What Minecraft Is Missing

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Well, I had a thought about it and have decided that I also have something to add:

The ability to build a house made of cake, a diving suit, a teleporter and a hookshot.

Also add The Fae to monsters. Yeah.

A ore detection system? are you on crack? wtf it would be exactly like walling in css or a heartbeat monitor god forbid in cod. aka it would be nooby as shit.

I hope a lot more items are added by the final version. I also hope some kind of compass is added that can find a previously set way-point. (maybe you have to craft the compass and a magnetic structure?) I say this because in my largest world I have two houses that I can't find anymore. And one of them has some diamonds in it. I really want those back.

For you and anyone else having this same problem you should look up a tool called cartograph. and watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqDvY6Bcgs or do a search on youtube for "how to find a caves in minecraft" using cartograph and Gimp together eleminates the need for random searches of ore, and is awesome if youve lost a base like i have, my largest map takes 6 days to get accross x.x dont ask me why, i just did it but it saved me when i got lost

Better farming is what I'm going for. Anything plant that grows, you should be able to farm yourself.

Also, feeding chickens grain should make them lay an egg immediately with a short cooldown.

they should add weather in because rain would be cool and snowy areas would need a way of geting snow back because without weather in the earlyer versions you can't get snow back. also all the trap doors and sluice gates sound really cool

To everyone wanting feature "x" I have a glorious tip. Start your own server and throw on plugins. The recommended one is called Bukkit and it has more mods than you can shake a stick at:



The funny thing is that those suggestions are quite good, and could be easily implemented into the game, Nice on Yahtzee.

Whats funny is that in the half year since the last post 95%+ of the suggestions that have been thrown up have been implemented or done as a mod. Trap doors more items for the farm all of this has been put in while find ore easier and all this other stuff is moded in with stuff such as X-ray mod which lets you see through walls to see anything around you such as diamonds gold and such. They have mods to fly planes mods to add monsters and mods to well mod If you can think it on minecraft most likely someone has done it or can do it.

The ability to move spawn points is pretty much number one on my list.

It might be that's it is possible to do but the quick search on google gave me no answers.

Build bed, sleep in bed, profit.

Even if i agree with Yahtzee in this article, there is still the question of a Minecraft review after it hits the Full Version in November 18 or will he wait for the next year? but then again, the game has been (mostly) updated on schedule and taking suggestions from the more level headed customers so there is no really a point of asking for a review for a product tha changes frecuently. Perhaps the real question is how can you determine a candidate for a top Best/Worst game that has been around for a long time BUT its official release is way latter?

I agree with everything except the metal detector.

Why not? its seems logical for metals like iron and gold to have a detector specially when there is Dispensers and you can even make a Piston TV of 61 pixels. You may say that is already easy to find those ores but its nice to at least have the option specially if its an adventure map and ores are actually VERY limited

I really like that only one of these features has been added, in the form of pistons. And the concept of an end was added, which by the logic of this review (which I think makes sense) turns it into a game. So now its a really buggy, unfinished game with a really shitty ending! Yay Notch and open development!

So now its a really buggy, unfinished game with a really shitty ending! Yay Notch and open development!

I wouldn't say it's "really buggy", except in multiplayer, where EVERY CREATURE shakes around when hit and the final boss dragon doesn't work.
However, the ending is fairly good, despite being a forest of text that all amounts to, "You beat the game. Now get a life."

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