Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Moments: <i>Monkey Island</i>

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That shirt just isn't fair. You're being mean to your male viewers.

Amen brother. But don't stop doing it by any means

It makes me want to play Monkey Island all over again. Good job, Lisa.

Argh! deadpool wouldn't mind plundering that booty!

nice erhhhh....... blouse? i don't even


So... usually you wear tight clothing, tell bad jokes, act like a maniac, and blow a kiss at the end.


This time you only wore tight clothing, told bad jokes, acted like a maniac, and blew a kiss at the end.

Wait, what?

exactly what I thought. its also intriguing that a lot of you have commented on the fact you'd only date girls who could hold a conversation. then suddenly omg boobies once Lisa jumps in with a tight tee. I'm not saying Lisa can't hold a conversation, I'm just saying a few of you have a kind of kryptonite effect when exposed to chests of a larger caliber.

tbh. I thought the dress from the ridiculous vehicles episode looked better. polka dots ftw 8D

OT: great episode, great memories and now I'm off to play some more monkey island. YAY!

Most people here probably would only date a talkative person. But that doesn't mean people aren't attracted to her exterior. There is a difference between wanting to date someone and wanting to "hit that".



Did you make a Lemon Demon reference at the beginning? I have only heard "gutter crawling cur" one other time. Also, you really didn't break the mold on the episode as you intended :)

Actually Lemon Demon referenced Monkey Island.
"This is the end for you, you gutter crawling cur!" is one of the lines they use in the insult sword fighting and so Lemon Demon used it in Knife Fight. Actually I think Lemon Demon uses a few lines from Monkey Island throughout the song.
but anyways she was referencing Monkey Island, and as was Lemon Demon

I thought that was the case, but I wasn't sure as I have never played Monkey island. Therefore I asked and had to wait 140 posts to get an answer. Thank you


Cat of Doom:

BTW who are the two men that keep appering in the videos?

They're from her you-tube show... everyday achievements or something... their something like her roommates.

She has a youtube show?

No problem man, I don't mind helping anyone who likes Lemon Demon lol

You couldn't stand to cover up Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face. I understand.

I literally decide whether or not to bother watching these videos based on how sexy her outfit is. This week, tight form-fitting t-shit.


Why where all these moments only from Monkey Island 1 and 2? 3 and 4 had some pretty memorable moments. Remember the bit in the carnival where you are reunited with The Talking Skull of DOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!

I liked the introspection Lisa. It's nice to see a girl who doesn't feel shame over how we (the male audience) are primarily here to oggle how cute you are. But I have to admit you went from "another pretty face" to "pretty cool" pretty damn quick.

I think i have said before in this thread somewhere, but the "backstage fight in the governors mansion" defo deserved a link to it's awesomeness.

So i will do it...

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