Critical Miss: The Numbers, Mason

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No, seriously, why do people always have "Bodies" in the background to their "Mehntages"? It's been done. Pick a new song.

Yes, 80% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Ah but only 43% of people know this.

That dick, skull, and skull w/ dick thing made me laugh, but it's missing something; naked ladies. I've seen more emblems of a naked blond chick than a skull with a dick on it.

Had a really crappy day.. but this made me laugh.

Guys, I admit: I was starting to wonder if you'd lost form after that Children of Steam comic dragged on and on and on. Thank you for proving me wrong; this one made me giggle like a schoolgirl.

But why does the girl have sideburns?

Loved this one, great work :)

Awesome strip. Well played, sirs...

You guys completley forgot the statistics of how many times derogative words are used per kill!'s 3 times by the way...every death in BO earns 3 rage cusses.

You guys are the best thing to happen to The Escapist in quite some time.

did this comic just divide by zero...

Cory Rydell and Gray Carter are my favorite.

The emblem pie chart is my favorite part. Because it's so true. You don't give people fully customizable emblems that everyone has to see. You just... don't.

That's "Bodies" .. but geez that's a ton of man-child hours!

The Cheezy One:
Since this strip has been uploaded, at least one person (me) has been disappointed that the previous story arc hasn't reached it's conclusion!

EDIT: But it still drinks awesome sauce for breakfast. Clone a dinosaur!

I'm dying to know how Children of Steam ends as well....

Secondly Clone a Dinosaur....with a Monocle and Top Hat :D!!!

did this comic just divide by zero...

Great now reality is going to cave in on itself....OH GOD!!! *gets sucked into black hole*

What is this song that people are typing that this comic is referencing?

Yes, 80% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

so true

Sorry, but no. There is no way that an entire man-hour (or minute) could possibly go by on any online shooter without "F*****" being uttered. Someone needs to look closer.

In all seriousness though, I will never understand the Bodies thing. You'd think that at least one person would go mad and choose something as eclectic as... well, another Drowning Pool song. (Let's not go nuts here.)

This is the only way I can still listen to Bodies anymore.

I got a good laugh out of the picture of Dr. Evil next to 1 billion dollars.

Great Comic!

Easily worthy of comparison to Shamus's "Heaven and Hell" of last year.

Keep up the good work.

This was really good guys! Keep em coming!

What is this song that people are typing that this comic is referencing?

I am pretty sure it's that one.

[quote="Grey Carter" post="6.262640.9917064"]
...have produced zero funny strips so far.

And yet, it's still better than game dogs in every conceivable way.

"Bodies" is really more of a Spam bit than the Spam bit from Monty Python.

I bet about 90% of the people who uploaded videos to "Bodies" thought they were clever, too.

the funny thing is that while the exact numbers are (probably) made up, everything you say is true.

And why do they always ALWAYS use "let the bodies hit the floor"?

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