Zero Punctuation: A Shadow's Tale

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I must make that a user name some where.

This may not be kosher for The Escapist's comments (Yahtzee's videos are rarely the place for comment standards anyhow), but I thought I'd give an antithesis to Yahtzee's review which many of your are gobbling up from one such as writer Scott Jones, on Reviews on the Run. They're critical too, but I must point out the scores which are pretty high.

I'd like to pick it up someday myself, hopefully, if I can find the time for it ;) .

YES King Graham reference!!! YAY for old school gaming!!!

I'm honestly surprised nobody countered his line about 'No games are out in 2011' with Little Big Planet 2 or even more surprisingly Mass Effect 2.

Then again I'm still waiting on Pokemon Heart Gold and Silver. Has Yahtzee been too busy catching them all?


The Wii is not the graphics king. Flash of 360 with the crown. Please..... Standard console centric world view. There is another format that has better graphics. But whatever, the pic of the 360 was probably more recognizable. Typical mis-representation.

The Wii is a console so compare it to consoles. Of course it's 'console centric', but that's not a bad thing in this case. I'm sure there's a super computer or experimental mega computational beast machine out there that destroys the best ATI or Geforce card available today, however, it would be a comparison entirely out of context.

I agree and that's why no PC rage here.

But as far as other experimental supercomputers. The are going to be supercomputers out there that put the PC to shame with processing power. But that is not graphics power, polygons per second, etc. As far as I know it is only ATI and NVIDIA making highend polygons, etc pushers. There maybe something, but it will be so unique and proprietary that none of the games we talk about here can be played on them. So you cannot really compare.

Has anyone heard of this game?
Has anyone ever heard yahtzee so angry?

I had prior to this review, but I know of every niche wii game in existence, and own every single one of them.

I actually did hear about the game before. And after this, I'm not going to get it. :P

Yahtzee, the vampire guy's name is Vamp.

Ouch. I can see why Yahtzee chose to review this, since it's one of the only Wii releases I'd been looking forward to, as well. Too bad about it being so bleh.

Still, anything vaguely resembling ICO is worth a go, so I'll get this when it's <$20; it's not like there's much else on the Wii worth spending bucks upon. That shouldn't take long, since it's not a 20-year-old Nintendo franchise and doesn't involve guns and explosions.

So what he is really trying to say is that this is one of the best shadow platformers ever made and everyone who has two working thumbs and enough cast to scrap together should go out and buy it // That sounds like a wonderful idea! It is such a joy to hear the sweet sound of Yahazz's voice utter such poetic words while explaining to use how much he enjoy this game


I find it funny how the average critic consensus on this game is terrible while user reviews have been attempting to praise it as a lost treasure belonging to the garden of eden. There's no greater sign of fan desperation than pathetically attempting to raise the status of a solitary wii game because, hell, it's all they have.

There's also another 2011 release, Magicka. I seriously recommend checking it out.

Well as terrible a time as Yahtzee seemed to have with this game, he still spent quite a bit of time and effort on it regardless

We Aussies have been banging on about slow release dates for games (especially YOU, Nintendo) for ages now. It's nice that someone with some presence in the global gaming community is doing it on our behalf now.

Don't diss New Zealand. -_-

haha excellent episode
I also have never heard of this game

Something I've been wondering for quite a while now, who is that face that appears at 3:18? He keeps using this guy's face, I'm sure it's significant or something

I've asked that before and never got an answer. I too am curious who that guy is. He uses it all the time.

Oh boy, back tracking!

At least when they did it in Halo, it wasn't completely like hitting a rewind button, they threw a few things at you to spice things up. Back tracking is awful, but if you have to do it, at least add a little something!

P.S. I finally got a copy of MOGWORLD. It's a great book, I highly reccomend it. Keep up the good work Yahtzee.

Yahtzee, in the span of five minutes, made me aware that the game ever existed AND that I'll never buy it... or steal it... or even remember the box art. Also, there was some comment about this was the angriest that Yahtzee has ever been. I'm sure also that some debate was started over angry Yahtzee (maybe).

