The Big Picture: Magneto Was Right

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When magneto is written well he is a very sympothetic villina, you can see that msot people, maybe even yourself would be right there with him. Why would you risk your life to protect someone who wants you dead?

I do agree that the idea of being smarter always gets people picked on...though I will admit the 'nerds' or 'different' people were always the ones who you NEVER PISSED OFF in some situations (like the ITs who ensure there's e-mail and internet).

And I'd be on Magneto's team. He's more...realistic about things sometimes, and tends to be both good and bad. Plus I'd just want to take down his life history because I'm a history geek like that ^^;


As much as I'd like to turn the world upside down Movie Bob, I'm afraid I'd have to to stick with whatever side Wolverine is on :P

but wolverine is on his own side. Specifically the, don't fuck with me and I won't cut you open with my adamantine claws, side. Which is where I would be.

My point exactly!

Yeah, I'm sure plenty of nerds and geeks have that "superiority fantasy" where eventually when they're in the real world they can take their revenge on the low-brow idiots who tormented them with vastly superior financial success. Of course that isn't entirely true. You can make a ridiculous amount of money for having the ability to move a ball around.

And yeah, if I were to choose a side, I'd probably end up with Magneto. Plus the guy isn't always some vengeful super villain, sometimes he's just a guy who wants mutants to be left alone and isn't above using fear to accomplish that. Of course that's if I choose. I'd much rather just live a normal life with powers and not take place in any conflict, but if forced to I know which side I'm on. We didn't throw the first stone.

Okay, this episode further proved to me that american high schoolers are still on the level of 7-year olds. Where I live, in our equivalent of high school we are basically all grown up, respectable people.

But I can relate to this story. While I was through 7th and 9th class, I wasn't very popular. In fact bullied from time to time. And here's the gratifying part:

I didn't think I was better than my bullies. I KNEW I was better than my bullies.

Often both physically and intellectually. I was one of the ugliest people in my school (merely acne, not otherwise funny looks) but often I got better grades and was generally in better shape than the people who fucked with me. And to make things even better, I practiced judo till the green belt (the 4th level). I knew I could kick every single one of my bullies' ass.

I have a very interesting theory since you have done this video:

I was also picked on in School, Elementary, specifically. I won't go into the reasons why, but I was not the person people liked, for some reason or another. It took me years, but I finally have have upper hand over most of my tormentors; I have been offered a job that could pay me to do something that many would have to go on a television show and be insulted by a British music producer to get too (That's right, I have gotten around all the BS).

In a way, I have simultaneous connected your logic with me, and I am still the Mutant in this picture.

Also considering that my name is Logan, but that my parents never read comic books...

Does anyone see where I am coming from here? I'm just tying together some strings that had been currently left untied until now.

Ahhahahaha, no you're wrong. Although "because your different" doesn't hold water the argument of "because you're different and an easy target" does. bullies may be different but they are among other bullies nerds are isolated and alone and thus the target of rage. If you're among a group of like minded people you have some semblance of protection but nerds tend to be loners. On top of that, nerds deal with there issues by bitching and planing while bullies deal with there issues by beating up nerds. While you were feeling upset for being picked on bullies dealt with being picked on (it happens to them to) by beating you up. Nursing fantasies of being superior and that's why someone hates you is just narcissistic. Not to mention that it doesn't hold water when you consider that bullies also bully mentally handicap kids. Unless you think bullies somehow find them superior too.

Oh and I'd be on the X-man all the way. Lawful good, baby.

I was picked on in junior high until I decided to fight back in every way I could without getting in trouble myself. I physically attacked the bullies but not on school grounds. I embarrassed them at school. I reported them to the principal when they were not dumb enough to fall into my other traps. I was some kind of loose cannon and within a few months none of the bullies dared mess with me because they did not know what I would do to settle the score.

I went on to High School and never had a problem because my Junior High fed in about a quarter of the incoming class of freshman and word got around. "Don't f--- with this guy."

I enjoyed four years of High School nearly trouble free. Not bad for two to three months of work in junior high.

One story that both Marvel and DC have played a number of times is that of "NOW I HAVE POWER", in which they theorise that the way to make a horror is to take someone who was abused and give them the power to fight back.

Also see Carrie, Falling Down etc.

One problem is that look what happens to all these people... Magneto is stopped by friendship, Team Rocket by friendship...and what sells that world beating friendship? Cults... Be it football or racing or Scientology (*shudders*).

Or...The Escapist.

See, we still can come together and perform wonderous things together (Child's Play) or horrendous things (Rapeplay), but it's all in the fantasy of us doing what we want to do.

Just like everyone else...

Perhaps the real difference between the Jocks and the Nerds is that they try to make a fantasy out of reality, and we try to make a reality out of fantasy?

Even thinking that Magneto could be real, he's still as petty and small-minded as most of us are. Even with the threat of Auschwitz hanging over him, what would he do today?

Spielberg and Lucas are millionaires. The Herrenvolk are splintered and crushed. What could he do for the Jewish people that wouldn't put him in the same situation he fought against?

