Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

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My goodness that took me back. I can't even tell you how often I played the Sega version of Alladin, though I only remember beating once I recall. Great list and a great trip down memory lane. Also, Lion King totally kicked ass.

I'm sorry...but this list is full of fail...

I mean, I love all the games on the list...but it fails at forgetting what may be the best licensed game ever created....


Ok...well it's not FULL of just fails at certain things...

wouldnt have been my choices, i would have picked
5. aladdin
4. lion king
3. mickey mania - better than castle of illusion
2. toy story - megadrive
1. quackshot - donald duck shooter - megadrive

I've rented a number of those, but the only one I've ever owned was Castle of Illusion. That game has a lot of nostalgia, especially since it was the first "challenging" game I ever played through and beat entirely.

Great list but I personally would have put DuckTales at number 1. However, I only got to the level in Aladdin where you had to haul ass out from the lava, so that may have been part of it.

I wanted to see Mickeys Mousecapade, Castle of Ilussion and Fantasia.

I've still got Lion King and Aladin for my SNES :)

Though its sad to see Micky Mania didn't get in their! Not as good as the other 2 there, but I'd have put it in 3rd at least!

While I'm sad Ducktales didn't make her list, I'm happy that it at least got a mention alongside Darkwing Duck.

Besides, who could forget this song?

...back when Capcom knew how to make games awesome. Who said that?

While it wasn't my favorite Disney show (that went to Gargoyles, and Tale Spin before that, and Gummi Bears before that), Duck Tales was my favorite game.
They should make a Gargoyles game now...
wait, I have Prototype.
Well, then they should make a ...
Bedknobs and Broomsticks game: you search through Portobello Road for bookman, win the dance competition on the bottom of the sea, ref the animal football match, then drive the Nazis away from the sores of Britain.
That was a weird movie.

I loved Chip 'n Dale's game! That was an awesome game. Far deeper (not to mention harder) than I ever expected. And Lion King... okay I never got past the hopping from giraffe to giraffe stage, I admit it. I vaguely remember Aladdin but I'm not sure I played much of it. I am surprised DuckTales didn't make the list though. It was a hard but great game.

I Samus! I hope she makes you co-host soon!

More informative than funny today but still entertaining.

I have to really disagree with your choice for 5th place. The origional Duck Tales was a few thousand times better than Chip&Dales .. Even if it lacked Co-op.

What about...


It was BOTH a Disney property AND a game (series in fact).

Well... lets do a compliment sandwich.

It was a good list.

I feel like she's intentionally trying to troll.

Um... the cat bit was funny? kinda?

'Thouch my Wii' *sigh* ^facepalm^

The wii joke at the start, was flawless.
My 'heh' was even synced with hers.

And Chip n' Dale was my all-time favourite NES game.
It was so damn good.

While I'm sad Ducktales didn't make her list, I'm happy that it at least got a mention alongside Darkwing Duck.

Besides, who could forget this song?

...back when Capcom knew how to make games awesome. Who said that?

That's my alarm tune on my cellphone.
The chiptune version that is, or I'd never wake up because I'd just lie there and listen to the song.
The chiptune is much ...beepier.

What a good list. Lisa Foiles, great job.

The BURN was just so perfect. I laughed so hard!

Chip and dale, Aladdin... sweet memories of old.

Lion King brought a grin to my face - I was never any good at it, but always wanted to play it around my friends house.

I'm just waiting for the Top 5 Most Useless Heroines; mainly because my houesmate is currently re-playing Devil May Cry 4...

I LOVE Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, that game is so rediculously awesome =D

I only ever had Lion King for my Game Gear, and I don't really have fond memories of it. Though, considering it's GAME GEAR, that's not entirely surprising I guess? I imagine I would have enjoyed a different version more. Because I definitely played the everloving crap out of SNES Aladdin.

Glad that Mickey Mousecapade at least got a brief mention, that was one of my favorite games when I was little. But I'm definitely gonna have to echo the "WTF THIS LIST NEEDS DUCKTALES" sentiment. Definitely better than Chip 'n Dale.

As soon as I saw the title of this week's Top 5, my first thought was "LION KING HAD BETTER BE ON THERE OR SHIT IS GOING DOWN." Thanks for appeasing me.

Also...totally had a thing for JTT too...

