Shamus Plays: WoW #15: The Final Quest

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This was a fantastic series, incredibly funny as well. I would love to see Blizzard actually design this in an expansion as a new dungeon/raid.

Nothing illustrates the stupidity of WoW than the quests, except the fanboys.

I'll agree that the human quests are dumb, but the other races kick serious ass. I've only ever leveled one human for that very reason, I just couldn't stomach more. (Yes, I read quest text dammit.)

For instance, the Draenei and Dwarf areas have really great stuff. I levelled my NElf in Azuremyst so I have no idea about Teldrassil.

And we didn't complain about it.

You didn't complain? That questline was HORRIBLE. In fact, most multi-zone quests pre-BC were. *shudders*

So that's why Ner'zhul went evil. "I'll show you, mother! I'm good at SOMETHING!"

Could also apply to Sargeras

Great storytelling and great series! I looked forward to it each week, and I'm sad now it's ended. Hopefully you'll do your next project in WoW as well.

I'm sad it's over :(

Aww, it's sad to see this end, even if it's such a great ending.

My only sadness here is that your ending your comic. Its brilliant.

I was expecting norman to get killed and resurrected as a forsaken, then gobstab gets summoned by him again, and they go and plague the world together :P
(with a montage of undead norman killing all of the annoying NPC's from the rest of the series :P)

Monty Python-esque dialogue, Stalvan.... *sniff* It is such a shame that all things must end. Great story Shamus, we will miss Norman the lunatic and his trusty Imp.

Formica Archonis:
Great end. Liked the skiing callback to episode 1. I wonder if Norman will enjoy the ball pit of skulls of the stillborn?

Even if I loved this series (and it's still the most inviting thing to WOW I know), I think you should work more on the ends. They're all on the bitter side.

And that's what makes them so very sweet.

Really, each one is about putting a sane man (i.e. a person with real-world expectations) in a fundamentally insane (i.e. MMO) world. The only real options are to go insane (and start playing along), retreat from the madness (Lulzy and Star on Chest retiring) or fight against the madness (Norman finally living up to his Deathbringer-er name.)

^This. Most MMO roleplaying games, despite the name, really aren't meant for roleplaying. They are just a bunch of generic challenges that make no sense from the perspective of canon or immersion. They are generally just a bunch of repetitive group activities.

I really enjoyed this series, its sad that its ending! I hope the next one will be from a game I know too well too, so I get the jokes.

I'm a little bit disappointed you went to Darkshire and didn't end it with the quest chain that resurrects a monster that starts destroying town hall :( very entertaining though

Guess the end was not so well thought. I was hping for him to have met abercrombie and by then end when the mayor is crying for help against the beast norman would walk off and say you brought this upon yourselves.

This ending was softer.

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