While it's often said that the Heroes create the Villains, equally the Villains create the Heroes. It just depends on which side of the fence you sit on.

Did your bullies suffer themselves? Probably. That would make you do it.
Can they rationalise why? Probably not. Could you?
Do they actually enjoy bullying? Tough...would you?

RAH! Stupid Double post.

Pay no attention to the man behind the post. This isn't the post you're looking for. Move along.

I actually think there's a lot more in this subject than just what Bob's talking about. 'Different' i.e. 'special' i.e. 'superior' is a logical progression, especially from the victim's standpoint, but I think it goes deeper than that. It's not the jealousy of one sub-group feels for another I think it goes deeper into humanity's inherent Inferiority Complex. The very last thing any person ever wants to admit is that in truth what they are is a tiny speck on the enormous canvas that is the universe. We strive every day to NOT feel that, I think this is why so many people flock to religions, it so much easier to believe that we aren't as meaningless as we really are if the SUPREME BEING OF ALL is taking time out of his day to listen to little ol' me. Add in the whole 'God's Chosen Special-est Little Creature in the Whole Wide World' that seems to accompany that and you can kind of see my point. Hell, even as I sit here and write this in the back of my mind I'm imaging myself dictating this to a secretary, having it published in a book, read by millions, and being heralded as a great beacon of Truth. But in all honesty most people won't even read this, care, or comment on it. It's not just religion, we look down on other people, who hasn't walked down the street and seen a 500 lbs. man and thought "I'm in better shape than him" or some butt ugly woman and felt prettier by comparison. Kids, in my opinion, are the most honest of all human beings because they haven't learned to curtail themselves, so when they need to feel better about themselves they tease 'Lil Bob' or bully some other kid about his race, sexual orientation, or whatever. Bob's analogy between the X-men and Brotherhood is a good one, except it's not the struggle between groups of people, it's a reflection of the two basic impulses in OURSELVES. Be nice and work with others or...

the point is good, and understandably. Sadly my tormented background was less bulling and more alienation by my peers, I was not just last to be picked, but they would argue over who sould get be, because nether of them did. The only good friend I did make in the 12 years of school was the crazy kid that was eventually kicked out of the school because he scared the teachers. This was all because not that I was any bit superior, but inferior, it is a bitch to have multiparty learning disability's.

So I'd be more neutral, much rather cutting out my own peace of paradise, and telling people to not give me trouble.

Took the round about route but you got your point across alright. Great video as always and yes I too would side with Magneto.

I think I'd join up with magneto as well. Not really because I was bullied, or at least in the traditional sense. I was just ignored, my opinions disregarded and my input considered to be "too weird" to be worth taking note of. It did matter that I was equally (or honestly more) intelligent. Because the way i talked was strange and the things i said, outside their close minded interests, i was effectively shunned. So sure, I'd use my mutant super powers of whatever-theyd-be to stick it to the proverbial man.
this was another good topic on a consistently good show. keep it up bob :)

I think bullying to be about the same as friendship, two sides of a coin you know. It all has to do with your position on the social pyramid. You'd be surprised how fast those two swap out each other, especially for kids.

I think many are also bullied because they lack confidence and don't have many friends. If I had superpowers I wouldn't help "humanity", I'd rarely help others and only if they were in mortal peril. You can't just let people take your powers for granted. But I would use my powers all the time for personal gain, just saying...

throughout school I was usauly picked on.

then puberty hit and I stood taller than all of them.

when highschool came around I wore an old camo field jacket [school starts in august here, and it has its cold days which was its original reason for wearing it] and people started thinking I was the guy that was going to shoot or blow up the school [didnt help that I was reading the Jolly Roger at the time] so people tended to stay away from me.

that being said, I enjoyed the hell out of fucking with peoples heads back in Highschool, and I will never change what I did, nor apologize.

clearly I would be with Team Awesome, but probably only to get the health insurance, loner all the way!

I really liked this video. The "because you're smarter than they are" was the line my mother used to explain why I got picked on at school, and I fully believed it, until I got older and realized that you could be very smart and still be a complete asshole. Intelligence is not the qualifying trait for superiority.

I'm also reminded of the Simpsons episode "Bye Bye Nerdie", in which Lisa struggles to find the cause of bullying to find it is purely chemical and not related to any social or psychological reason at all.

Oh, and I'm with Charles. X-Men get all the elitist fun of a super-school and high-tech gadgets, while being sane enough to not indulge in regular episodes of genocide.

As much as I'd like to turn the world upside down Movie Bob, I'm afraid I'd have to to stick with whatever side Wolverine is on :P

QFT, gotta go with the big man here

I'd probably be with the Morlocks. Sure, I'd have to live in a sewer or an abandoned tunnel, but my hermit lifestyle would be away from everyone else.

O wait I completly forgot something. It's not the jocks or the nerds that need to be feared or take retribution on. No, it's the politicians that fuel hate through their fear-mongering we need to worry about. They thrive on people spliting up into different social groups so they can pit us against each other for political gain.

They say things that basicly amount to "Elect me and I'll get rid of those dirty (Insert opposing group) for you!".

Yes the politicians are the real enemy.