However, you're all wrong unless you said the final minute of his Halo Wars review.

King Graham sprite :D

The overlong sword is also too short? How the hell does that work?

It doesn't. This claim is false. You do not have to even hit enemies with the sword for them to take damage and die. Perfect test everyone can do to see this is go to any area that has those imp looking things floating around with the balloons as they have a predefined and fixed movement. Stand just out of swords reach of any point where they stop and change direction, wait for them to get there, then swing the sword. Not even the swoosh graphic that the sword makes will touch them, but they still die none the less.

Honestly, I wish this claim was true. That would atleast give some sense of purpose to the meaningless and completely riskless fights that do nothing but slow down game flow. The game is already boring enough without such padding.

Come on Ben, there was no reason to resort to lying and making up a non existant issue just to get pissy over. It's a Wii game for f's sake, that fact alone gives it more then enough valid gripes to make half a dozen videos over. I know you like to exaggerate any issues a game has for the sake of AVGN style dramatic effect, but there wasn't even the slightest grain of truth to exaggerate behind this. Poor show, Ben. "Journalistic Integrity", google it.

In regards to Yahtzee being angrier than this...I admit that for a full length video, this does sound close to the most annoyed he's ever been with a game as a whole.

But I would say his big finale on the Sims 3 critique is probably the angriest we've ever actually heard him without him just being sarcastic.

Ugh. When will this drought of review worthy games end? Is it because of the issue at brisbane? If it is that's okay no one had any control over that the weather is really crazy everywhere. He might end up reviewing dead space 2.

Did Yahtzee say Australia has no strategic value?

Clearly he's never played risk, that continent is the easiest to control and has only one entry.

All of the grand epic battles I've had in that game have been over control of Australia.

I like the above statement greatly. I think the fact that Queensland has been recently hit by a cyclone could be a bit unsettling.

Gotta get that air conditioner fixed man.

Very amusing Mr Yahtzee.

why am i getting a "Stream not found" error thingy? anyone else have this?
i just tested it and had it on other videos aswell! whats happening Escapist?! WHATS HAPPENING?!

If Australia was the only place left it would fail, the terrain of grassland just isn't big enough... Lucky you included NZ :D We rock at making food haha.

This may not be kosher for The Escapist's comments (Yahtzee's videos are rarely the place for comment standards anyhow), but I thought I'd give an antithesis to Yahtzee's review which many of your are gobbling up from one such as writer Scott Jones, on Reviews on the Run. They're critical too, but I must point out the scores which are pretty high.

I'd like to pick it up someday myself, hopefully, if I can find the time for it ;) .


was awful.

I should've shut it off the moment they imitated robots, I feel bad that I didn't.

Yahtzee you descibed esentially the whole genre of platform games with a word-sentence. Sameboringy etc.

It really won't ever get better then Mario1-4 or Sonic 1-3.

Or well Prince of persia is the only ones that seem to be doing the genre justice and trying to move forward.

And it was one of the pioneers :O

So my suggestion to you is just play prince of persia xD


I'm getting stream not found errors as well. Was having worse problems yesterday when the player did not initialise properly and none of the controls worked never mind actually trying to load a video

"Smelling of chip fat and xenophobia."

Like Australia is a symbol of ethnic tolerance.


Like Australia is a symbol of ethnic tolerance.

Actually, it is pretty good, speaking as a member of an ethnic group living in Australia. Sure, you get the occasional racial flare up in some insular pockets, but the vast majority of people are quite easy going about racial issues.

Seems like some Americans are being overly sensitive to Yahtzee's review. I thought that Yahtzee was picking fun about the title change, not about America itself. Hey, if OZ can put up with all the convict jokes, I'm sure you Yanks can deal with a little wisecrack as well.

He says "Finally, a game," then he... tears it to shreds... I don't get it. Sounded like he liked it, then he said he didn't even finish it.

Heh, sounds like a game that isn't fun. In fact, I too thought of Limbo when I saw this game. Not much to think about though as I never really was interested in Limbo.

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