What Minecraft Is Missing

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You can repeatedly jump and place blocks underneath you to get back up out of a deep mine.

*snipped image*

Sorry, but I finally got a reason to use that picture =D

Yes, of course you can do that, but wouldn't using an elevator be a lot more conventional and sophisticated way? It is very tiresome to dig all the way down again, and it isn't very stylish.

Place 7 water springs on the top, isolating them, make a dam in the bottom creating a waterfall that ends in about 3 or 4 smooth regular water squares, then place a couple of springs at the end of those, creating an opposing current. make a boat, done. When the boat touches the waterfall it will rise straight to the top at breakneck speed, then it will fall back in the water and get pushed by the springs on the top to the bottom. You have yourself an elevator. I think you can just type "water elevator minecraft" on youtube for specifics.
You can also make the shower yahtzee mentioned using trap doors with pressure plates and water springs, it just takes some creativity and work.

Personally, I like that your first cycle through the game consists of "Pretty blocky. Punch things. Hey, I made a sword! ....it's dark. What? I died?". It sets the game up quite nicely - find out how things work by experimenting, because nobody is going to take your hand and guide you. Want rare minerals? Dig. Dig deep. Want a giant fortress? Get ready to do a whole lot of stone bashing (until you figure out how to use a bucket of lava and a bucket of water to create giant cobblestone towers, I mean).

Here's a list of things I would like to see:

1. I would also like to able to dye flowers.

2. Blue flowers would be nice (maybe it could be rarer then the other flowers, since there is already lapis lazuli).

3. I would like to be able make tombstones (and be able to type what is engraved on the tombstones, like with signs, it would be good for when they make that adventure mode, which will apparently be able to import maps from the survival and creative modes).

4. TRAP DOORS, so I could make a desk which I would place a lever behind for the purpose of dropping minions who have failed me for the last time into a zombie den. MWAHAHAHAHA! Also to set up traps for zombies and to save space for some things.

5. A way to capture mobs, maybe it could be a cage that takes up multiple spaces in your inventory, so I can make the aforementioned zombie den in my fortress of doom while having torches in there to keep creepers from spawning in it. Or so I can test a trap door that drops things into a lava pit in single player.

6. Rugs, to decorate my fortress of doom, I would also like to be able to use them to cover up the aforementioned trap doors (survival and adventure modes only, since this would probably be a big problem in multiplayer due to griefers) and redstone wires. Also, I would like to be able to dye rugs.

7. Skulls, since I could easily get them by killing skeletons and combine them with torches to make skull torches (torches with skulls stuck on them with fire coming out of the eye sockets).

8. To be able to place clocks on the wall.

9. A sluice gate, for the same reason as Yahtzee.

10. If possible, another way to make paper.

11. A use for book shelves, like being able to have hidden switches.

Anybody like these ideas? Or got some to add?

Lapis Lazuli ore already drops 4-8 dye items. Still it's quite rare.

It's possibly intentional. Most blue dyes these days are synthetic, because the organic ones ARE rare. Yahtzee's point is that it's silly for Minecraft to have easily accessible dyes for other colors, but for blue to be rare, except in the real world prior to the 19th century this was exactly the case. Notch may very well be aware of this.


You know what I want? A bloody trap door! My current method of harvesting creeps, which admittedly is rather satisfying in a "It puts the lotion on its skin" sort of way, but it takes up a lot of space on the map. A trapdoor would help me with that problem.

And something else I would love to see, no more bloody mobs atop my mountain fortress! They can't even get up there by jumping, which means they must spawn there. So, how about an algorithm change that prohibits mobs from spawning in fenced areas, cuz those sheep creep me out.

I'd also love to have a world map, even if it is one that can only be crated and will only fill in the areas you've already explored. All it has to show is the spawn point, the player's location and some areas you can enter manually (ie your fortress atop Mt. Doom).

Just put torches on top of your lair.

How about landmines? You could use them to fuck up enemies. Oh and some fences with sharp spears sticking out so if and anemy fails to jump over it takes damage.

Wow, those are all ideas I can get behind... Although the list isn't exhaustive.

As for a divining rod/metal detector, I only think it should detect iron ore, and not the more precious elements.

That being said, Minecraft X-ray is the closest thing to a detector, you'd be suprised at how often you miss some ore by one, two blocks. It is awesome, however, when you portal around the Nether. I was surprised at how far away and deep the second portal turned up.


Okay. I agree with some of the points he made. Some sort of hint as to the vague placement of ore would be helpful. Maybe a decent amount of redstone, iron, gold AND diamond?

