Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

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Pretty girl is pretty!

Only remember playing Lion King out of these games mentioned..

That Chip&Dale Rescue Rangers is so much like Titus The Fox on Amiga.

Heh. I loved that jab at Kane & Lynch 2. Also, the random cat appearance! It's these little random bits in her videos that make them entertaining.

Good old nostalgia, the best drug in the world! ^_^

Nice picks, +1 for aladdin; first word in my head as soon as I saw the title.

Thanks to the guys who posted about mickey mania, that looks awesome.

ah such nostalgia for #1 & #2

Since i only ever played the SNES version of Aladdin, that would be best XD

OMG NOSTALGIA the two I actually had came first and second! The Megadrive version was the hacky-slashy Aladdin and it was awesome.

Now out of curiosity why did Jungle Book suck? Was it because of the difficulty curve? Because I found that game alot more appealing than Magical Quest. I will give you kudos though for mentioning Aladdin. IMO the SNES one is the better one because it pays more attention to the source material. Aladdin was never the hack and slash type he was the an acrobat through and through.

Missed Cold Shadow, game of my childhood. :(

Can't say I'm completely surprised though, no movie or TV show (or Mickey, damn him) directly attached, so not as well known.

Good list otherwise.

Where did that cat come from?!

Where did that cat come from?!

A mother cat's vagina.

You see, when a male and a female cat make sweet cat lovin', a baby cat is often a side product months down the road.

If you want more details, get a book. But ask your parents first.

No mention of Ducktales for the NES?!?!?!?!

For shame! And yes, it was a Capcom game. I thought it was better than most of the games mentioned as I have played all but the Darkwing Duck game.

Duck Tales was the one game I'd have loved to see up there as well. I don't think I ever beat that game as a kid...

I realize she's like, 12. I mean, a hot, stacked 12, but 12 nonetheless. Thus, it is no surprise that she chose the NES in every case over the Genesis, and Chip and Dale over Castle of Illusion. But Castle of Illusion kicked C&D butt, and NES butt in general, and being 12 and hot and stacked barely qualify as excuses.

When you use the words "Old School," you better mean it. And I can real old school, real fast.

The Lion King was near impossible for an 8 year old to beat. D: Though now I wonder if it's still as confusing to me now. All in all, love your top 5's! And I thought Travis Touchdown was touching-down on her Wii for a while~

Time to dig out my SNES cartridge of Jungle Book and give it another go. The game was fun but man...Kaa the snake just kept kicking my ass over and over...

That level was harder then most Megaman games for me..


5. Lion King
4. Duck Tales
3. Darkwing Duck
2. Goof's Troop
1. Duck Tales II

Aladdin worked as a platformer even though the controls were quite clunky. But I'm very much mad at Lisa because se completely forgot Duck Tales and especially Goof's Troop! It's clearly the best puzzle game ever released on the SNES (Wario's Woods as close 2nd).

Duck Tales II is better than the first game even though people would place it on top because of nostalgia factor but I just liked the second game so much more.

Also none of you played the old C64 Duck Tales? =(

I was pleasantly surprised to see Aladdin get the nod. I thought for sure it was gonna be Ducktales (which is also awesome)

i dunno man, first she praises Epic Mickey and then says Jungle Book was shit. Can't agree with that.

I never played Darkwing Duck (But looved the show as a kid) but watching from the gameplay video it resembled a lot to DuckTales from hanging hooks

My friends and I had most of the "Genesis" games Many happy hours spent playing World and Castle of Illusion. Also had Jungle Book (didn't suck! although some of the later levels were proper Nintendo Hard!!) and Aladdin on GameBoy. (Actually still have them!) I can remember the Lion King level featured in the video being nigh-on impossible. Try as I might, I never could get to one of the monkeys in the 2nd tree. Can remember being so happy when "Gamesmaster" (anyone else in the UK remember that show?) featured the level-select cheat. Speaking of cheats... Aladdin level skip was [START][A][B][B][A][A][B][B][A]... *wanders off humming the "level complete" music...