No.1 and No.2 were bang on the money, personally i was a megadrive owner so i lean towards the Virgin Interactive version of Aladdin, but yeah Lion King: My favorite Disney film + Amazing game! One of the best things about KH2 (aside from the mentalist gummi ship minigame, OMG that ROCKED) was that they brought a lionking themed world to the game, that was made of win, truimph and awesome XD

I think the only ones I haven't played are Darkwing Duck and Chip N Dale (In my defense, I didn't get a NES until after my parents bought the SNES for me, that and my Dad loved Duck Hunt, and he needed to get his duck hunting fix on)

As for all the other games, Those are all amazing. Aladdin is probably not the best game, but an acceptable choice in my book. I loved the SNES version and even after I had beat it, it still had re-playability. Geez, the Video Store rentals for it were probably un-freakin'-believable.

Mickey's Magical Quest is still incredible to play. It is not the best, but I love the story. that could have made an awesome remake, you would have to admit that much. Heck, it could have been an awesome Disney Movie.

And Lion King... That was Nintendo Hard if there ever was one. I still remember the code to unlock everything. I won't deny I used it many a time. When I did beat it, I felt awsum.

I guess if I have to complain, I'd say Goof Troop too, although my memories for that weren't all that great, considering my sister didn't know how to play video games, and my friends weren't big on it then, actually, I didn't have many friends:(

and I own Jungle Book. It does not suck... it is very hard, sure, but it does not suck. I still can't beat Kaa.

Ugh, my sister used to have her room wallpapered in Johnathan Taylor Thomas posters. That was a reminder I didn't need.

Incidentally that Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers game was one of the first games I ever finished.

Castle of Illusion didn't make the list? FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Well, at least it got an honourable mention.

While the exclusion of DuckTales for the NES does seem like a pretty grave oversight...I can't really find fault in any of the games that did make the cut. They were all very good games, very much worthy of mention.

On page 2 of this thread, someone posted a video reviewing Mickey Mousecapade, and...I don't think they gave it a fair shake. I mean, I'll agree, it wasn't a very good game, but I noticed a lot of the criticisms they had arose from them just not understanding of the game's mechanics. You had Minnie because, if you got a second Star, she would also fire them, doubling your damage output (or allowing you to fire in two directions at once, if you set it up right). Minnie does not take damage from being hit. They could have avoided being hit by that miniboss's shots if Mickey weren't standing in the doorway, preventing him from jumping.

...sorry. I know this thread isn't for that video, but reviews that consist of "This game sucks because I don't know how to play it" really grate on me.


To stem off of the Darkwing Duck/Megaman comparison, there was a bootleg version of Rockman 5 on the Famicom that was just the Darkwing game with the Megaman sprite hacked in and a different title screen. They seriously changed nothing else -- you're still fighting the same enemies, you're still flown around by Launchpad, everything. For some reason, what I always found funniest about this is the cape shield action: they just replaced that sprite with one of Megaman's running frames. So it's just, like, "strike a pose -- become invincible." I tried to find a link to where I originally read about it, but couldn't find it, or even a good page dedicated solely to it. But Google "rockman 5 bootleg" and you'll find some info, and probably the ROM, too.

Quackshot! That is my favourite.

Followed by Duck Tales and Duck Tales 2

How could she mix up John Thomas with a Lawrence brother?

What? No Toy Story 2?

Well, I suppose it must have been made too late to be 'old school'.

FUCK YES. As soon as I saw this list I was like 'Lion King better be on this or Lisa and I are fighting' and you did not disappoint. I sucked at that game though. Loved it, but sucked at it.

EDIT: There is so much Lion King love! I thought I was the only one who remembered that game.

This list is spot on. The only exception I would make is that I would put Duck Tales in place of Dark Wing Duck. Also, I'd put Chip and Dale at number 1. That's just me though.

Before I started the video I thought I wouldn't recognise any of the games here but there were 3 I totally forgot about, Aladdin and Lion King were maybe the 1st games I ever player ever so that was a nice bit of nostalgia (and I remembered how much I hated those fucking giraffes!)

Lion King had the distinct honour of being the only game that my game disliking uncle ever played and got addicted to.

Great pick with that one and certainly the Akumamatata has got to be one of the most cheerful, colorfoul and fun levels ever made.

But no Lisa, the question that everybody is asking is not why you didn't pick The Jungle Book. It's why didn't you pick Ducktales?

And probably Toy Story.

I am so glad Darkwing Duck was on the list. That game was my childhood (besides the show). Lol

Also, Jonathan Taylor Thomas thanks you for mentioning his name for the first time since he was 14.

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