The Big Picture: Magneto Was Right

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Bob, you are correct, Kudos

Did anyone actually watch the video? Did you actually hear what he said "I think this idea that normal people hate others because they're superior is a FANTASY". He's not saying nerds are better, he at no point boosts his own ego. In fact he's incredibly honest with us throughout the whole thing. His point is that if you WERE better and everyone picked on you you would go to Magneto's team. Thinking about it I'm still not too sure.

It's really strange that everyone is having a go at Bob for something he really didn't say.

FYI, bullies are usually bullying others so that they don't get bullied. It's a pro-active measure against being made to feel inferior either in terms of intellect or physicality. Either that or they have deep-seated inferiority complexes. A lot of the bullies at my school had issues at home, as did a lot of the nerds. They just adopted different coping mechanisms.

The idea that people bully you because you're different isn't right, but it's not far from right either.

Why does anyone bully anyone else? Why does anyone make any other person feel bad on purpose? Because they are feeling bad themselves, so they feel better. Bullies are, generally speaking, people who are unhappy with something too. They can feel bad about their social skills (think The Simpson's Nelson Muntz stereotype). They can do it to elevate their social status, because they don't feel good about it. They can do it because they just feel like crap, and hurting someone else makes them a little happier in sharing the misery. Or maybe they do it because they feel like they have a small penis, and it's their way of compensating their perceived lack of masculinity through another stereotypical masculine trait: violence (I'm not joking here, this DOES happen, a LOT).

I'm not saying any of these are good reasons, nor that they should do it, I'm saying that's what happens.

As to the big question,"Why me?", the answer is simple: Because you're an available target.

Minorities are generally, well, minorities... Whether they're ethnic or sexual minorities, as the word implies, are generally present in less significant and threatening numbers. People who are different, in general, tend to gather less social support than people who conform to the norm, and therefore seem like more appealing targets. It really is the only guiding principle for being targeted for bullying. Being an available target. Not being threatening by yourself. Lacking a significant and by itself threatening social support... Nobody messes with the 7 ft guy built like a brick wall and an expert in Krav Maga despite how much of a weirdo he may be. Similarly nobody messes with the stupid kid who's brother is an all star on the football team. Conversely, everyone picks on the small, skinny, frail looking dork with no friends that would probably break his own wrist if he punched you.

You stated it yourself Bob. Things changed considerably once you grew up and tended to tower over your class mates. You were a far less appealing target.

That said, pretty much everything else you said is right on the money. The people who were very bullied do tend to succumb to this fantasy that "it's because I'm better, they're afraid of me!". It's a self defense really.

And yeah, I would totally go with Magneto either ways. Diplomacy only works when both sides of the argument are willing to reason. If one side isn't, the only option is force.

I'd probably join neither of them, and happily live as an "outcast".

I've been bullied a lot when I was younger, and I have violently reacted to my tormentors in the past, (and trust me, I've always been a big person who can hit hard).

I've always felt horrible about it afterwards though.

These days I just pity bullies. They are just stupid, unstable people.
Its just such a shame some people are just too ignorant to realise bullying is a horrible thing, thats physically and psychologically damaging to both parties, (to this day, I still am normally very cautious around people my own age, (especially if they show no signs of nerdiness/geekiness)), and foolish enough to think their behaviour will go unnoticed, (which, at least in the UK, these days normally doesn't).

And what is wrong with actually being different from the established norm?
Nothing! (unless you're a murderous psychopath! XD)

I'm glad to be different, to be a little eccentric, a bit smarter than the average bear, to have different tastes and experiences, it makes life more interesting!!
(Though I will admit, I do get a bit annoyed that the regular joe never gets my jokes, refferences or ideas (I tend to think very much outside of the box for some things that can either be great or a hindrance), or they say something or do something incredibly stupid, (though I normally hold my tongue because I'm a nice person))

My only gripe: I liked "My Name Is Earl".

Even the show's basic concept was off-base (the common Hollywood version of Karma), but it was funny and had a (mostly) positive message for people.

It could have just been a cutaway gag, but that's my two cents.

Huh, interesting points. Not sure who's side I'd be on. On the one hand, I genuinely believe in having a world where everyone gets along (even though that's pretty much impossible)...

...On the other hand, getting revenge on those who wronged us sounds like fun.

But yeah, I like being different from everyone else. I admit to liking some of the low-brow humor out there (like Jackass and The Blue Collar Comedy Tour)... But on the whole, I'm wishing for smarter stuff out there.