I'd pick Magneto. If I had the means to make someone pay, I wouldn't even have to thing about it.

While Magneto may be a raving Lunatic at times, if I suddenly spawned the ability to shot blades out of my fists you're damn right I'd join the Brotherhood.



As much as I'd like to turn the world upside down Movie Bob, I'm afraid I'd have to to stick with whatever side Wolverine is on :P

but wolverine is on his own side. Specifically the, don't fuck with me and I won't cut you open with my adamantine claws, side. Which is where I would be.

My point exactly!

That doesn't make any sense, considering he's with the X-Men, X-Force, Avengers and New Avengers. Yeah, he has his own title(s), but Marvel will whore him out to anything if it meant more readers.

Loved the reaction to Bill Gates VS Michael Jordan point. That says about all of it as regards our society.

I don't think most people who are bullied are special or necessarily different, as much as I may have wanted it to be true when I was at school. It is just that a lot of us for one reason or another were not around when they were handing out social skills. And I don't mean knowing what is the right fork to use. But the really basic stuff of being able to relate to other human beings. This is why bullied people are thought of, a lot of the time, as being 'weird', just because they don't react to things the same way as other people do. This is no fault of theirs but just that something happened during early child development.

That's why this idea that only intelligent people are bullied is rubbish as there a lots of very intelligent people who have never been bullied and are just looked at as 'one of the guys' due to them having properly functioning social skills.

I will leave you with one further though on how important social skills are. Scientist now know that the brain size of human ancestors brains did not increase as much when learning to use tools, as it did when social groups increased. I.E managing social interactions required more brain processing power than tool use. Go figure....

You know something funny I noticed is that in all the Japanese animes that I have seen, that take place in or are about a school of some sort, the more intelligent kids are usually the popular ones. The Nerds are famous, which I always thought was funny, and wondered if that was the reality in Japan.

Oh Snap Son! MAG-FUCKING-NETO IS RIGHT!!! Where yo Curleh Mustache at?!

(sorry, had to do it.)

All of this is true. Though, I must point out that regarding your Harry Potter example, Voldemort is the one saying that since muggles are inferior, the superior should rule over them. This is more similar to the comic book villain type, who believes that they should punish their former tormentors or the weak.
This isn't really the objectivist standpoint. The "good" wizards, though, embody the objectivist ideal better; unlike the superheroes, they don't use their powers to serve the powerless, but that's because they don't care about the non-wizards.
The point is that rather than there being only two options - dominate the bullies or benefit them - there should be three: antagonize them, serve them, or simply ignore them and be happy with your awesome superpowers.

The big issue is that nerds look weak. The bullies are just looking for someone to take their aggression issues out on. Someone who won't fight back.

And a lot of the time it just leads into a cycle where the nerds start acting like victims, which causes more pain to come their way. People always say to just not let it bother you, but I don't know if that's possible for anyone.

I don't know much about X-Men, but are there any mutants who hide out in the mountains and anonymously help the world out while not interacting with anyone besides their cats? If so, that would be me.

It has nothing to do with nerds beeing superior, its because they wont fight back so bulies can do whatever they want.

Like Bob said, he is a nerd, so am I but come on, it isnt hard to understand what actually goes on.

Quite interesting. Oh, I see what I inadvertadly did there...

But anyway, I think I'd join the xmen in the end, but I'd constantly be tempted to..."accidentally" disembowel a few people. Of course, if most people chose magneto, it'd be an excellent point to exactly why bullying should be taken more seriously-It makes people who think they can do what they want to anyone at anytime out of the perpatrators (sp?) and can make borderline psychopaths out of its survivors, because like bob said, and any bullying survivor will tell you, the temptation for some kind of revenge is overwhelming.

Bob -

Surprised you didn't bring the Malcolm X / MLK corollary since that was very much in Claremont's conscience during his take of the X-Men.

I'd join Magneto. No doubt. I was also bullied in school and the only explanation anyone ever gave me (teachers and my parents, the bullies never said anything) was that I was different. This lead to that I wanted to think I was superiour, but that image was torn down by the fact that I was not the smart one, not the one that's really good in gym, no real undicovered talent and so on. As a result I hate the people that bullied me and in the X-men/Magneto-metaphor I would go for revenge all the way.

"Because they're different" may in some ways be an oversimplification of "because we (those who are not the target of bullying) are the same."

You said it yourself, Bob- the bullies came in all shapes and sizes. Bullying enables some people to define themselves as not being part of the "underclass" despite their differences. Ostracizing the friendless geek suggests that I must be popular because I don't have to debase myself by allowing "nerds" anywhere near my social circle. Shoving the gay guy tells the pretty girls I'm 100% red-blooded male, baby! No matter how far "down" you may actually be, nothing makes you look higher than having someone beneath you.

...Yeah, humans can kind of suck.

As a girl who was teased, taunted, and bullied I can understand were bob is coming from and if I had the power I would smite the person who made me cry on a regular bases when I was a little girl... and maybe the teacher who just let it happen as well.

Oh, the answer's obvious: I'd be on the side that looks like it'd probably win.

Congratulations you are now Italy.

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