But I do believe you can already do a sort of sluice gate.

Can you not say, put a water spring in a place, block it with a door then wire the door with a lever or button to make the water come out?

Trap doors would be nice though. And some way to make drawbridges without mods (I largely do not like mods as they are often other people thinking they know better than the people who made the game and often they don't. Who are not in the same vein of thinking as the people who were hired to make something and talk to the head guy regularly. I think the saying, "Too many cooks spoil the broth" may be applicable for the meaning I am attempting to convey.)

Completely agree with Yahtzee.

One thing that astounded me - I majored in digital electronics major, and even I have found some nuances of redstone circuits a bit confusing. I am overjoyed that a LEGO-like game bothers to actually implement a simulation of logical circuits (of all things) but man does that stuff have to be so impenetrable for an average gamer?

Ore detector - a bit biased about this. Finding diamond is not *that* hard currently - a one hour of strip mining will almost always result in 6-12 diamonds; if I could get the same result in 10 minutes it would most probably lose the appeal. I'd rather see game flesh out dungeons a bit more (they are so rare now 90% of players do not know they even exist) and put in something like treasure maps as an alternative of acquiring treasure.

But what I'm most eagerly waiting for is stomping out bugs. It's insanely frustrating to build something ambitious on a MP server, only to get hit by a respawning bug which effectively bans you from the server completely.

Captain Bobbossa:
These things would be awsome although I think that for what minecraft is and from it just coming from one man (untill recently) I think that I really could manage without any improvement and still be happy with it.

Of course I still understand that as a critic of sorts that it is your job to point out such things Yahtzee.

as much as I like the idea of a "Trap door" in the floor, if you put too much into minecraft you'll start to ruin it. too many cooks and all that.

while i can see where yhatzee is coming from, i disagree with him. if things were much easier to find alot of people would not play minecraft for as long as they have. and if you really need alot of something for a big project, nearly all big projects have been built with mats they got from memory editing.

I do however agree that a tutorial mode would be good. not something you would have to play, but something you could choose to play trough.

as for the sluice gate, this is already planned, and well he could tbh make one pretty easily by allowing water to go trough doors when they are open. (which i can't see why is not already implemented. : p

How about landmines? You could use them to fuck up enemies.

TNT+pressure plate = fun, at least the one Super OP on our server (you know who you are).



Trap doors would be nice though. And some way to make drawbridges without mods (I largely do not like mods as they are often other people thinking they know better than the people who made the game and often they don't. Who are not in the same vein of thinking as the people who were hired to make something and talk to the head guy regularly. I think the saying, "Too many cooks spoil the broth" may be applicable for the meaning I am attempting to convey.)

Well I respect your opinion but I prefer a server where the ops can protect and revert stuff if griefy McTroll joins. Until that is a core part I and many others are fine and dandy with the mod creators and the work they do to enhance minecraft.

As for trapdoors they defiantly need to be rolled into the official code.

Wait, did Yahtzee just ask for the grunt birthday party skull?

All of these would be welcome additions.

I know everyone is obsessed with this game, but right now it really feels like too much effort, every step of the way. Looking up crafting on the wiki, looking up enemies on the wiki, looking up frickin' everything on the wiki.

I'll probably wait till it's much further on before I try it again.

Is redstone actually rare now? I usually filled up three rows or so of a chest with it and then just quit mining it since I never used it anyway.


You should check that link out. You can find every single mod/wish for a mod there to download including sluice gates, spawn changers (makes compasses useful) elevators, minimaps, capes, etc. There's even a mod for an adventure mode which makes the game play like Legend of Zelda. Also a must have is the Fancy Pack for furniture - want to decorate all your rooms and castles well you can with proper furniture.

Seriously, there's even a hookshot mod... and a gun one, well, two.

One of my favourites is the more mobs mod, which adds foxes, bears, lions, trainable and ridable horses, ogres and more.

Notch has said a few times that he's working (at least thinking) about a tutorial. I think the last time I saw it mentioned, he indicated that there would be one before (or when) the game comes out of beta.

Trap doors would be a great thing to have, and kudos to the guy who suggested a redstone beacon. That's an idea I love - being able to attune your compass to your own beacon would be a great thing. That would be especially useful in SMP servers, where your home base is often quite far away from the spawn area.

oh I so wish for one thing only

a god darn way of changing your spawn point after the world is generated

I donīt care if you need to make a point from gold and diamonds, just add one darn it.

oh I so wish for one thing only

a god darn way of changing your spawn point after the world is generated

I donīt care if you need to make a point from gold and diamonds, just add one darn it.