If I may quote Green Day:

I wanna be the minority!/I don't need your authority!/Down with the moral majority!/'Cause I wanna be the minority!

hmm it must have been a longggg time since you were in high school..that shit hardly ever happened, if it did, it was once every pink moon (which never fucking happens)

there was one time when your more than average nerds were in the library (they were some freshman and sophmore i think, i didn't recognize them at the time) , and they were being made fun from some more jockish kind of kids, and i told the kids to shut the fuck up or see me outside later to get a beating and they backed off. the nerds look dumbfounded at how this worked, but i just went about my day and none of that shit ever happened again (at least on my watch!)

but i always have, and always will, join the x-men, i would with all my power, stop people like you from trying to 1 UP normal humans for just being normal. thats not going to solve anything other than more suffering, so prepare to have adversaries, movie bob.

"With great power comes great responsibility."
I am with you here mate. I choose to be a sheepdog rather than a wolf. My intellect and strength I use to prevent oppression and tyranny. Using your brain to oppress and take revenge against the physical oppressors makes no better than them. If it was wrong for them to do it to you it is wrong for you to do it to them. I'll stand up and defend the oppressed until the moment they become the oppressors and then may God have mercy on their souls.

Are you kidding me? Have you seen Wolverine? No way I'm going against that guy. I like my limbs were they are, thank you.
Seriously though I don't believe there ever has been a superior people or that there ever will. Yes some humans have been superior to others, and yes occasionally they became leaders, and for a duration of time one people can seem superior to another. But for me it's not the people being superior, but the leaders. It could chance in a second. Look at India and Pakistan, under the leadership of Ghandi they were the moral-wise the greatest people of their century, then Ghandi died. Now they are just as lame as any other people, even fighting amongst themselves.
That is why I would not side with Magneto because of the "Mutants are superior" thing. Because in any relevant way they are not. I would side with Magneto if I would fight clean, and the normal humans would fight dirty, that's were I base my choice on. If both sides fight dirty I would fight against both.
Owh and about why nerds/geeks get bullied. Simple answer, not of any supposed or real superiority, but because they are an easy target. Some people like to bully and most people don't have the balls not to go along with it. So easy targets get bullied. This is why you are unlikely to be physically bullied is you are six feet something and strong enough to lift up the bullies and throw them away. Emotional bullying however is still likely to occur, because emotionally a strong nerd/geek is just as easy to bully as a weak one.




Also there's Family Guy, which almost amazingly has even more contempt for its viewers: especially conservatives, Christians, and others who don't conform to Seth McFarlane's liberal ideologies. Never mind how Peter was reduced to an utter impressinoable moron or how Lois is now an irresponsible nympho or how Chris is barely there or how Meg jokes have become sad or even how Stewie was changed from an effeminate mad scientist with world domination aspirations to a walking talking unfunny gay stereotype. It's how Brian has turned into a mouthpiece for McFarlane; an insufferable liberal atheist douchebag that gives atheists and liberals all over a bad name.

Yeah I haven't watched Family Guy for a while for these reasons. I kept waiting for jokes but all I was hearing was "Conservatives are stupid and if you don't agree with me you must be stupid too!"

The thing is, after Sarah Palin, it's not surprising that the one thing on which the entire world agrees is that republicans aren't exactly the brightest lot (on average). If US conservatives renounced her, then maybe people would change their minds, but anybody who actually listens to her or Glenn Beck deserves everything he gets.

O damn I better start making fun of Sarah Palin like ever no talent comedian since 2007. I better agree with the majority so I'm not burned at the stake for blasphemy. "SARCASM"!!
Btw I find it painfully hypocritical that many Liberals and conservatives on the extremes have no tolerance for any opinion other then their own(Stares at Archangel357). You know...since both sides preach "TOLERANCE".

Based off of the title and some of the comments in this thread, I went into this video ready to write off any future Movie Bob articles and videos, thinking this was going to be some "Rah Rah: Nerds are Great, Everyone Else Sucks" manifesto. Glad I was wrong, as you were suprisingly honest and fair about the whole notion of bullying being strange to begin with, and that the 'reaction fantasy' of the bullied is just that, a fantasy.

As for the question you posed: while Magneto's 'get back at the oppressors' ideal is understandable, if not downright tempting, at the end of the day it is wrong. The best in-universe example of that is the "Planet X" arc from Grant Morrison's Nex X-Men run, where Magneto, amongst other things, took over Manhatten and began murdering hundreds of New Yorkers similarly to how the Jews and other minorities were murdered during the Holocaust (meanwhile letting his makeshift mutant army wallow in filth and starvation after he practically blew up the city). It showed him to be little more than a cruel bastard, and underscored why the philosophy of the X-Men is right. So, if it were still me in your proposed universe, I'd pick the Xavier camp.

