Critical Miss: Children of Steam #6: Carrying the Light

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wait i thought the survivors were immune to them...wait a minute i spot a plot hole! D:

the 'survivors' are, since they played PC games Im guessing, the Bros at IGN however, are notorious for not paying much attention to PC games.

-OR- they really were immune, but were too stupid to realize this....

take your pick.

ot: that actually made me a little sad for a second, but then I realized there was a severe lack of :BANG:, I mean, those birds could of been in the air already for all we know.

I really hope that you are not going with the slowpoke/bro meme.......... I really....really hope that the thought never crossed your mind.

I... shit, I think I might cry...

I feel bad for laughing.

Silly and sad at the same time, that's rare

Daystar Clarion:

That was, like, totally sad bro, in a horrible clichéd kind of way bro.

yes, it was :D

wait i thought the survivors were immune to them...wait a minute i spot a plot hole! D:

I think they are, and the bros are just stupid.

Notice no one else is nearby?

I'm surprised the other slowbro didn't see the sexual innuendo in his bro's final words. It would have been a fitting way to send him off...bro.

His gravestone shalt read:

Your Slow-Bro Has Fainted

He shall be remembered by all his fellow bros. Truly a sad moment in the history of bros, bro.

that's a tough one, bro

may their bro-ship live forever

*indian single tear*

*Cries* Their Bro-dom was indeed touching and warmed the hearts of all those they came into contact with.

I admit I cried while reading this....true friendship always gets me

Madara: YOU PUSSY!!! Get over it it's a comic ya wuss
Me: But it was so sad and touching....It reminds me of us :D
Madara:.....In what F*CKING WAY!? I'd shoot you the first chance I'd get if we didn't share the same body!!
Me: I love you too :D

Damn, bro, that was sad.
All those bro-photos, spending quality bro-time bro-ing together....Ah, it's a sad, cruel bro-hating world out there, bro. At least you'll be in a better place....

Okay, enough of the B-word. But that was funny and quite sad at the same time. Brovo!

Grey Carter:

"Corey Rydall and Grey Carter just died in your arms tonight"

It must have been something you said.

Sad :(

I... shit, I think I might cry...

It's all good. I was about to as well.

Lance you shall be remembered.

And thats the end the bromance )': we'll never forget you Chad, or was is Lance?

Onyx Oblivion:

Fuck you.

Whenever that song is mentioned, it's stuck in my head for the next week.



I love that song.


Bros, I think you will join me in my bro-ment of mourning.

I love the pictures of them together by the water waiting for a Shellder to latch onto their tails.

Looking forward to the final confrontation with Gaben. Was also hoping for some more fun being poked at Slowbros still oblivious to the growing monster that is Steam and PC Gaming, but I guess it still isn't late for that. Somehow I can image that last panel being greatly improved by replacing it with the CAD miscarriage panel.

To be honest, I don't think there's a single comic out there that wouldn't be greatly improved by adding the CAD miscarriage panel.

Hey bro-Carter, how many days in advance are these comics done? Like, if something in the news struck your interest, and you wanted it out ASAP, how soon would it be out without skipping ahead of a comic already finished and waiting to be released? Or do you take the South Park approach and get them finished at the last minute?

When we first started we had a buffer of like 8 strips. By the time a strip was hitting the site the news was already out of date (even more so than it is when we do strips now) and we actually had to abandon certain strips purely because we didn't have time to run them.
Now we literally go comic by comic, generally submitting comics in the early hours of the morning the day before, then there's a mad dash to fix all the typos and other bullshit I missed. I suspect Elizabeth (our editor since Susan abandoned us to the harsh internet wastes) wishes us dead every time we do this. Luckily she's too polite to say anything.
There's always the concern that I will drinking myself into a coma or Cory will develop the Hanta virus or something but we've managed to avoid that so far. We've produced over a hundred comics (I think) so far without missing a single deadline (technically) or having one of those single panel sketch days. No mean feat, IMO.



Remember when this comic was about videogames? Good 'ol days...

It still is.

yep, it is. It's all about a post-Steam world where everyone has gone insane. Purpleskull... meh who am I kidding. No need for me to make a big deal out of this and start insulting. Don't worry bro I'm sure it will continue back on track.

Exactly. It's still about steam and nerd-zombies rampaging. I liked the idea when they started. Now it's just stretched too far. And all I see in this one are two slowpokes reliving the good old times and one has to get shot in the end. I dislike steam and the ridiculous dependency to it too, but how about a change of subject man...

I have removed my words from this site.

These cataclysmic events later inspired Chad... Or Doug... Or whoever the fuck the surviving one is... To make a game that would forever be lauded as the best ever made. Especially with the Dawgs at IGN.

Now I'm a sad bro(


That was both funny & sad.

How dare you make me feel my emotions BRO!

Meh, I'm gradually losing interest in this comic.

That was actually pretty sad..

Cool story bro

Oh sweet mother of meta-mellow-dramatic.
That nearly evoked some man-tears ;(

I loved the old photos!
R.I.P. bro.

Addendum: The "Bro" count is currently at 162 as of this post.

I have a feeling he missed for some reason. Probably because his hand was shaking so much.


Oh, wait, wrong game.

Remember when this comic was about videogames? Good 'ol days...

That's what I was thinking. What is going on with this zombie theme and slowbros?

Hehe, thats kinda funny but also serious, but in the Last panel, all I could see in my mind for the next panel is that he missed.

Remember when this comic was about videogames? Good 'ol days...

Still is. They're just doing a series on Steam.

Damn it, those 2 were my faviote charecters.

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