You should check that link out. You can find every single mod/wish for a mod there to download including sluice gates, spawn changers (makes compasses useful)......

I've just recently got into the mods there are for minecraft and some of the things you guys are asking for already exist --

telecompass - allows you to set a new spawn point and teleport to it
floodgates - uses redstone power to make a block appear/disapear - can use it to make traps and bridges and the like
fancy pack - lots of new crafting recipies for chairs, tables, decorations, potted plants and so on
mini map - a small map of your location on screen

if you can't wait for these sorts of things to be implimented officially, check out the one stop mod shop http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=93171 for a full list of mods.

note - you will need to read the readmes to get it all up and running. and back up everything.

now, back to my steampunk citidal (in construction) on my pegasus, huzzah!

It's funny, Lapis Lazuli as the only means of acquiring blue is quite true to history. Historically, when artists wanted the colour Ultramarine Blue, they would have to get the pigment from ground Lapis Lazuli, which meant that it was the most expensive paint at the time. That's why you'll notice that frequently in paintings, pre-artificial Ultramarine, painters will rarely desaturate Ultramarine at all, they wanted to showcase the expensive pigments. Ever wonder why the Virgin Mary is always in Ultramarine blue clothing? Well, there you go. I'm not saying Minecraft should have it so that blue dye is super rare, I'm just saying it's cool that it's being rather true to history.

The game really needs one. Notch said he was thinking about working on one, I think. Perhaps he should stop thinking about it and actually do it.

Ore detection;
I don't think so. You can explore caves and they have a bunch of exposed ore, but being able to detect ore easily would break the game a bit.
The discoloured rocks suggestion does sound interesting, though...

Sluice Gate
Very good idea actually. Not sure how it would be implemented, though.
Tangient; Redstone ore is only rare if you don't know where to look. At the bottom levels of the map it's almost as common as (or perhaps more common than) coal, and each block drops four redstone dust.
That said, actually getting down there can be a problem.

More ways to get blue dye;
Yeah, getting blue dye is a bit annoying. They made it a little more common, though; the Lapis Lazuli spawning is un-broken now so it isn't almost non-existent at bedrock as opposed to 20 up now, and each block drops more. That only helps slightly, though.

Sorry if any of this has been mentioned previously, but what about obsidian tools and weapons? Holy crap, a lot of ancient cultures used obsidian for these purposes... not just really dark blocks you can use to make an nearly indestructible fortress.

Also, a backpack would be nice. I know a lot of people on the minecraft forums have made many mentions of this, and I think it would make a good use out of that cow hide.

Almost too bad you can't make silicon from sand. Eventually, I could see you being able to construct a more evolved machine of sorts, perhaps even a robot eventually. Would be great to have a robot to do some of the mining for you, even if you had to limit the lifespan of said machine to add a little balance.

Damn shame you can't find rubber. Plenty of uses for that, including making some sort of vehicle for land travel as well as insulation for wiring so perhaps you could lay it under the ground instead of just a crapload of redstone dust laid out.

I'm completely on board with the idea of creating markers/waypoints in the game to help you find your way around. There are mods to the game wherein you can use the redstone dust to craft spells and even teleporters to help you get around, but I think leaving markers you can pick up on the compass would help just as much. Kinda sucks having to build on the tallest hill in your starting location so you can always find your headquarters if you need/want to wander around for clay or other materials.

Saltpeter would make for an interesting addition, if not only for crafting gunpowder. But if you have guns, I'd imagine that Notch would need to balance it out with an enemy with some competing firepower as well.

Btw, you can use the mods on the forums to do literally everything you guys are discussing.

I hope a lot more items are added by the final version. I also hope some kind of compass is added that can find a previously set way-point. (maybe you have to craft the compass and a magnetic structure?) I say this because in my largest world I have two houses that I can't find anymore. And one of them has some diamonds in it. I really want those back.

I'm kind of hoping there'll be the ability to change your spawn point in the future. As for the houses, I'd recommend building a road between them in the future. Lay down torches when you explore or something.

As for the sluice gate, I believe doors currently perform the same funtion. Place the door right in front of a water source, connect it to a lever.

But I'm going to say that I don't particularly mind waiting for ores. While I seem to run through iron rather quickly, I always seem to be able to find enough of it to make it worth my while.

I don't think Mr.Croshaw gets much helpful feedback if you don't give him some constructive critasism. SO here is mine. I find it a bit odd that his same reasons for liking Minecraft are the same reasons he hates WOW. Lots of grind that you lets you show off your big golden cock/Epic gear drops.

