Beyond Dead

Beyond Dead

Celebrate the birthday of zombie master George Romero with some of his other movies.

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Well he needs to stop making zombie film. His last few have sucked and his last good film was Day of the Dead. Land of the Dead was ok, just the lead zombie was crapply acted compared to Bub in Dotd.

OT Happy birthday. Maybe he should remake Bruiser, but add more gore?

Wow Monkey Shining sounds awesome.

Happy Birthday Romero! Now if you'l excuse me I'm off to make some alterations to my Netflix que.

I've seen, but didn't enjoy, Creepshow, and I own The Dark Half, but that's it. Man, I gotta get on this shit; the only Romero movies I've seen are Night, Dawn, Land, and the aforementioned Creepshow and TDH. I also own Diary but I haven't seen it yet.

Heh heh, I wonder if "The Dark Half" is in part responsible for the Venture Bros. inspiration for Jonas Jr.

I definitely need to watch Knightriders now... just the description sounds like something I'd be into. You had me at "part biker movie, part medieval intrigue drama, part counterculture road picture."

Glad you forgot to mention the crappy 'theres always vanilla' and 'season of the witch'

though what about the crazies? that was a fucking brilliant movie, much better than the god-awful remake.

I've seen all of those, I suddenly feel part of the elite... not sure I like that.

Monkey shines is pretty cool, Knightriders is definitely my favourite of the bunch though.

Pretty interesting stuff. Just an FYI for the Editors, though, the link to the Martin trailer is broken.

Well I have a new list of movies to find.

Honestly, I didn't realise how much else Romero had done. Then again, I'm not into horror movies so these hold no interest for me, but thanks Bob for enlightening me.

I love Knightriders! After you reminded me of it, I immediately went and ordered it.

Its Alice Cooper's birthday? Then why did I have such a shitty day?

I didn't know any of these but thanks for informing us of classic history again, MovieBob. Totally loving it!

Creep Show sounds pretty interesting, murderous cockroaches YES!

Knight Riders is one of those movies I'm always banging on about to anyone who will listen. My wife rolls her eyes and strolls off whenever I start talking to someone about it.

I always thought The Dark Half was underrated. The causal menace that Timothy Hutton manages to give off is totally unexpected when you check his earlier work. That was also the first movie where I took notice of Micheal Rooker.

One of my parents left the SCA because it was too wussy. She raised me with her love for most things medieval. Kightriders was part of the package. It has easily been over a decade since I last viewed it.

Tonight, it goes to the top of the queue!

A list of underrated Romero movies and you don't mention THE CRAZIES?!


A list of underrated Romero movies and you don't mention THE CRAZIES?!


Concur, though this is one of his better known projects, still underrated though.

A list of underrated Romero movies and you don't mention THE CRAZIES?!


I'm also glad that somebody else had the same thought. The original Crazies was a fantastic spin on the "Zombie" genre, even though it was pretty fresh at the time. Well, happy Mr. Romero. Your films are loved!

I feel pretty good having seen almost all of those films except Dark Half.
Smug Film lover feeling now :)

Martin is one of the best movies that I've ever seen, although I think it's much more of a character study of a disturbed individual than a straight-up horror film (the bloody bits are pretty scarce). It has a very gritty, low-budget feel to it (looks like it was shot in Pittsburgh). The ending has nearly as much impact as the one in Night of the Living Dead.

Creepshow was a fun movie, but I watched it on network TV about 15 years ago and I think they cut out the cockroach story entirely.

I really want to see Knightriders and The Crazies. That picture from Monkey Shines has me curious, though.

Seen 'em all but Martin. May have to look that one up. Oddly enough, I don't care for the zombie-genre stuff, and I always thought that Romero was unfairly 'typecast' as only doing zombie films: he was a master of Horror, but if you mention the name to anyone, all you get is "blahblahblahZOMBIESblahblahblahtheDEAD..."

[shudder] Haven't watched the film in over a decade, but I can still see the roaches streaming out of the sinks and under the doors to get the agoraphobic old man... I think I screamed like a little girl the first time I saw that.

I'm so glad I read this article, if only to see the trailer for Knightriders which has possibly the greatest out of context line ever: "I'm not trying to be a hero! I'M FIGHTING THE DRAGON!!!"

Makes me lol every time.

Fingers crossed for a Martin remake.....

how did I not know about Knightrider and Monkey Shines?

I am now getting these movies.

I still consider Martin to be one of the truly scary unsettling films Ive ever seen. Right up there with 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' & 'House on Haunted Hill'.

Seven measly seconds of Ubermenschen Tom Savini in the Knightriders trailer? Trailer, I am disappoint.
Also, Creepshow should be required viewing. Like you have to have a Creepshow written test before you can own property or something.

Not even one mention of The Crazies, new or old? God, they were awesome - one of the rare examples where the remake is better than the original.

Not even one mention of The Crazies, new or old? God, they were awesome - one of the rare examples where the remake is better than the original.

My guess is that Crazies was too close to the zombie genre to be what he was hoping to showcase. In effect it is the same kind of movie.

I knew about Creepshow and Monkey Shines, if only because James Rolfe reviewed them in his annual Monster Madness reviews.

Few days late - but I didn't realize I shared the same bday as Romero . . . I knew about the others, though.


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