Aladdin was one of the few games we had as kids and we had to take turns playing it. I always upset my brother and sisters because they died really fast and I would go level after level unscathed. That is until the escape from the Cave of Wonders level. Dang that was some impossible game play! (come on, it was way harder than the previous level where you had to jump from the Genie's columns A and B)

I think I tried that code in just about every game thereafter, lol

OH the nostalgia!
I had an NES when i was 4!
I played chip and dale,a strange mickey mouse game,aladdin,i couldnt figure out how to play The lion king and many other disney NES games!

Woohoo!! Someone else on this thread remembered Quackshot. That was fun. Gliding along stuck to a pelican with a plunger never gets old. Plus, the whole Indy wannabe vibe from the game is nice.

And Darkwing Duck was sooooooo awesome as a cartoon. I never quite understood why it didn't grow into somehing more popular.

I was a little disappointed not seeing quackshot in :( that game was fun :) I loved it how Donald lost it when he ate to many chills LOL.

Damn right Darkwing Duck was one of the most badass cartoons ever put on television!
Mind, I don't remember too much of it, just that it was one of my favourite cartoons when I was young. :P

Good ep, Lisa. Keep it up. ^_^

How long as it been.. playing that Lion King game as Simba brings me back indeed. I couldn't pass the 2nd level though.. so I quit sadly. Thanks for this review, nice to get a good old look back on Disney Games. And I agree- The Jungle Book game was so unfair and hard, couldn't even pass half of the first level.. I feel bad now haha. No offense to anyone of course.

How could your post possibly be construed as offensive?

Honestly expected to be asked this sooner but you're the first - I just care a lot about how people feel and I am apologetic, I apologize a lot and feel bad. Other then that, I really love being on The Escapist so I don't want to risk getting put on a ban list, suspension or even a probation list. That, and want to earn the Neo badge *Smiles*.

I say this in case cause you never know how people feel about your post. Me saying I dislike the Junble Book game can get to someone and they can report me (not that I am afraid of the report) but if a Moderator actually agrees with this User, then I am screwed.. the Moderators are the ones I take caution and respect, though I respect and admire everyone so thanks for asking fellow Escapist!

Merely apologising is not going to absolve you of any blame. If a mod doesn't like your post then you're out of the running, right away.

Have you considered that it's grating to hear or read that at the end everything, even where there is absolutely nothing to warrant it? It paints you as a pansy, a doormat, so afraid to offend every interaction would seem fake & you would not object in the slightest to people walking all over you.

No mod is going to take action against you for not playing a game. I will personally defend you & go out of my way to encourage others in joining me if something ever so ludicrous as that should happen. The moderation is bad here but you should not be so afraid of it as to make yourself look a fool in every post.

Nice one Lisa, keep up the good work.

Someone else said it, but the Kelso burn was awesome, and the 'down to business' format was nice, it didn't have any weird table conversations with a couple of other guys (and I don't watch to many other escapist videos yet, so they may not just be randoms), or strange jokes with people in costumes... which isn't exactly bad, but it was good to have it nice and concentrated for a change.

Lisa definitely making me a fan.
Warning Sentimentality limit exceeded!!!

Who's going Disney Land Paris in 3 weeks, I AM! WOOOOOOOO who needs games.... although I am taking like 6 DS games with me also get a tredmill for that cat, that is one BIG pussy.... I mean Kitty.

Wow you have a long cat

Never played a disney game and I despise platformers so Meh.

Oh Gods, I have so many nostalgic moments flow through me while watching this video // Now granted I did not play all of those games but even the mention of the Darkwing duck game send me back to a simpler time =D


I am actually very surprised that Duck Tales didn't make it on the list.

Nice choices but Animaniacs on the SNES would have been in there for me

Nutty Goodness:
Nice choices but Animaniacs on the SNES would have been in there for me

I thought animaniacs was warner brothers, not Disney.

OT: Loved the list, but agree with many escapists that would have liked to see Ducktales on it.

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