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43.2% (301)
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19.8% (138)
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Question of the Day, January 28, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 28, 2011


With the reveal of Hsien-Ko and Sentinel yesterday, we now know the entire Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lineup. Which cast appeals to you more?


never played either

Not a fan of the series, but when I do play I always use a Marvel character. Preferably a mutie!

Capcom. I don't care how OP the classic and iconic "broken team" Storm/Magneto/Sentinel is. Amaterasu, Chris, and Zero are too awesome-looking to pass up.

Never played the games, but I like Marvel - so I'll go with that!

Marvel all the way

Though in terms of the game you would be a fool to not mix your teams! :P

I like Marvel characters. I've barely played any of MVC, but the lineup is, by default, the winner because I care about more Marvel than Capcom.

honestly, I have no idea why I put "DC" there.





Gah, I love Marvel, but Capcom has Amaterasu...mix and match. I'm indecisive on this.

Marvel, just because I'd recognize more of the characters.

Really not a fan of fighters, but I have to pick Marvel, just because they're so awesome. I really have no connection to any of the capcom characters.... whereas Marvel has Magneto.

Overall I like Marvel. Marrow, Omega Red, Psylocke, Juggernaut and Blackheart were my shit in MVC2. I'll rather just have another Marvel Super Heroes game then MVC3 to be honest.

I'm more familiar with Marvel so I'd go with them.

But when I'm actually playing the game I'm more likely going to randomly mix both sides together. Keep things fresh and interesting.

Iron Man, Wolverine, AND Deadpool? How can you beat that?

Never played either. Not a fan of either. So none of them.

Marvel, most definitely. To be honest I'd be more excited about a straight Marvel fighter, but this will have to do!

None. Not really into either...

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Umm, then why post?

Because we had an option to say "Other [ Specify" perhaps?

Straying Bullet:

Because we had an option to say "Other Specify" perhaps?

And? Since you are not interested in the game to which this question is addressed, why post?

Capcom. Why? They have Amateratsu, Dante and Akuma!

You can't fail with that team.

There is only one team, and that is Team Deadpool (He's only on Team Marvel until you turn off the TV, then it's a free for all blood bath of "1"s and "0"s)

Im with iron man on this one

I grew up immersed in Marvel cartoons, comics, toys, etc. Marvel is basically all I have left of my childhood that is still awesome. So I pick Marvel.

I enjoy Marvel comics, but, Wesker, Haggar, Ameratsu, Chun-Li? That's a dream team right there.

Capcom, they just went with most of my favourite characters from their games.

Used to play with a team of Ken, Wolverine and Megaman in MvC2. Ken and Megaman are out, so will probably sub Ken for Ryu. The final slot will have to wait...

Iron Man, Wolverine, AND Deadpool? How can you beat that?

If it's a single comic, I would probably beat it with a lighter.

It's funny, I dislike those three characters in particular, but I still go for the Marvel side. How does that work?

Marvel is cooler but Capcom is trippier so I mix & match.
Our matches usually go by other variants: Tentacles Vs Hot Chicks.
Robots Vs Aliens.
Skinny guys Vs Big Goombas

I'll probably end up mixing 'em up, but since the only character I know I'd definitely going to use is SpiderMan, I'm goin' Team Marvel!

Team . Edward . Rocket . Calumon . Capcom. Tron Bonne's inclusion was genius!

Mix n match

Pheonix, Dante, x-23

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