Here's some constructive criticism of your comment: In WoW you grind for items someone else designed, that have the ability to kill enemies with slightly less effort. In Minecraft you grind for materials you can use to build massive structures and contraptions of your own design. There's really no comparison.


So... Ben Croshaw wants a "A Buggering Tutorial"? I mean I wouldn't know but the concept doesn't seem particularly complicated to me.

If you haven't investigated the methods and madness of minecraft prior to purchasing the game, you literally have no way of knowing that putting two blocks of wood together makes a workbench, from which you can craft other much-needed items. Trial and error is one way of learning about a game, but the sheer number of possible combinations is rather staggering and intimidating, especially since you only have a limited amount of time before green cock-monsters blow you the hell up.

<----- the joke

<----- your head

I know this would take a lot of fun out of the survival but why cant you make a gun? You have wood, metal, electricity, and gunpowder (sulfur now) There's no reason beyond your character's crafting skills that you couldn't give those hordes a taste of your homemade 12 gauge.

Also Mr. Yahtzee I would love to see your skull fortress on a video or some screenshots. I'm sure it would kick the shit out of my lousy sky colony. (no joke intended)

...And since i've found Minimap mod i don't think there's any other important function Minecraft should be equipped with.

By the way : Watch yourself there angry Britishman. This whole hurricane thing looks serious.

A way to find ores would be use full, but i still like the idea of having to look for stuff, but isn't it a unwrighten law but dimonds can be found near lava, and the easyist way to find gold (and most of the other ores) is to stumble on a underground cave, which i find very fun to explore with the added bonus of finding a monster lair (you know one of those cages what spawn monsters, and theres a chest near em and you get pretty mose coverd cobbles).

I some times find myself lost in what i like to lable "ye old pot noodle mine" to which after being down there for a couple of hours my friends would ask me, "where are you" and i'd have to reply, "I DON'T KNOW" to which my friends would stop building there doom fortress, to come into my "Bat Cave nananannananana" searching for me and then the way out.

After showing them my underground forest i have made as so to never have to adventure out of my pit (very simpler to real life) i would give them all the stone i have mined for them to use in the construction of there doom fort. If they want my gold they'll have to look for it because i've hidden it.

I have found the mine carts to be extremly buggy tho, and Hell to have alot of portential.
As for the colour Blue i see no reason not to make it hard to find, in medieval times it was the colour of wealth because it WAS so bloody hard to make!

"That shit is primary."

I don't know why but those four words cracked me up.

What the fuck Yahtzee?!

Making suggestions?
Whatever happened to the unlimited hatred for all beings dwelling on this dirtball? You had the snap and spoke from all our wretched much-disappointed gamerhearts. We wanted revenge for every half assed sequel out there and in a small but significant way, you gave it to us by pulling those fuckers apart. When did you turn into some constructive criticism cunt? Answering to every bickering faggot you offended with your rant...
It was bad enough when you traded your anonymous-moaning-dick status for becoming semi-internet-celebrity that some people see in you now, mostly yourself. Now this! Why don't you just go over to the IGN board and write some 88 lines about how compelling you find Minecraft to be?

The top three things I would like to see:

1) Blueprints: The ability to create an exportable/importable blueprint of a structure. This would allow players to share their creations with others as well as move their own favorite buildings between worlds. Sims has something like this, and it's very popular and does a lot to add to the community. If it feels too much like cheating, the blueprint could only be activated if the player feeds it the mats.

2) Paint: Dye is cool and all, but building my house out of flammable mats just to get colors kind of sucks. Alternately, just make dye work on different mats (stone, cobblestone, wood planks, glass)

3) Moveable spawn: People are always going off on the Minecraft forums about how people should explore their worlds. The biggest inhibitor for me is finding my main base again if it's 2-3 days away from spawn. I end up starting a new world, building a small base, gathering mats, then exploring slowly outward while building beacons and wayshrines until I find a good location for my main base. This is very time intensive and gets old after a few worlds. I would explore a lot more if I could take the bare minimum for survival with me and move my spawn point at will.

To the "there's a mod for that" crowd: finding these mods, installing them all, and praying they all play nice with each other is a major deterrent to enjoyment. It also makes it much harder on the more casual crowd that would just like to play the game without spending hours on forums. This is compounded by many of these mods (like Cartographer) being external programs and not usable in game.

Metal detector and trap door are most needed.

Finding iron and using a trap doors to drown mobs.

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