Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Trailer

First Strike is the first DLC map pack available for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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New Zombies map looks amazing. (lol monkeys? This will be interesting to see how the monkey bomb works on them)

I still don't get why is it that with all the CoD games they don't port the old maps into the new game? Yeah it is really great that you're making new maps, but why not throw in the old ones to make the map diversity even higher? Pull a rockband and let people carry all the old maps over for like $5. I know I'd gladly pay that and enjoy some old maps.

Hmm, seems overpriced. But the maps look so damn good! Especially the new zombie map.

I remember the DLC maps being one of the reasons I disliked the multiplayer for CoD after 4, because you'd get kicked from lobbies for not having the maps. It was frustrating.

Oh well, might pick the game up at some point, but we'll see about these new maps.

it looks cool. especially the destructible environment and the zipline.
but... how much does it cost? I didn't spot a pricetag... and it's not free or they would've said so XD

WHOA... Is it just me or do the characters look different for the new Zomibe Map; Well I'll enjoy the search for new weapons and a new hidden Song ^__________^

Somebody needs to put those songs online so I can download them

Is it just me, or engraving writting and putting emblems on your guns immature?


Need. New. Zombie. Map. Now.

whoa is that a mini-gun being used Predator/Terminator-esque style? LOL awesome

I might actually buy COD:BO sometime in the near future
...not that I even have time to game anymore :/

Is it just me, or engraving writting and putting emblems on your guns immature?

Well the writing on the guns are what I presume is the name of the maps. Plus, it's really fun to make the emblems and if someone kills you and takes your gun, why not let them see your artistic fashion?

Jeez...Rolling stones song again?!

I remember the days when map packs where free. Not enough money from sales or what? They are just maps ffs.

And noobs are gonna troll yet another classic song on youtube.

Release the zombie map separately and I'd buy it, but I'm not buying those MP maps. Why don't they show them how they'll really be played; Guys with AK74s in corners playing with remote control cars.

Not to mention that they obviously still haven't broken from the old "left path, center path, right path" formula that they've always had in maps.

No thanks, Treyarch. I'll use that $15 on a used game.

Meh. The maps are interesting, but CoD hasn't reallly changed since CoD4 so many years ago, and I'm getting bored. I may sell my copy of Blops, much to the dismay of my friends.

Jeez...Rolling stones song again?!

Problem? I love the Rolling Stones, I think "Gimme Shelter" should play throughout all the zombie maps on loop.

I already bought the game, i'm not paying more money for maps.

Well they know what aspect of the fanbase they're fellating...

Its not the band im bothered about (to which i love the heck out of them), it bothers me that they replay that same goddamn song over and over

Since today, I have officially given up on Black Ops. I'm going to uninstall it today. They released a patch last night that was supposed to fix the audio stuttering in single player. That was my ONLY issue. I had been waiting for that to get fixed ever since it came out, since single player is all I care about anyway. Naturally (duh, Treyarch), the patch didn't work.

Screw Treyarch, screw them forever and screw them good. I hope no one in the world buys this map pack for this horribly broken game... hey, a guy can dream, right?

better than mw2 packs. they were just old maps (and some new, lame ones) for MP for the same price.

I like the idea of destroyable scenery in that bridge one. That'll be interesting....

Is it just me, or engraving writting and putting emblems on your guns immature?

Absolutely - the franchise is getting more and more silly - Modern Warfare 2 clearly had their eyes on the bigger is better ethos, what with the leaping over canyons and the falling down waterfalls and the reduced Russian air miles. But Zombies? Gun emblems? Zip-lines? Sounds a bit too similar to the Halo 3 school of FPS: faffing = fun.

Okay CoD has never been 'realistic' but until recently it certainly has been aesthetically: the tension of the Pripyat level in CoD 4 was created mostly by the colour-drained camera filter. Likewise intense indoor battles where characterised by chaotic blasts of dust and bits of wall. In BlOps though, we've got these horrible bursts of of quasi-cel shaded flame, and all the action is one hyperbolic bombastic cluster-fuck. It's like some deranged extrovert is dancing around the screen showering the environment with exclamation marks and putting the gritty violence that worked so well before in cartoon "quotation marks" (!!!) just in case we miss it.

I'm not saying that there isn't a place for craziness and stupidity - both can be fun - but getting one of the characters to chew on a piece of glass doesn't make it a more mature or sophisticated game - it's not big, it's not clever, it's not even that fun.

As a side note, type Pripyat into Google and you get these pictures, Infinity Ward says 'Yoink':

Out down the fish and pick up the Bad Company!

eh........yea, I guess it looks pretty good. I'm sure my brother will get it. I do like how the game has finally stopped trying to be super realistic with flying platforms and monkey zombies. It seems the sillier this game gets, the more interested I become. Mostly because as mature and realistic as they want this game to be, don't forget that its still a game. And if sacrificing realism means I get to have more fun, then by all means do it.

ZOMG! Discovery has destructible features! No other company has ever thought of that!
... Oh riiight...

People will just blow the bridges up right off the beginning just to spite everyone anyways which makes the few ways across the chasm even more campy.

Looks like Treyarch is trying something new. More than I can say for IW's map packs.

Call of duty died after CoD4.

Oh kewl, another cash-in.

Thankyou Robert A Kotick.


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