Picking up the Bulletstorm demo?
Yes, on Xbox 360.
28.1% (214)
28.1% (214)
Yes, on PS3.
13.4% (102)
13.4% (102)
No, I'm a PC-only gamer.
30.1% (229)
30.1% (229)
No, I'm not interested in the game.
19.2% (146)
19.2% (146)
No, I don't like demos.
5% (38)
5% (38)
Other (please specify)
3.5% (27)
3.5% (27)
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Question of the Day, January 25, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 25, 2011


The demo to Epic Games & People Can Fly's hyperkinetic shooter Bulletstorm hits Xbox Live and PSN today. Are you getting it? (Here's our preview. Hint: We liked it!)


Oh damn, thanks for reminding me that was today... I preordered it for PC, but trying to demo on PS3. Sadly, I can't play it until tonight... School then people actually want to hang out with me after that...

No, because I'm grumpy.

Other: My xbox 360 isn't connected to the internet, otherwise I would grab it instantly.

Chalk me up for "PC Only" and "Not interested".

Hell yes! Bulletstorm looks amazing.

No, because I'm grumpy.

TBH, I've been trolling the last couple of links in their facebook page about this exactly :)

Only one other didn't like demos. I just don't think you can make a fair judgment based on them.

There's a demo? Escapist, you just gave me a reason to turn on my 360 today.

Maybe: When I get home.

Queued up. Where's the 'Hell yeah!' option?


"360 and PS3 only"


Welp, there's another game I won't be caring about, then.

I'm going to download the demo for the PS3 as soon as I see it in the PS Store.

I can't wait for this game. It seems so over-the-top'ly awesome that I just can't wait :D

lready got it, it's pretty damn cool. I'll try cryis 2 tommorrow

Of course I'm downloading the demo, how else am I going to decide how high it goes on my rental list.
I'll rent it on the ps3 but if it's worth buying, I'll probably get it for the PC. It just looks like a PC kind of title.

Nope. I'm not that interested in shooters anymore. Call me "shot up" enough, since I've ended up playing almost every popular shooter series at least twice (as in, two installments of said series) out there (Halo, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor, looking at all three of you, plus UT and Doom, Gears of War, etc.), and I'm drained from them.

I didn't know they were doing a demo, thanks for telling me.

Hell yes!

I'll be getting the demo on 360, but probly not today.

I'm on the "not interested and don't do demo's" team. Besides, I just got Mass Effect 2, I'm busy.


You know I'm sick of FPS' but I'm really interested in seeing how Crysis and Bulletstorm turn out. I wont buy either of them but they are worth a rent (I hope).

Yeah, don't know much about Bulletstorm so I'm pretty curious.

Would get the demo if they were being nice and giving the PC a demo...

Yes, on PS3, but I'm sure not happy about it.
I seem to remember that Steam has demos.

Other: Everyone I know is getting the game on PC, so I will be as well, and no PC demo. So no, I will not be getting the demo.

I would be getting the demo, but last I checked to get 360 demos you need to be gold member =/

Played it on 360 and apart from some clunky controls I really enjoyed it.

It very much made me smile when I called for the lift :3

I'm glad I pre-ordered the Epic Edition for half price ^_^ Hooray for EAs holiday give-aways!

I'm interested in how the game will play, so I'm geting the 360 demo.

I'm getting it on the PS3.

I'm not a huge fan of FPS's but this game is so ridiculous and, from what I can tell, tongue in cheek that I have to check it out.

Now going to download it and play whilst I'm mining in EVE.

SEE, men can multi-task, and on totally useful shit too.

Will I get the demo? yes....ps3 version.

Will I buy it on ps3? No....pc version.

Well I've just had a look on PS3 and it doesn't appear to be on the store.

Maybe it comes out later in the UK...

Yes, on PS3, but I'm sure not happy about it.
I seem to remember that Steam has demos.

Is it only on PSN+ or something? I can't find it.

downloaded on my xbox. Seems pretty good, not sure if i'll get it (Damm you university budgeting!)

Now going to download it and play whilst I'm mining in EVE.

SEE, men can multi-task, and on totally useful shit too.

Mining in EVE and doing something else is not multitasking, unless it's jetcan mining with an osprey.


Bulletstorm looks cool and everything but I'm just not bothered about the demo. I'm quite happy to just buy the game once it's out. I don't dislike demos, I'm just not fussed about this one. *shrug*

I love demos, especially for games I'm not sure about getting. I'd like to know the general gameplay and such. Mass Effect 2, Force Unleashed 2 and Raskulls, for example.

I wasn't sure, so I tried them. I was so immensely bored by Mass Effect 2's demo, I'm super glad I didn't both buying it way back when it came out, and I still don't care.

Force Unleashed II demo was kinda fun, especially the dual-lightsabers, but it didn't warrant a full game purchase, much a less the collector's edition.

Raskulls though.. The demo alone MADE me want it so badly. I want more Microsoft Points. Now. I must play further! I missed platformer races..

But now.. I wanted to download the Crysis 2 and BulletStorm demos from XBL.. OF COURSE I CAN'T FUCKING DOWNLOAD FREE DEMOS. Stupid Xbox Live "Free". I had Gold for 12 months, haven't bothered (or want to throw more money away right now) to renew it, but to block me from FREE game demos? Ugh.. Microsoft is converting me into a Sony fan.

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