P.S.: Got to love the people in this thread trying to justify bullying by saying that nerds deserve it for being smug, passive aggressive, etc.*, though my personal favorite was the guy screaming "AND WE ALL FUCKING DESERVED IT" (grr, angry), since it pretty much endorses the defense mechanism of pretty much every rapist/serial killer/pundit ever. Way to dumb down the conversation, and culture in general, morons.

*Personal anecdote: During one of my seminars back in high school, I was drawing in my notebook, and chatting with a friend of mine, minding my own damn business, when some kid who I didn't know, had never met, and had done nothing to came over to me, pointed at my drawing, and said "Iron Giant is gay, and so are you." When I informed him that I wasn't drawing Iron Giant (it was Mega Man), he said "You're still gay," and walked away (my friend and I pretty much chuckled about this and went back to ignoring him). I suppose by minding my own business and not bothering anyone, I deserved that attempt at bullying, huh?

I would be on Magneto's team because i've being abused by the humans why would I use my powers to help the people who harmed me?

BTW I am one of those people who doesn't belong in any category of the bully specturm because I'm: a fighter, goth, nerd, bi, playboy and popular but I don't get bullied for that I get bullied for the people who I hang around with. One of them is fat and another one is just crazy Strange ie to put it simply by myself I'm one of the popular kids, with my freinds I'm unpopular.

..Really? I kind of liked your points Bob, but that last thing, about how you'd choose to put misery on others because of your own inner torments?.. That's Bullying, Bob.




This is so true, just because he is in sports doesn't make his life any more or less important than bill gates.

And this is coming from someone who hates sports and decrys the lack of recognition that scientists are given.

Who has had more of an impact on society? Bill Gates, or Michael Jordan?

It's not even close.

I'm not saying Michel jordan has had more of an effect on socity (although to say he has had no effect at all is naive) i mean i'm working on windows 7 OS, nuff said.

But every though i don't think bob ment to insult michel jordan, he was kinda imlying that his live was worthless compared to bill gates.

I mean yes in the long run what bill gates has done will have more of an effect on socity and sports are taken a little to seriously, but they are both people and i don't think any life is worth more than the other.

Well, saying everyone is special and important is a nice sentiment, but in the long run, he IS useless compared to Bill Gates, and so are you, and so am I


Why the fuck hasn't this douche been banned? I hope nobody reads this shit and thinks they deserve it if they're being bullied. Seriously raging right now. The kids who commit suicide because they're tormented and bullied every day DO NOT deserve that shit, you cunt.

warm slurm:


Why the fuck hasn't this douche been banned? I hope nobody reads this shit and thinks they deserve it if they're being bullied. Seriously raging right now. The kids who commit suicide because they're tormented and bullied every day DO NOT deserve that shit, you cunt.

Because posting ill thought out statements isn't actually against the rules



Interesting video. It would be tempting, but I don't think I'd be on Magnetos side. If simply because Xaviers side has a guy with unbreakable bones and claws that can only be killed by drowning.

Also, Bob, you should TOTALLY cover Marvel Civil War next.


I think we should all make a pact to never ever ever mention it ever again. Maybe God will decide to delete it if we all wish hard enough for it's non-existence.


Seriously though, what a bloody shamble Civil War was. The only way they could have turned Stark and the pro-reg side even worse is to give them all little Hitler moustaches.

ESPECIALLY that S.H.I.E.L.D. woman. You know the one. The one that actually orders the soldiers to fire on Captain America.

It's a shame as the concept was kinda cool, it's just one side was made into massive dicks and Cap became Retard McRetardson. For the record I would of been Pro-reg. Don't hate me.

O damn I better start making fun of Sarah Palin like ever no talent comedian since 2007. I better agree with the majority so I'm not burned at the stake for blasphemy. "SARCASM"!!
Btw I find it painfully hypocritical that many Liberals and conservatives on the extremes have no tolerance for any opinion other then their own(Stares at Archangel357). You know...since both sides preach "TOLERANCE".

The FACT that Sarah Palin is dumb as a rock is not a matter of "majority opinion". Also, it's funny that since I said something negative about that hillbilly twat, you automatically peg me as a "liberal". You don't know me like that, mate.

