Trailers: Bulletstorm Demo Trailer

Bulletstorm Demo Trailer

A look at some of the single and multiplayer gameplay in store for Bulletstorm.

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The pure awesomeness has caused my browser to slow down...

I *really* want this game.

Also, for the genre its coming from.. the woman is designed sorta restrained. That's an immediate plus, though its pretty weird how she can lift those guns with arms that sli... oh whatever, eh? Lets just shoot people in the nuts and kick their faces in.

They had me at Epic and People Can Fly.

Looks damn awesome. And some of those skillshots were just...ouch. And it looks to be quite fun, too.
Looking forward to this game. Hope to god it's as awesome as they say it is.
Edit: and, also yay for my 888th post. Oh happy day.

2/22? What kind of hellish date is that?

Awesome trailer, also, Steve Blum means more awesome. Overall, looks awesome.


Awesome trailer is awesome for awesome game.

Won't pre-order though until I get a demo. Otherwise a bargaining bin buy will have to make due.

That's the voice of Oghren shooting people's testicles into small pieces. That rocks.

So many sweet ass guns, so little time.

So... basically it's MadWorld meets Duke Nukem. I'm ok with that.

Why do you sometimes have to watch ads before trailers? Trailers are ads...

Anyway, I was looking forward to this game, but now I'm less enthused. Mind, it still looks like it could be fun, but the underlying sadism of the whole experience rubs me the wrong way.

Kinds of like kayne and Lynch 2, except without everything, and with fun.

Nyeeeeh...although certain parts (the massive T-rex boss) looked rather cool, a great deal of that trailer was like watching Gears of War with the retard turned up to Mach 24.

Seems like it's the kind of game aimed at dudez who play while chugin' brews with their bro's, if you know what I mean.

The demo came out today, and yet it's nowhere to be found on the Playstation Store. What the hell?

Thanks... Now I really need to get this game.

This Game MUST have a gun that has Tits and is on Fire YAHTZEE Demands it and it would be hilarious

So... When's the PC demo coming out then?

Lol, who am I kidding? What PC player would want a demo of this game, why would anyone even play a shooter on PC?


Looking forward to the Co-op, these guys made Painkiller for gods sake.

This Game MUST have a gun that has Tits and is on Fire YAHTZEE Demands it and it would be hilarious

Na, it only fires shurikens and lightning.



Geez. That's Painkiller in Gears of Wars look, i.e. combining two of the most overrated games ever. That and it incorporates the UT3 philosophy 'let's make a skirmish game with an actual story'. Ugh.

bah, what the fuck is it with publishers not putting out demos on the damn pc

Okay, the more I see of this game the more I want to play it just so I can hear Oghren and Female Shepard swearing their way through a horde of aliens.

Wow. This looks familiar.

I especially liked the bit where Grizzled Marine #230894b locked 'n' loaded his gun in response to a hologram. Finally, an intelligent protagonist.

The only thing that could possibly save this game is if the skillshots are actually difficult and fun to pull off. I do hope they are, honestly, there seem to be fewer and fewer FPS's that actually require skill.

It looks like a game made out of raw fun.

I'm not a shooter fan and even I'm considering this one.

This just looks like it wants to be Painkiller really bad... but won't be. If you haven't played Painkiller, do it. And then come back and post a poll asking whether the cutscenes in Painkiller are better or worse than the awful advertising for this game.

Whoever Epic has hired for their 3D modeler and artists, they need to be replaced. Everything (post Gears) they've done looks like Gears of War. I'm not saying they're doing a bad job. Things look nice, but they have a style, and it appears they can't make anything outside that style.

I am so sick of hearing Steven Blum and his one grumbly gruff voice in goddamn EVERYTHING.

I am so sick of hearing Steven Blum and his one grumbly gruff voice in goddamn EVERYTHING.

I'll be the only guy who agrees with you since everyone apparently still falls for that cliched gravelly shit (proof? scroll up)

Honestly, the only draw this game has for me is that Jennifer Hale voices a character and, as a big Jennifer Hale fan, i wanna see how she handles her tough character in this sticky semen testosterone soaked game.
Hence i will not be sold until they cut out with these rubbish trailers and make one featuring Hale.

Seems ok but might get annoying having Steve Blum yell in my ear the whole time.

What with this and Duke Nukem Forever coming out within a few months of each other, I'm worried the world may collapse upon itself from the sheer weight of the testosterone.

This shit is the fucking TITS!
/Gratuitous cursing

I am very much looking forward to this game. I won't be pre-ordering it, but it'll be in my game collection before long.

No PC Demo = Just one more reason to pirate it.

I refuse to buy a game like this without plying it first.

I enjoyed Painkiller, but... not feeling any compulsion to get this, to be honest, trailer has made me less likely to give it a whirl. Go figure...


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