miracles does happen.

Yahtzee didn't actually find something "wrong" with it...minecraft must be one of the best games in the universe, then.

Since I have not ever played the game, do Creepers really look like big green pricks or is that a "knob" joke?

Indeed they do, my roommate and I refer to them as the exploding penis monsters.

i love minecraft and i love zeropunctuatiuon. however i fully expected yahtzee to shit on this game if he reviewed it. but it seems yahtzee understands with his "give yourself a project." thats what keeps me playing. first a fort. then an underwater fort. then a road. then my flaming skull (apparently yahtzee and i think alike). etc.

that said i kinda wish hed griped about redstone. even if you understand electronics and logic redstone can be really hard to figure out without a guide. its even hard to figure out when youre looking at a guide and normally takes tweaking to actually work.

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