I've never preached tolerance in my life. Stupidity, especially the public and arrogant kind, is a fucking blight upon the earth, and all intelligent men must fight it tooth and nail whenever they encounter it.

I think i would probably become a mix. I am without a doubt a good guy but if i had a chance to take action against all the idiots i have encounted i would love to teach them a lesson for life.

Bob is so brilliant. I wonder if he meant to compare Ayn Rand with Ed Gein :)

And, for the record, I'd still be on the side of the X-men.

Bob, get out of my head!

If he's brilliant he would have realized that nerds are persecuted because they say things like "M.J. is treated like an American hero for bouncing a ball."

I find this entire pontification being arrogent, again something you've been doing on The Big Picture for a while now, being arrogent. First of all, technically in the vast social standing, I guess you could call me and my friends weirdos or nerds whatever, we all play video games, watch strange movies, hell we even had yu-gi-oh/magic set up games at lunch, and this is in High School and all of us had experienced our share of outcast-ness and bulling even at lower levels. Now for me personally, I found at an early age that the only way to prevent this, is to stick together; this isnt the Magneto side you're talking about its more of simply a protection system, others back up the one and this is the system most humans take to when they're attacked as a group.
Also, bullines has NOTHING to do with the bully's somehow being a hive mind of society, anaologus to incests ganging up and killing another insect who wasn't part of that perticular colony. In fact I find the term, bully to be redundent. THe truth is, everyone on earth has been bullied somehow and MOST of us have BEEN bullies. And you could deny that but admitingly, we've all had a bad day and messed with someone else just because we could. I've done it, my friends have done it, Bob, YOU'VE done it and so has every other nerd, nerds can and sometimes ARE bullies, even to each other, eveyr social group has.
Yes, some nerds are superior to bulliess, but not all like the popular culture suggests.
As for the modern adult world perspective you talked about: Yes, some artists ARE disturbed. Ex. A picture of a Jesus-rendering, covered in ants. Some art, doesnt deserve to be passed off as art another Ex. Body art, AKA full body tattos.
Also ,"anti-intellectualism=Creationist Museum" WOW! Real mature Bob. This is what I mean by everyone can be a bully, Creationism is today a different worldview, its still a valid and understable one just so long as the person in question can provide reasoning to WHY they believe what they believe, and as long as someone can do that, they should be able to believe what they want to without being bullied for their ideas. Adding to that, homosexuality is austrizied because it is biologically (Lets say that spiritually is wrong, I'm not saying it is or isnt mind) humans are somewhat uncomfortable by homosexuality. So, no. Its not any religions fault that, its just humanity in general.
So Bob, even here you can demonstrate your capacity for being a bully, somewhat, as well as someone who doesnt really think about all the facts and opinions before you do these videos.
I think that the majority of nerds, if they actually think this should grow up and stop thinking that they were bullied because they were better, because being bullied doesnt make you a victem, or superior or anything like that. ANd Being a bully doesnt make you a hive mind, or a monster. They both just make you human. is that ok for you Bob?

Speaking as someone who wasn't bullied at all during school or thereafter (and I got lucky because I am the exact type of person who typically gets bullied), but who has observed bullying in the work place and school, I know EXACTLY why people do get bullied:

Because the Bullies think they can!

It doesn't matter how tall you are, what you like or even what skin-colour you are these days. You WILL be bullied, if the bully thinks that they can. If they think that you are unpopular or weak-willed, they will descend like vultures to tear at you.

Many things tip off a Bully to thinking that he/she has found another victim - body language, musculature, and the amount of friends are all indicators that tip off the bully into thinking "aha, is this my next victim?". During my school years, the people who were bullied were ALWAYS the people who had:

1) The least amount of friends
2) The softest, quietest or highest-pitched voice
3) A posture that indicated timidity and social awkwardness

I was lucky - I had no friends, I have a very soft, rather high-pitched voice and I'm socially awkward. For some reason, I was never bullied. I can't explain it. Everyone just ignored me or were polite but distant to me. Maybe it was because I made it a habit of never really reacting to threats the way most people thought I would, or being emotionally unpredictable.

Regardless - Bullies want to dominate. They don't really care about race or class or anything like that - bullies come from all over the globe and from all social classes. Hell, in my school, some of the WORST bullies (who were later expelled) were Indian students. Don't get the wrong idea, most of the Indian students in my school were great people, but the worst one I knew personally was an Indian guy who was frankly, absolutely awful, and his shtick was to use race to pick on people (despite suffering from racism himself). And most of the bullies from my school (or at least, the ones who beat up people) were from lower-income families (the emotionally abusive ones were from the rich families).

