Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

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I found the Hercules game on PS1(?) the best Disney game, ooh but that's just ol' nostalgia talking.

Oh yeah I so knew what the top 2 would be! I loved both the Lion King and Aladdin - although I had them on my PC - and I still play Aladdin today with the help of dosbox - but that SNES version :O I never knew about that one - that seemed sooo awesome :D Does anyone know of a way to play that on a PC today?

Your best bet (short of tracking down an SNES and game) is actually finding a copy of the GBA version. While you can probably find it on an emulator if you tried, you'd never get the same fluidity of controls that the game really has, and you'd need a gamepad with a good d-pad to play it properly.

By the way, the SNES version is the better of the two now, though it may not have been at the time of release. You can find a lot of better action games than the Genesis version nowadays, but platformers haven't improved all that much since the days of the SNES, and Aladdin really is one of the best ones on the system.

SNES Aladdin is the superior Aladdin.

I didn't play a Disney Game until Kingdom Hearts.

same here I played NEs,Genesis and Super NES but I never that good until I started to play N64 and ps1.

Where is Donald in Cold Shadow/ maui mallard? that was my first game ever and it was sooo epic. even if i couldnt get past level 3

awesome list! Never played the Darkwing Duck game (or the chip and dales game) since I never owned a NES but I've played the other ones and I loved all of them.

I nostalgia'd pretty damn hard, this almost made me want to pull the SNES out of the closet. Almost.

Only one I played from that list is the Lion King one, and yeah it was pretty awesome. And I haven't even seen the complete movie yet...shame on me right? Surprised she didn't mention how the game stays so very true to the amazing animation style of the film, one the best and easiest to recognise qualities of that game.

Also, maybe someone can tell me, but is Lisa's cat a Maine Coon? Sure looks like one, it being so heavy and big. Or maybe Lisa is just small I have no idea.


That said, poor World of Illusion. :'< Though it was interesting to learn that the top game had two different versions. I always loved that game, tough as it was. lol

Yeahhh Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!!!!! I loved that one. Also, Tale Spin was a pretty good game. I don't remember playing a lot of the games listed besides C&D but there was a disney game, I'm pretty sure a Mickey Mouse game, that was totally awesome but I know it wasn't the one listed here. I wish I could remember more of it but I really don't recall much beyond some vague scenes. I think it was a top-down game... I remember something about a watery/swampy area and being on docks... some puzzle elements... maybe some RPG stuff? Like items? Arg! Can't remember much else.


Ducktales. That is all.

This list really proves that Disney has actually had a pretty good run with videogames in the past. I mean, how many other companies out there could you even think of 5 good licensed games from never mind being easily able to pick out more games that could/should have made the list instead of the ones that did?

And yeah, SNES Aladdin all the way.

the jungle book rocked i hate you lisa (just kiding but still the jungle book rocked)

The Lion King! The only game that was so awesome, that my mum actually played it all the way through. If my sega still worked I would play it right now... but unfortunately it's been broken for years, I just can't bring myself to throw it out, lol.

I would have gone Castle of Illusion as number 5, though that's just a personal preference.

Ah the nostalgia, my personal favorite disney games where Castle of Illuision and Quackshot for the Sega Mega Drive

Oh my! I had a PC port for the Lion King game and the Genesis Aladdin game when I was a little boy. (and a PC port of á Jungle Book game)

Damn, now I have to play Aladdin and the Lion King again. Those two were the first games where I've played through the whole game as a child, without the help of my big brother.

Yep. That is one fat Simba

I had all of those games, but I liked Mickey Mouse's Circus Mystery more than Magical Quest... mainly because you could beat in about two hours if you made mistakes

I remember finding The Lion King hard as hell when I was a kid. I think I only managed to beat it once. But still a damn good game.

Woah...I totally remember playing that World of Illusion game with Donald and Mickey. Played it so much, especially since I'm a huge Donald Duck fan. Shame, I don't remember him getting "good" endings in that game compared to Mickey Mouse.

And Lion King? Yeah, that was another cool one. A shame for me though, since I always got stuck in that level in the video. You had to do something to make the monkeys throw you to the end of the level, and I almost always couldn't figure it out. Did manage to eventually beat it though.

Aladdin? Played the Genesis version, and that was pretty fun.

Great list Lisa, and thanks for the trip down memory lane!

:D I thoroughly enjoyed that. More nostalgia please!

Woohoo!! Someone else on this thread remembered Quackshot. That was fun. Gliding along stuck to a pelican with a plunger never gets old. Plus, the whole Indy wannabe vibe from the game is nice.

And Darkwing Duck was sooooooo awesome as a cartoon. I never quite understood why it didn't grow into somehing more popular.

I predicted that Aladdin and Lion King would be in there - awesome games!

What about Quackshot though? That was brilliant! I mean, killing people with a plunger? Sweet.

And Word of Illusion was very good, especially seeing as you could co op it too.


And Lion King? Yeah, that was another cool one. A shame for me though, since I always got stuck in that level in the video. You had to do something to make the monkeys throw you to the end of the level, and I almost always couldn't figure it out. Did manage to eventually beat it though.

I remember that. Used to always baffle me too. I felt a sense of achievement if I got passed it. I recently downloaded a rom of it and once again that part had me stuck for a while...

No mention of Hercules on PC/PSX ?

Awesome =)
Darkwing Duck was my favorite game on NES. And Chip and Deil become a reason for a lot of fighting with my brother. Until we had found Battletoads, wich immidiatly replaced it. ^_^'

Wow. That was ridiculously positive for an independent video game review from 20 years after the fact, give or take. Sure the games were cool, but it played like a commercial for Disney products. That being said, I appreciated the content of the list.

I recently played The Jungle Book again, and I think that a quick "it sucks" is a bit harsh. There were a lot of fun levels and large areas to explore. You could choose to speed through the level or take your time and get all the bonuses. Plus, the soundtrack was catchy. No, this game is not as good as The Lion King or Aladdin, but it is still a good game.

Dear god that cat needs a fucking Stairmaster. It could probably eat mine just by looking at them.

Good list. Lion King on PC is always my favourite.

Genesis Aladdin was wicked awesome.

The SNES version just didn't feel the same...

Ahh I completely forgot about magical quest! I had so much fun playing that game, especially the section with Goofy where you get to swing around with a hookshot type weapon.

Great list Lisa! You rock :)

No love for The Lucky Dime Caper?

Honestly I think Castle of Illusion deserved to be higher on the list but you made a good case for Rescue Rangers. I am horribly disappointed with myself because this reminded me of how I have yet to finish Lion King. It took me years (I was a youngn' back then of course) to get to the second to last level and never got beyond that, from what I remember, extremely difficult part. Oh, and fuck the stupid "I can't wait to be king" level...

I played all these games when I was younger and they're still awesome! For those who are interested in what Mickey Mousecapade was like here is a review video of can skip the rest of it if you feel like it.

I must thank you for reminding me of the Chip'n Dale game. I had completely forgotten that game. Don't know if I liked it, but I know that I've played it.

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