Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

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Has NO ONE played Goof Troop?!

It was co-op Zelda! ZELDA!!

I only saw 2 posts mention it too =[

where the hell is duck tails? that was the best disney game ever

How could she flame Jungle book!?
It was easily one of the best games on Sega! I loved that game.

I REALLY liked this episode. it was one of the best yet. now. terrible subject. i dont care at all about the subject. but the jokes were fantastic. i really liked the kelso burn in the middle :D

I remember playing the Lion King game on pc, fun little platformer.
Also yes, Darkwing Duck was bad ass. Sucks their aren't really any good modern disney or warner bros games, least none that are based on all those awesome old cartoons.

No mention of Ducktales for the NES?!?!?!?!

For shame! And yes, it was a Capcom game. I thought it was better than most of the games mentioned as I have played all but the Darkwing Duck game.

Oh, shoot, yes. I would have said this instead of Darkwing Duck, having played both. Darkwing was cool but standard. Ductails did so much that was new.

I have to join with the protests that Ducktales and Gooftroop were both among the top of the Disney games.

Oddly, I'm not sure how much of it is nostalgia talking, did anyone else play Adventures in the Magic Kingdom? I remember it well from when I was young, but it never seems to get mentioned so I'm not sure if it just really went under the radar or if it was just a lousy game that I for some reason liked.

sif no gooftroop!!!!

I'm sure i'm not the first to say it but......Duck Tales?

Wow. Chip and Dale? Chip and dale was terrible, and boring, just pure crap. Darkwing Duck was a great show! The game was just Megaman reskined; if you steal steal from the best.

Magical Quest was pretty fun at the time I have to admit. Lion King rated better than Magical Quest!? WTF? Not even. I don't have a lot to say about Aladdin, but the animations were at least pretty good for their time.

I dont have a problem with the list per se aside from the order.

wowowow, where is Hercules? Might be newer than the others but still an old-school classic.:)
okay, might be to new for the list anyway. Still awesome though.

Yeah. I couldn't believe how many of those games I've played. My first thought at seeing the subject was, "There were five good Disney games?" But yeah, I played, and liked, four of those five games.

Yaaay ive played them all... spam spam spam spam spam spam

Each to their own opinions, but if I were making this list, all 5 entries would be Duck Tales.

Nice list, I'd forgotten about a few of those. Chip and Dale, and Duck Tales good times.

I was a big fan of Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour.

Probably not old school enough, since it was for the PSone.

Can't believe Castle of Illusion got passed over for the Chipmunks. The graphics, audio and gameplay are all just gorgeous. Best thing I liked about it were the controls were smooth and responsive. When I compare that to how the control look in the Chipmunks game, stiff and clunky imo, I just can't agree.

Now while co-op is a great feature and is sorely lacking from so many titles these days, CoI still comes out on top for me by a long way.

Just look at this Gameplay and compare it to the Chipmunks in the video.

I don't think it's hard to get Mickey Mouse's stamp of approval as long as you sign a contract.

Lion King for the SNES was one of my very first games.

I sucked.

OMFG I own the top 2 games and played the shit out of both!!!

I also have some Mickie Mouse Circus game for SNES that is actually quite good as well.

The only one I didn't play was the Lion King, the rest were all solid games. However, must join in the righteous indignation at the exclusion of Duck Tales; that was such an excellent game.

Darkwing Duck was the BEST.

That is all.

I hate hearing the words old school from someone who was illegal for me too date a few years ago.

Mickey Mania, Castle/World of Illusions and Aladdin (Genesis) are all stand outs to me... and The Jungle Book didn't suck, it was exactly like The Lion King. It's strange she ended the video that way considering the SNES Aladdin is terrible and terribly slow.

Westwood were pretty good for Disney.

Can't believe Castle of Illusion got passed over for the Chipmunks. The graphics, audio and gameplay are all just gorgeous. Best thing I liked about it were the controls were smooth and responsive. When I compare that to how the control look in the Chipmunks game, stiff and clunky imo, I just can't agree.

I have many less-than-fond memories of trying to make those irritating jumps in the Aztec level of the Megadrive (Genesis) version of "Castle of Illusion". One slip and you're gone.

I have equally bad memories of times when I'd tried to jump on an enemy, missed by a single pixel, and then immediately got hit by the same enemy because the collision detection is so unforgiving.

That was one of those rare games where the Master System version is SO much better than the Megadrive one. It had a better soundtrack, better levels, better controls. A far better experience overall.

But it still didn't beat "Quackshot". :)

I loved Tarzan on Playstation, but I guess it ain't old-school enough. ;)

There is no contest between aladdin versions. Genesis was FAR superior. However....Ducktales is not only the best oldschool disney game but is also top 5 of all NES games. Period.

Lisa Foiles:
Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

If you owned a Genesis, NES, or SNES, you've played at least one of these fantastic Disney adventures! Here are Lisa's Top 5 picks that would even get Mickey Mouse's stamp of approval.

Watch Video

Lisa! It could be that I've gone nearly two days without sleep, but this episode felt really smooth, and free flowing! Like this was a top five that came totally natural (moreso than previous top 5s might have).

Ah, memories. I remember going to my public library after school to play the Genesis Mega Drive Aladdin game. So much fun.

I've never played any of the others from the list, but I have played the Little Mermaid Gameboy game. My little sister got it with her Gameboy Pocket back in the day. And yeah, I think I must've sucked at it too because I don't remember getting very far.

I was expecting Rescue Rangers to be higher, then again I never played #3 or #2

Anybody ever play the Gargoyles game? Was it good? I loved Gargoyles but I didn't have a Genesis (or whatever)

While I would have preferred Duck Tales to Darkwing Duck, I'm just glad Aladdin is at the top. It's probably the only Disney game I played growing up.

HELLLO!!!! Quackshot! One of the best Mega Drive games eva!

Lion King version on Amiga was vastly superior.

Stopped watching after she snubbed Castle of Illusion.

oh shit! i actually played the 5 2 and 1(it was the console that was called genesis in us)

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