Bullies want to dominate and harass other people, because, frankly, some people are just jerks. Some people genuinely get a kick out of seeing other people suffering - hell, look at the SS, who lived and breathed a code of pure violence and hate, and loved it. Some people are just plain mean spirited bastards who want to see you suffer because they derive enjoyment out of it. It doesn't depend on race, creed or body shape - it depends on whether or not they think you're a soft target. Now that's depressing, but that's the truth.

Brilliant episode I must say.

I was abused in elementary School, the kids picked on me and called me names and I really hated school during that period. But then I jumped into the arms of a special program for kids who think out side the box, I got away from those kids and I found my place. Years later in High school, I saw those same kids and they were really nice and mature. So some people are different and will mature with time.

But you were really right. Maybe the reason we like the concept of powers or even Zombies for that mature is the concept of having the power to seek revenge or finally say "Look I am better than you!" For a while I wanted to become famous just so I could show those people who picked on me that I was a person capable of doing things, but meeting them in high school again, I realized they had moved on and maybe I should too. Course I showed them when ever we played Dodgeball. My entire High school career I only got hit out once. I was the master dodger and even when I was the last person on my team, I never went out.

Now how to use that ability in real life XD

I'd like to say I'd be on the Xavier side but the Magneto side would be VERY tempting considering how much I was bullied, and how brutually.

I'd probably end up acting like I'm on the X side but not for altruistic reasons. For me it'd probably be more of a "I'll show them by killing them with kindness and being a better person than they!" type of thing.

As to whether or not nerds are superior..... well, I am a nerd, and I have to say, not really. I'm a biologist, but I have done some chemistry, and while you can't be an idiot and succeed in science, neither do you have to be a genius to get a science degree. The key ingredients to being a good scientist or intellectual are:

1) A passion for the subject (in my case, genetics and developmental biology)
2) A reasonable memory
3) Training in sceptical (skeptical if you're American) thinking and the scientific method.

While I don't know any idiots in the scientific field, most of us, including myself, aren't world-renowned geniuses either. Frankly, your average scientist might think clearer than most, but that's because they've had training (Yes, you CAN be trained to think better, and that's what a good university can do for you).

But having an innate interest in science isn't proof of superiority or a great intellect. My brother is, frankly, probably smarter than me and more imaginative to boot. He went into IT and business and he hated science and didn't do too well in school (well enough to pass, but getting A's was the least of his concerns). By having a Master's Degree in a scientific discipline, am I better than my Brother? Hell no! My Brother's great. He's just as smart, probably smarter than me, and is probably a nicer guy (although I have a better control over my temper, he's the one with the real heart).

Being a nerd doesn't make you superior in any way. Bullies target people just because they can. I've met some real jerks in science, believe me. There are some scientists who derive no greater pleasure than from tearing, absolutely TEARING apart a colleague in public. Yes, good scientist are supposed to be ultra critical of all papers, but some of the stuff I've seen just borders on plain, pure psychotic emotional abuse. Many scientists are no better than anyone else, and I say that as a scientist. Luckily, my colleagues that I've worked with so far have been great. The nice scientists are the ones who tend to be at the bottom of the food chain. But in science, the higher up you go, the more the human and emotional side of people starts to show. Virtually all the heads-of-schools that I've met have been dead cold socio-paths who would THROW YOU TO THE WOLVES, LITERALLY, if it meant that they could get their hands on another PCR machine. I have known several academics, paranoid and mean-spirited, but in positions of great power, who basically spent WEEKS trying to collect signatures to get another fellow academic evicted and fired, just because they didn't go to their birthday party. I have met (not worked with, thankfully) some scientists who will try to sabotage your experiments, or take your reagents, or contaminate your equipment, for no real reason other than they don't like your face. Luckily, such psychotic jerks don't last long in science, but the insidious, emotionally abusive scientists often rise to the TOP of their department.

I've been with more than enough Nerds to know that they are really no better than anyone else. Believe me, if you have ever worked in a large lab or a building with multiple labs and warring departments all competing for limited resources, it gets REALLY UGLY, REALLY FAST. Which is really depressing - as scientists, aren't we supposed to be more rational, less emotional, fair-minded and driven solely by results? Well, that's the idealised image we try to project. But let me tell you, you sit in on some lab meetings, and you can sense the violence, the sheer violence and hatred in the air. You'd think there would be less bullying, harassment (sexual or otherwise) or meanness in an academic setting. No. Not at all. There's no escaping the human element, and scientists are humans, and some humans will be jerks and bullies. Same goes for Nerds.

