Daily Drop: Poster Paint

Poster Paint

Daily Drop impersonates Jackson Pollock.

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That wasn't what left the blue mark on the wall? I am shocked!

I thought you were dropping peptobismal yesterday. Yes, paint is much better. I am going to be looking at the walls the next few days to see if that splatter is still there.

p.s. It was funny to see Paul taking cover like that.

Dang was expecting more splotches of paint on the wall.

I almost didn't see the paint come out of the bottles. I was assuming we'd get an extra-messy crowbar from the regular footage. Then I saw the high-speed and saw the mess.

I think it was wise not to use the crowbar otherwise the paint would of splatter everywhere!

that was pretty cool. I am looking forward to see if dropping an hourglass makes time stop. (hehehe)

That was a pretty good one today, nice slow mo splatter effect.

For monday it looks like time has finally stopped. :D

Scarim Coral:
I think it was wise not to use the crowbar otherwise the paint would of splatter everywhere!

... Ahem

That is why using the crowbar would be AWESOME!

Shame the blue just flew straight off screen. Perhaps some kind of enclosure around the drop area would make it more interesting?

A good episode, though.

I thought that was rather lacking. The bottom of the blue bottle got crushed by pink bottle, and I don't think that helped any. Still, the tall, thin flying streak of pink paint was okay.

Hourglass this Monday? Hoo boy, lots and lots of sand. Should be interesting...

It would have been much more awesome to pour out the paint onto a canvas below.

Never stop until the counter reaches 9999

Huh, wonder why the ladder was in shot today... somebody goof up with the setup?

Nice how the pink bit trolled me into thinking its going to make a giant splash on the wall and then just disappeared.

I was totally expecting the crowbar. I am disappoint.

Never stop until the counter reaches 9999

Unless they do another run, it'll stop at 0190 some. I think they could do at least that many more with the ideas of what to look for in a test subject.

It was funny to see Paul taking cover like that.

Nicked me comment, ya blimey!

*ahem* I was kind of hoping the two paint bottles would flip toward each other, but no such luck. Can't wait for the hourglass!

Well, thats the highlight of my day.

Hmm, the drop area is getting awfully dirty. :)

Superb cowering from Paul, despite the safety goggles - no, not the face!!!

Huh, was expecting the crowbar here, for some more splattery goodness.

I just happened to watch Terracotta Sheep (I've missed a few, so I'm watching them out of order) and not only is the ladder still visible there (though less so than in this one), you can see some pink paint on it!

Pink wins

Daily Drop impersonates Jackson Pollock.

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?

This drop made me blue

Less exciting than expected.


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