And that's why I hate most lab meetings. And it's also why I'm depressed most mornings when I have to wake up.

Best episode yet.

I'd probably start on Magneto's team, but if I survived the first few days to months and witnessed all the death and destruction he and his team (and presumably myself) caused, I'd switch to Xavier's side and hope I survive the wrath that befalls me for that decision.

I'd be on the crack open a beer and not give a fuck side...honestly.

I'd not generalise, just go apeshit on anyone who had done something against me personally.

So, no team for me, just straight up murder. Or just messin' with them. I haven't decided yet.

Jesus, these just keep getting better and better.

It's refreshing to see a discussion video that doesn't try to convince the audience to accept a thesis, but instead challenges the audience to ask a serious question about their personal identity.

I don't know whose team I'd end up on, to tell you the truth. What I do know is that that question is going to be haunting me for awhile.

Its less matter of different and more a matter of social norms. Accuracy is irrelevant. Liking sports, disliking fantasy, average intellect, drinking, smoking, enjoying parties, this is stuff society calls normal. Not liking these things hits a subconscious cue. Not only are you different, but actively going against the group.

For example, some people in my dorm wanted to go out drinking and invited me a few times. I dont drink so I said no. To them this wasn't me not wanting to drink, this was me not wanting to socialize with the group and soon I was no longer invited to anything, this further pushed the "outsider" identity onto me and alienated me further. This kind of self perpetuating cycle is common.

I would probably be on my own side, siding with either when I felt it suited me or my goals. Basically, opressing and intimidating the normals would be a waste of my time, as would saving them from a mutant or group of mutants they pushed to a breaking point would be.

There's a bit of a jump in the logic here.

The bullies determined that you were different: the whole argument that follows assumes that the difference is real and meaningful; ie that the bullies were correct. (I doubt they were thoughtful enough to publish their argument for peer review scrutiny, eh? Those bastards!)

Anything can be rationalised, but that doesn't mean that all things occur for intellibly rational reasons.

Beginning an argument with the belief that a group of tormenters who targetted you (for reasons you have been trying to rationalise ever since, since the patterns of behave have been visible ever since) is still just rationalising for the sake of rationalising.

TL;DR: the world is a mess, to spend a short lifetime in the frustrated agonising pursuit of reasons for it will never give enough justice or satisfaction for price paid in years/waking hours spent and chances for happiness wasted.

I didn't like this philosophy nor the attitude it was presented in sorry. You were good because you admitted bias at the start, which is a brave thing to do

While neat, it isn't news to anyone. The "nerds" grow up and run the show. We knew that when getting picked on, which is why we all wanted to grow up so bad. On the other hand, for everyone else, the reality of approaching adulthood must have been terrifying.

All the macho anti intellectualism is simply nerds marketing their products to the known larger masses. Sure it might seem like distorted, but some nerd is getting rich off that crap.

The issue with the Xmen comparison is that, their plight will never change or end. Being ostracized as a nerd usually is hell from 6th to 11th grade, that's 5 or 6 years, then it ends and everyone grows up. Some get over it, and some write articles saying if they had the chance, they'd be a super villain.

The other issue is that the Xmen ARE superior. It's not ambiguous human racism because as far as we can tell, all the races are pretty much the same, with most of their differences being cultural.

The whole comic hero comparison is silly because if superior people slip into control with ease. If you had an intellect that made that of Mark Zuckerberg look simple, then I'd assume your kind would inherit control of everything pretty fast. Hatching harebrained schemes, and dressing up in suits that make you walking targets would hardly be the name of the game.

wow, bob. it's really starting to show that you don't have that much love for humanity, which is perfectly understandable given what you've been through by the sound of it. but coming from a 16 year old who's still in school and generally oppressed for not just trying to know more about stuff but also being a bit of a social anomalie who is not only misunderstood by others but even sometimes has trouble understanding them, i would still be on professor X's side. i think i'm mostly inspired by doctor who's whole "yeah, they can be dicks but they can also be brilliant" and not to mention just the whole feeling you get towards the universe when I <3 huckabees is one of your favorite movies (those of you who haven't seen it, do. it WILL change your perceptions of reality and, hopefully, your outlook on life.


technically, 'Homo Superior' isn't some kind of mutation (i.e. despite being called Mutant)... it's evolution.

TECHNICALLY evolution IS mutation. that's kinda the idea of the whole story. look up how evolution works... you may be surprised

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